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Portfolio Alexandra Govorukhina
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Portfolio Alexandra Govorukhina



Published in Career
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  • 1.  
  • 2. is a new social network aiming to unite sport lovers of all levels and encourage them to develop their skills. Tribesports users can set challenges, track their sport progress and share their achievements success with likeminded people. That is also a convenient search tool within online sport shops. Objective: To find non-standard not expensive ways to promote the network among the cyclists.
  • 3. Stickers at bagholders of London Hire Scheme bikes. Leave stickers and encourage cyclists to leave messages to next riders. Stickers at London tube informational boards. Get off the train! Get on a bike! Stickers to put on bikes. Encouraging to review products.
  • 4. LiberiLibri is an Italian publishing agency specializing in libertarian texts. Their promotional activities do not produce an increase of the sales. Objective: LiberiLibri wants to increase sales through promotional activities, promoting the business with a limited budget initiatives. They want to see in its promotional activities gadgets to speak of their nature, coupon strategy and presence in the Internet.
  • 5. Coupons: Coupons with discount to bring people to the store. They can be done in form of paper planes or book marks. Coupons are distributed in the Universities, near the bookshops, left at the benches in the parks and in acoffee shops. Promotional part at the store: At the store book readers are offered to create their own book cover for a LiberiLibri book if they are buying another LiberiLibri book in the cover made by someone else. They are given pencils/pens and blank covers. After purchasing a book they get details how to find their book cover in the Internet (at LiberiLibri website.) Book cover gallery in the Internet: Book covers are scanned and uploaded at LiberiLibri website. It is also tracked whose cover was baught and who bought it. So people who designed a book cover can login to LiberiLibri website, learn who got interested in their design, learn whose design he/she baught, comment on the books and book covers and communicate with other users. Thus people create a discussion around their creations in relation to the books, get to know people with similar interests and LiberiLibri gets a lot of information about its readers.
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  • 9. Objective: To write a copy for an antirape alarm, based on a true case: a girl was raped in McDonalds.
  • 10. Moscow potatoes brief. TA : men, women, 25-35 y.o. To attract those who used to buy Moscow Potatoes, but switched to other brands and to attract new consumers. What : natural tasty snack Barriers : You look old-fashioned with MP To get an overfried crisp Fingers covered with oil after eating MP Idea : to remind about forgotten and qualitatively renovated Moscow Potatoes. Formats : viral video or series of 10 sec TV videos. Idea to communicate: As Moscow Potatoes is redesigning the package, it would be relevant to communicate the idea of naturalness.
  • 11. Time Video Audio 1-3 sec The young churchman and 2 worried parents are standing at the door, all serious, parents desperate and the churchman determined. Parents: that won't hurt! Please we want it to leave! Churchman: I'll do what I can. Disturbing music. 3-4 sec The churchman enters the room, it's dark inside, the bed is in the shadow, the windows are open, there is a wind, there is a mess in the room. Diabolic sounds, the wind whistles. The music gets more pressure. 5-10 sec The man approaches slowly the bed, it becomes darker, he comes toward the bed, something is lying there under the blanket. The churchman pulls off the cover. Camera shows close the the dark crisp pack with the sign ― «crisps». Camera shows close the frightened eyes of a churchman. The music gets the peak when the churchman pulls off the blanket. When the blanket is taken away we hear the laughter. 10-17sec The churchman starts the ceremony. He humbles the words in latin or old Russian, everything around goes darker, the objects start flying, the bed is shaking, the windows get broken. We see that from the pack dark spirits in shape of words «genomodified» and other not healthy components are flying away. The churchman is struggling and falling on the floor in the end. Screams of the devil, some not recognizable words, sounds of crashing objects, broken windows. Music again is getting more and more violent till it goes to the peak. When the churchman falls the music stops. 17-22 sec It's calm. The churchman stands up slowly, the room is lightened now, he approaches a bed again, and there in the beam light we see the pack of crisps «Moscow potatoes». The churchman smiles. The music is harmonic and inspiring, the birds are chirping. 22-27 sec Again we see the parents at the door listening what's going on. The door suddenly opens. The churchman comes out in a self-assured pace, puts one crisp out of the pack into the mouth. Gives the pack to the shocked parents. Smiles winks and goes away whistling cheerful tunes. Churchman giving the pack to the parents: it's alright! 27-30 sec Packshot VO: Moscow potatoes, pure from inside.
  • 12. Time Video Audio 1-3 sec Young men are drinking tea and watching football laying in the sofa. They are out of snacks but don't want to leave for the kitchen. The dog is sitting nearby. Sounds from TV 3-5 sec One guy orders the dog to bring some snacks. Dog runs to the kitchen. Guy: Hey doggy, bring us something to eat! 5-10 sec In the kitchen in front of the fridge dog stands on the back pows and opens the fridge with a fron pow. There are a plate with bacon and a pack with poptato crisps «Moscow potatoes» with bacon taste at the same shelf. The dog's eyes are switching from bacon to crisps again and again. It gets stressed. Last thing we see that the dog moved as it took a decision. The music is getting disturbing and arises. 10 ― 15 sec Guys are sitting in the sofa, the dog brings them a pack of crisps. The guy pats dog's back. Guy: good boy! 15-17 sec Packshot Crisps MK the true taste!
  • 13. Time Video Audio 1-3 sec A young girl is standing in the flat and looks a bit puzzled: there is no furniture in the flat. She smiles. Everything goes dark. Energetic music 3-6 sec A girl again in the same room but there is an assembled bed and she is holding a shelf standing at the wall with a drill. She starts drilling the wall and suddenly the water starts going out of the wall (a strong stream, she made a hole in the tube of water). Energetic music 6-12 sec Everything starts filling with the water, the girl in despair steps back to the door, opens the door. At the door there is a guy standing. He exclaims «what' going on!» and points down so we understand he is a neighbour from downstairs, then he realizes what's going on and rushes to the wall. Everything goes dark. Energetic music 12 ― 17 sec The guy and the girl are collecting the water from the floor with rags. They are standing on the knees and going back till they bump into the the bed with their backs. They look at each other, throw the rugs on the floor, start kissing and fall on the bed. Everything goes dark. Peaceful music Passionate music when they look into the eyes of each other. 17-25sec The same bed, the same couple, but much older opens the eyes, look at each other, smile and stretch. The camera goes back slowly and we see that now it is fully furnished with Ikea, with pictures on the wall. Peaceful cheerful music 25-27 sec Packshot VO: Everything starts with IKEA/ Your home starts with IKEA
  • 14. Brandwashed brief MARTIN LINDSTROM is a recipient of TIME Magazine’s “World's 100 Most Influential People” and author of Buyology Truth and Lies About Why We Buy , a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best–seller. As part of the release of Martin Lindstrom's next book BRANDWASHED is a book about how some companies a manipulating consumers to buy more using very suspicious and clever techniques, we need a powerful event to take place . The marketing stunt (i.e. something people will never forget, something which will create very strong visibility in the street environment or online or wireless) will have to focus on the U.S. (with a preference for NYC) with such strong impact that it preferably spreads internationally. Audience : (American Business to Consumer audience). Curious, engaged and passionate American women between 20 and 50 years of age, men are of importance yet 70% of those people buying the book is likely to be females. Charachter : Provocative, surprising, shocking, fascinating, innovation and insight.
  • 15. Take a huge fake washing machine! (empty inside, so you can walk in). Place it on Times Square. Welcome people to get inside and get their brain scanned! Of coarse that won’t do any harm to your health! Inside a cabin smb can ask a person some questions like: what cars you like, or what brands do you like. And after a couple of minutes print out a scan. The guy gets out of a washing machine, gets his brain scan. He is happy to discover a washing machine, he sees the logos on his brain scan, he is intrigued what it is all about.