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Beep closes the gap between on and offline marketing! …

Beep closes the gap between on and offline marketing!
Join the best customer retention program!
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  • ----- Meeting Notes (01/10/2013 05:43) -----


  • 1. Bridging the gap between the Online and the Physical World Where Everyone’s a winner
  • 2. What is Beepxtra? Brilliant opportunity that merges several concepts Innovates Card Discount/Loyalty with Cash Customers can spend this in other outlets Free model Available Globally Now Merges Offline businesses with Online business Beep customised search service Utilises the power of referral & viral marketing Shop owner has other Shops recommending them (Cooperating Group) Shop owner makes revenue from their clients spending elsewhere online/offline Passive income for introducing members Benefit from 1,000’s of other National clients (Football/Health Clubs etc.) Internet shoppers look for them even if they don’t have a website We also offer Free advertising for SME’s Utilises Geo Targeting Technology Local focus ensures success Fantastic Combination that Already Works! $$$
  • 3. How do you build it as Referring Member • Beep will give you 5 invitations for people and 10 shop or business invitations at each time. • Each invitation is time stamped & once sent via email it starts a 12 hour countdown clock, this protects against spamming. • Members who send unsolicited invitations to people and/or businesses will have their accounts blocked. • You just phone people and business owners and make sure they can receive an email and that they can view the invitation video within the next 12 hours. • Once your set of 5 or 10 invitations are accepted you receive another set. • Once your invited members accept to join they get the same number of invites as you did when you started, and the worldwide tsunami of growth starts. • People, shops & business owners can invite any person or business around the world there is no cap on the size of each individuals business group, the only limit is the number of people on the planet, but we urge you to get your team of people, shops and businesses in place before somebody else does. • The target business market is any business that sells items to the purchasing public, the ideal business size is up to a group of ten outlets, however Beep will discuss on a case by case basis with any business over this outlet size. • We will show you in this presentation how you will be paid for all purchases made throughout the world from the Beep Tsunami you created. The income you can make for a short focused burst of activity is incredible, this will change peoples lives around the world, we will show you some income examples later in this presentation.
  • 4. World Map Growth • Beep will show you your growth as it travels across the face of the planet, everywhere you see a marker and money is spent you will be earning money. • Don’t underestimate the enormous power of the word ‘FREE’. • Members join for free, Shops and businesses join for free, no annual fees, no hidden costs. • The only purchase is the terminal which shops make for a few dollars, the shop may not have to purchase a terminal if their existing system can integrate with the Beep system. • People, Shops and businesses would be crazy not to use Beep it is nothing to lose and everything to gain. • Truly we can say that while you are thinking about this somebody else is already calling the person, shop or business that you know. Beep is an explosive opportunity
  • 5. So what does a Shop or Business do? • They accept the Beep invitation just like a person. • If they are a new company, we will give them our EPOS as part of the package, which works on any internet enabled device Or… • If their existing EPOS system is compatible with Beep service, they simply activate the Beep service Or… • If they have a non compatible EPOS system they acquire the Beep tablet until their EPOS system is fully integrated. • The shop or business receives 250 Beep cards for FREE straight from Beep. • The shop or business owner now decides the discount they can afford from 2½% upwards and the Beep economy begins. • We will show you the exact inner workings in the next few slides.
  • 6. So why would a Shop or Business join? • Here’s a fact, the people that walk in of the street will do just that with or without any outside business assistance. • However once the customer leaves their premises or website that’s when the potential income stops… when a business owner gives the Beep card to their customers, that business owner now earns from wherever that customers goes to spend, anywhere in the world where they see the Beep logo… now that’s exciting! • In case you missed the point a shop or business owner can invite other shops or businesses also vastly increasing the reach of their original business. • Did we tell you that advertising with Beep is free, all we ask is that you put into the system a discount you can afford, which is almost always less that the typical advertising budget. • Beep has a customised search service that is global or local to suit the purchaser. • Beep has a geographically targeted product search facility that can guide your customers to your front door. • You will therefore be found by our millions of customers who are actually looking for what you offer. • From start to finish Beep is a targeted local and global product and services search service, this is what we offer and it is very powerful for business owners, and did we tell you its Free!
  • 7. Velocity and Movement of Money The Frequency, Volume and Velocity of Money Movement of Money (Turnover in Business/GDP in National Economy) determines the Speed & Health of any Business and Ultimately any Economy Low Velocity = Sluggish Business High Velocity = Healthy Business
  • 8. High Street and General Retail is Hurting We have the Answer
  • 9. 10% Discount (min 2.5%) 2.75% BUSINESS OF BEEP 40% Comp 60% Plan Incentives 10% of 40% Global Charity Profit Paid Out 100% 2.5% Local Language Support Staff 40% 20% Agent Signed Shops 55% 20% Shop or Person who originated Card 30% Diff Bonus 15% Leaders Bonus 10% World Pool 2.5% National Voted Charity
  • 10. Beepxtra Tablet One Beep Tablet for each POS The data is fed into the Beep System (Wireless or Fixed line) Every time the client makes a purchase and uses their Beep Card or Smart Phone
  • 11. Beepxtra Flexibility If the Retailer wishes they can install the Beep Retail/Business System straight onto their PC or own Smart Phone, then the customers can still receive all the cash backs Retailers own Equipment Clients Cards or Smart Phone Data is fed into the Beep System (Wireless or Fixed line)
  • 12. combines 2 economies into 1 Worldwide purchase platform: Online World All Beep existing shops/sites Disclaimer: Although Beepxtra is free for members to join; any incomes shown in the following slides are assumptions. Real results will vary and no income can be obtained without a degree of effort. Do not be misled that high earnings are easily achieved. Offline World Retail Shops E commerce %
  • 13. The Retail Shops become Partners Earn from other Beep businesses % Retail Shops 1,500 cards x $0.50 per week $3,000 per month Health Club 1,500 Customer Cards % Florist Baker Hair Stylist
  • 14. Stability and Consistency Bonus • To encourage Members who introduce their businesses to support them. • Member who introduces 10 shops/businesses that for the next 6 months (180 days) generates $200/month total discount into the Beep System. • For 6 Consecutive months • Bonus of $2,000
  • 15. Card Distribution • Any business that integrates with the Beep system will be sent a constant supply of Beep cards free of charge. • Beep distribute 250 to each business as they integrate with the Beep system and electronically monitor and replenish as necessary. • Should any individual wish to distribute and register the Beep cards they can have them delivered in 1,000 quantities for cost price plus delivery. • Should any shop or business wish to have a branded card system they can have this at cost plus delivery in quantities of 5,000+ An example of a branded card is shown here
  • 16. Earn by Simply Handing Out 25 cards 2,500 cards x $1 per month $2,500 per month Cards 10 cards 10 cards 250 cards 2500 cards
  • 17. Earn by Registering Shops Florist Baker 800 cards 1,600 cards Health Club 3,500 cards 5 x BEEP Retail Shops Hair Stylist 1,000 cards 8,700 Customers Restaurant 1,800 cards
  • 18. Build your own 1 5 = 25 25 Retail Businesses x 1,000 Cards = 25,000 Customer Cards 25,000 x $0.30 = $7,500/Month Team
  • 19. Total Earnings 1 5 25 2,500 cards 5 Retail Shops 25 Retail Shops 2,500 Customers x $1.00 8,700 Customers x $0.726 25,000 Customers x $0.30 $2,500 $6,300 $7,500 Total $16,300/month
  • 20. Large Single Businesses Hotel Group, Health Club Group, Football Clubs, Casino’s, Night Clubs, Cinema’s, Local Council & Business Consortiums…
  • 21. Compensation Plan
  • 22. Why would anyone become a Member It’s Free to Join, In Shops & Business Now Find 5 Agents who find their 5 (for Free) and repeat one time = 125 Agents with 10 Shops (500 Customers) $0.30 each $187,500/Month That’s Just for Starters!
  • 23. Global Now 30 Countries with 5,000 members 150,000 members with 10 shops 1.5 Million Shops (500 cards each) 750 Million Cards Question is How big will your Beep be?
  • 24. A New Global Phrase… Do you take Beep Cards here? Beep Extra Ltd Akara Building, 24 De Castro Street, Wickhams Cay 1, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands