Burton snowboards


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Burton snowboards

  1. 1. Burton Snowboards: Digital Marketing Strategy Keeping the best products at the top of the mountain ALEX HUBERT
  2. 2. Background • Founded by Jake Burton in 1977 • Manufacturer of a specialized product line focusing on snowboarders. (Boots, boards bindings, accessories, clothing etc.) • Largest snowboarding company worldwide • Widely recognized as a superior brand in the snowboarding world
  3. 3. Campaign Goals • As Burton is already established as a highly reputable and successful brand. Therefore, goals for the campaign would include: 1. Maintaining brand loyal customers and keeping them informed with new products and promotions. 2. Targeting a younger audience and informing them the possibilities supplied by the Burton Brand 3. Increase annual sales of items outside of snowboards. Such as winter coats, snow pants, t-shirts etc. • Increasing sales to new customers while maintaining the attention of our brand loyal consumers is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy.
  4. 4. Advertising Tools & Tactics • Celebrity Endorsements- Sponsoring popular figures in the sport allows the brand to both increase airtime of the logo, as well as encourages consumers that Burton is the best brand of snowboarding equipment available. – In the past Burton has faired well with popular snowboarder and Olympic Gold Medalist Shaun White • Google AdWords- This account will provides various tools and features that are vital to a successful digital marketing campaign. – Keyword Tool – Traffic Estimator – Ad Groups
  5. 5. Tools & Tactics Cont. • Social Networking- Facebook in particular, is a great channel to reach and influence the intended target market reaching the eyes of over 1.6 billion users every month. – As the Burton brand is commonly recognized by most snowboarders Facebook would provide a ideal network to extend brand influence – Using advanced marketing tactics such as PPC advertising would allow the company to further focus in on a specified market segment.
  6. 6. Target Audience • Age: 10-30 years old • Social Status: Primarily middle and upper class • Geographic Location: Areas that receive snowfall for at least half of the year, or have local access to ski resorts. • Demographics: – Race: Caucasian – Gender: Primary focus on males
  7. 7. Budget • Since Burton already has a positive reputation as a brand the advertising budget does not need to be to extensive. • Facebook networking campaign: $3000/month • Celebrity Endorsement (Shaun White Tweeting about brand): $7500/ tweet • Additional fees (marketing analysis, posting information, checking up on media accounts, managing the campaign, creating content, holding contests): $1500/month • $12,000/month or $144,000 annually
  8. 8. Conclusion 1.Maintaining brand loyal consumers and expanding the sales to new potential market segments worldwide. 2.Analyzing buying trends and patterns from previous years reveals insight into who exactly purchases Burton products. 3.Composing a Google AdWords account to provide vital information and tools to ensure the success of the campaign.
  9. 9. Conclusion • 4. A Facebook influence will also be a beneficial staple to the digital marketing strategy. • Between these essentials Burton Snowboards will continue to flourish as the world leader in snowboarding.