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    Liber libri book cover story Liber libri book cover story Presentation Transcript

    • BOOK Overview Solution How it will work Attracting peopleCOVER What will you need Your actions Time management Why it will be successfulSTORY Benefits How you can modify the campaign Summary
    • OVERVIEWThe problem:LiberLibri is specialising at a libertarian literature.Current promotional activities do not produce a desirablecommercial effect.Objectives:• To expand the strong audience and keep a close con- nection with existing audience• To increase awareness about among general audienceLiberLibri is interested in• Relevant gadgets and accessories• Coupon strategy• Internet strategy
    • SOLUTION: “Book Cover Story” CampaignLet people to express their opinion and feelings in paperbook cover design and share it with other people (usergenerated content)Let the readers get in touchCreate discourse around the books
    • HOW IT WILL WORK Julio comes to the book store to find something tospend time on, he is not particularly interested in libertar-ian ideas. Julio notices a book case with books in originalpaper covers. He learns about the campaign and he likedone of the cover designs. He takes the book, comes to thetable with pencils and creates his own design.Julio buys the book he liked and comes home. He loginsto LiberLibri website and finds the book in the coverhe designed. “Oh! Somebody already bought it!“ “Hey,did you like my cover?“ - comments Julio. “Let’s checkwhose book I bought!“. He surfs on the website lookingat the covers and the books. All of them are connected bylibertarian ideas. He gets involved in a discussion...Julio becomes a member of community united by liber-tarian political views.
    • ATTRACTING PEOPLEIdeas to bring people to the store:Offline:• Discount coupons can be distributed anywhere• Posters at book storesOnline:• Application for creating book cover online• Discount coupons in the InternetAttracting people inside the store ideas:• Decorated book case• Signs at the book case• Hostess• Workshop station (table with tools) and people work- ing at it
    • WHAT YOU WILL NEEDWebsite functionality: Blank paper book covers:• User registration or (and) Facebook loginning You can write about the campaign on one of the cover• “liking“ of the pictures side. To adjust a book cover to any book you will need a• Commenting the pictures hole in the cover.• Tagging the authors/buyers to the pictures= All those can be performed in FacebookOptional: application for creating book covers online(can be generated for Facebook as well) Tools and materials:Coupons: Boost creative process. Give the readers pens and pen-Coupons with discount to bring people to the store. They cils. Also you can use LiberLibri logo stickers, colouredcan be done in form of paper planes or book marks. Can paper, glue, colourful magazine pages... whatever yoube left anywhere: in the Universities, coffee shops, on the want to make the covers colourful.benches...
    • YOUR ACTIONSBefore the campaign• Distribute the coupons and prepare the website• Negotiate with bookstores• Prepare covers and tables for workingWhen campaign starts• Scan book cover designs and upload them to the website• Track the book in a designed book cover status: on sale/ sold to somebody• Take the names of people buying the book in designed covers (optional: people can tag themselves as designers or buyers on the website, they also can do it on Facebook)When campaign will finish you can• Make a contest for the best cover• Organize a party/meeting of all cover designers with some book authors
    • TIME MANAGEMENT Campaign start Campaign finishWebsite upgrading distributing couponsCoupons covers and tools supplyPreparing blank covers and toolsNegotiation with book storesUsers create covers and communityWebsite supportInformation analyses
    • WHY IT WILL BE SUCCESSFULUser generated content is a powerful toolPeople like to create, they like to be part of a campaign,they like to be in the focus.As an example community is even a more power-ful toolDuring the campaign the community of people interestedin libertarian issues will be created. That will give youthe opportunity to track the discussions, give new topics,and keep contact with your readers what will help you tokeep the sales stable.As an example:
    • BENEFITSYour audience will• Know more about you• Become more interested in libertarian literature• Like artists• Will meet people of similar political viewsYou will• Increase sells• Get lots of useful information about your readers• Set up a contact with your readers• Get discourse around your books and libertariantopics
    • HOW YOU CAN MODIFY THE CAMPAIGNModify StagesYou can leave just 2 stages: designing covers in the bookstores and creating community at the website/FacebookChange The PlacePut the designing station outside the bookstore. Thus youwill attract people passing by.Add CreatorsAsk the authors of the books, artists and other “opinionleaders“ supporting libertarian ideas to create their ver-sion of a paper book cover. Let them to create profiles atyour website and to communicate to other book readers.
    • SUMMARY Awereness Brand connection Sales Coupon strategy united with readers’ designs which brings them to the online community where the readers can exchange their views, book expression and thoughts will make a successfull campaign at a low budget. If you have any questions you can contact me