Evaluation Q3


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Evaluation Q3

  1. 1. What have you learnt from your audience feedback? Q3
  2. 2. Finding my audience To achieve my target audience, I made sure that both my soap trailer and my ancillary products contained features to enhance stereotypical features of my target audience, therefore enticing my target audience to watch my soap. I made my characters similar to those on current e4 programmes. This allows stronger representations of modernMy target audience is similar teenagers to be displayed throughout my soap.to that of e4’s. Hence why Ichose to use this as thechannel for my soap trailer.“ E4 is very popular for ayounger audience, with themajority of ages beingbetween age 14-25.”
  3. 3. How audiences affect the productI asked questions a variety of questions to a variety of people in order to estimate whether or not mysoap relates to my specific target audience. Do you watch soaps How old are you? 10 to 25 26 to 40 Yes 40 to 60 60 + No How would you watch soaps? After seeing the Nagreave Road trailer, would you watch the soap? TV Internet Catchup Yes No
  4. 4. How audiences affect the productHow often would you watch Which of the priducts do soaps? you think is the most 4 to 5 times a effective form of week advertisement 2 to 3 times a wekk Billboard Once a week Magazine Trailer Never
  5. 5. Audience feedback For my audience feedback I got my friends and family to watch my soap trailer and asked them what they thought I needed to improve on and what they thought was good. This is what they said. “The backing music goes well with the transitions of the trailer” “It is a bit unclear what storyline some of the characters are a part of”“I was able to relate to the narrativesthat were portrayed in the trailer and “It was easy to see that the trailerit was easy to compare to real life would be played on e4”situations” I will take this feedback and apply it to modify my current products to improve the quality and the realism of them.
  6. 6. Audience feedbackThis is the audience feedback from my first draft of my soap front cover. I will take what these comments sayto develop and improve my front cover. “The colours don’t go very well together” “The layout is a bit odd, some things don’t look right” “The heading “Im pregnant” doesn’t seem to stand out very much” “All of the text looks to simple. A soap front cover should be more interesting and varied.”
  7. 7. Audience feedbackThis is the audience feedback from my edited version of my soap front cover. I have changed what myaudience thought could be improved. This is what they now thing about my front cover. “The main stand stand out well on the front cover” “The layout works very well together” “The colour scheme works well with the genre of the soap” “The heading “Im pregnant” stands out better ”