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The ogacious race
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The ogacious race

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  • Tokyo


  • 1. By Alex Henry SFW Country: Japan 1
  • 2. Country FlagBack To Contents 2
  • 3. Contents Country Flag Map Tokyo: Food Tokyo: Food Pictures Shizuoka Provenience Flag Shizuoka City: Famous People Photos of Famous People Nagoya Transport Photos 1 Photos 2 Osaka Prefecture Flag Osaka Glossary References 3
  • 4. Coordinates MAP 4
  • 5. 5
  • 6. Back To Contents Tokyo Food Question: Find Out The Main Foods Of Japan and how they are made? Sushi: Japanese sushi can feature rice, seaweed and raw fish or tuna. Bento: Bento is little boxes with assorted foods. For example, it could feature: Rice, fish or meat and with some pickled vegies. Mochi: Can be Confectionary, Ice Cream or Soup. It is made with pounded sticky rice. mochi ice cream Can be in flavours of chocolate, mango, coconut, green tea, coffee, red bean, vanilla, and strawberry Taiyaki: Otherwise called Baked Sea Bream often filled with Bean Paste or Custard ,Chocolate Or Cheese 6
  • 7. Back ToFood Pictures Contents 7
  • 8. Shizuoka ProvenienceFlag Back To Contents 8
  • 9. 9
  • 10. Shizuoka City: FamousPeople Research Question: Find and research about the famous people of Shizuoka City? Master Shoichi (1202 ~ 1280) When he returned to Japan on official duty from Sung (China), Master Shoichi brought back tea nuts and thousands of Buddhist scrolls. It is said that the tea nuts were planted in Suruga-Ashikubo (Ashikubo of Shizuoka City today), near his hometown. He is considered to be the Father of Shizuoka Tea. Tokugawa Ieyasu (1542~1616) Carrying on the quest of Oda Nobunaga and Toyotomi Hideyoshi to unite the nation, Ieyasu established the Edo Bakufu feudal government, of which he was the first shogun. Despite having transferred the title of shogun to his son Hidetada after only two years and retiring to Sumpu (current- day Shizuoka), Ieyasu continued to wield political power as a de facto "shadow " shogun from this base. 10
  • 11. Photos of the FamousPeople Tokugawa Ieyasu Master Shoichi 11
  • 12. 12
  • 13. Nagoya Transport Focus Question: Find and give in detail about the transportation of Japan? Shinkansen(新幹線)(Bullet train): The Bullet train runs at a speed of 300km. The Tokaido Shinkansen (which is that one that stops at Nagoya) that is the oldest and most popular transportation. Also there is a Toyota Automobile Museum. Ferries Connect the Japanese islands. Most domestic ferries transport people, vehicles and cargo. While shorter routes are served by small ships, able to carry a couple of cars and a few dozens of passengers, large liners are employed on longer routes. Air transport is booming as well with Haneda airport being in the top 5 airports in Asia. Osaka International Airport, New Chitose Airport outside Sapporo, and Fukuoka Airport. 13
  • 14. Nagoya Transport Photos 14
  • 15. Nagoya Transport Photos 15
  • 16. 16
  • 17. Osaka Prefecture Flag 17
  • 18. Osaka Clothing Research Question: What are the different type of clothing in Osaka? 着物(Kimono) 下駄(Geta) 浴衣(Yukata) 帯ベルト(Refer To Quiz) 18
  • 19. What is the name of the belt? Obi Yukata 19
  • 20. 20
  • 21. 21
  • 22. 22
  • 23. Okayama Culture There is A story They told About a little boy called momotaro 23
  • 24.  Once upon a time there lived an old man an old woman in the country of Okayama. The old man went everyday into the mountains to cut wood, while his wife would go to the river to wash clothes. One day, while the old woman was down at the river washing clothes, a big peach came floating down the river! It looked so delicious, she decided to take it home for her and her husband to eat. When the old man came back to their home, the old woman cut the peach open, and to their surprise, there was a small boy inside! They decided to call him Momotaro, which means peach boy. The old couple raised Momotaro to be big and strong. One day, he decided to go and defeat the ogres living on Ogre Island that were pillaging the land. The old woman fixed him some delicious millet dumplings, known as kibi-dango, for his long journey to the island. On the way, a monkey, a dog, and a pheasant joined him, giving them a dumpling each in return for their help in fighting the ogres. Upon reaching the Ogre Island, Momotaro and his companions found that the gate was locked to the Ogres fort. The pheasant flew inside, and grabbed a key to let the others in. Once inside, they fought the evil ogres. The pheasant pecked their eyes, the dog bit their legs and the monkey jumped on their backs, clawing at the beasts. Finally, the ogres cried for mercy! They gave the strong Momotaro all of their treasure, and he returned to his village triumphantly. Momotaro and the old couple lived happily ever after. 24
  • 25. Glossary新幹線:Shinkansen(Bullet Train)Shogun: is the title applied to the chiefmilitary commanders from about the 8thcentury. 25
  • 26. References Wikipedia Planettokyo http://www.shizuoka-guide.com/english/history/index.html http://web-japan.org/atlas/historical/his10.html http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3302.html 26
  • 27. Thanks For Watching 27