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  •В конце лета в Лондоне начала действовать городская система проката велосипедов. Событие широко обсуждалось Интернете. Один из блоггеров предложил способы глупого использования брендовых велосипедов. Для продвижения сайта можно воплотить идеи в жизнь.Особенно интересно было бы организовать путешествующий велосипед.
  • Велосипед-путешественник.Личность велосипедиста отсутствует. Повествование ведется от лица велосипеда.
  • London cycle hire scheme: Each cycle is ridden by many people who don’t know each other. Tribesports can give them opportunity to live a message to the next rider(s). Adjusting a small notebook with a pencil to the bike, “Shout at the next”, “Cyclists sayings”.Repair schemes: when smth breaks, and the bike is given to be repaired (or a cyclists waits on the road for the repair person) there is a chance to adjust a sticker on a repaired bike about reviewing, or choosing high quality parts.
  • На входе в каждое метро стоит этот стенд, показывающий работу линий метро (линии часто ломаются, поезда могут начать ходить нерегулярно, на выходные перекрываются несколько линий метро).
  • To encourage people writing reviews for the bikes. There are so many bike park places in London, and all full of bikes. It’s a perfect place for communication with cyclists. Tribesports can put an advert near cycle stands, on the trees, or at cycle stands saying that a person, who wants to steal a bike is so confused which one to chose and asks people to recommend one. “I want to steal a bike! But not sure which one to choose... I almost got my hands on this mountain one, but probably it’s not my size. Tell me which one is better!”
  • Stickers for t-shirts/backpacks or t-shirts:“100 horse power, 1 human power” “Cycling Psycho” 
  • Cycling promotion

    1. 1. How to engage with internet community<br />
    2. 2. Boris-Twitting bike travels<br /><ul><li>To go to Paris, Madrid, Prague…
    3. 3. To take a photo with Paris Bikes, </li></ul>Eifel Tower, Moulin Rouge …<br /><ul><li>To meet Armstrong
    4. 4. To be repaired in another country
    5. 5. To check out some apps and devices
    6. 6. To have a ride in gondola in Venice
    7. 7. TO TWIT AND BLOG ABOUT ALL THESE!</li></li></ul><li>Tribesports and Boris bikes<br /><ul><li>Leaving the message to the next rider</li></li></ul><li>Promoting tribesports cycling in tube<br />
    8. 8. Bike ideas<br /><ul><li>Bike drummer</li></ul>The bicycle transforms into a drum<br /> set in 20 minutes<br /><ul><li>Flash-mob: singing cyclists
    9. 9. Just hot tribesports branded cyclists on rides and festivals
    10. 10. As tattoos are popular among cyclists to produce temporary “cycling tribe” tattoo </li></li></ul><li>Encouraging review the products<br />Stickers for bikes<br />
    11. 11. Encouraging communication<br /><ul><li>Bike parking places are good for communication</li></li></ul><li>Cyclists VS Drivers<br />Stickers for the back of the shirt/backpack:<br />“100 horse power, 1 human power”<br />“Using manual transmission”<br />“20 speed manual transmission”<br />“15 miles/hour = 500 calories/hour”<br />“Don’t touch horses, get on bike”<br />
    12. 12. Cyclists VS Drivers<br />Stickers for cars<br />