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Questions   answers valladolid spain Questions answers valladolid spain Presentation Transcript

  • Comenius Project: 2010-2012 “European Youth – The Citizens of Tomorrow Scuola Secondaria di 1 grado Padre Pio Altamura - ItalyLet’s know each other:some questions to answer to before visitingValladolid – Spain
  • Luisa, Marika, Andrea, Filomena, MariapiaHello everybody!Here we are!Ready to go on a journey to Valladolid - Spain Valladolid - The Cathedral We are going to be hosted by the students’ families of Colegio la Immaculada “Seculares de Jesus Obrero”
  • LET´S KNOW EACH OTHER: WEBQUEST: VALLADOLIDWe would like to enjoy our trip in the proper way, so we willtry to answer the questions our Spanish friends sent us. Come with us!!1- Which is the relationship of Count of Ansúrez and Valladolid? Valladolid was a village until king Alfonso VI of Leòn and Castile donated it to count Pedro Ansùrez in 1072. Pedro Ansùrez built a palace (now lost) for himself and his wife, countess Eylo, the Collegiate of St. Mary and the La Antigua churches. In the 12th and 13th centuries, Valladolid grew rapidly.
  • 2- What does Balad Ulit mean?Balad Ulit is the translation of Moorish Valladolidand it means: Land of the Governor.This is a theory because The origin of the name ofValladolid is not entirely clear. Maybe the modern name "Valladolid" derives from: - A Celtiberian language expression, Vallis Tolitum ("Waters Valley"), due to the confluence of rivers, the Pisuerga and Esgueva. - Olivetum Vallis: the valley of olive trees. - vallisoletanos“: Valley of the Sun" or "sunny valley", for the many hours of sun valley receives both in winter and in summer.
  • 3- Which writers are linked to the city? Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (born 1547 (day unknown) died 22 April 1616) was a Spanish novelist, poet and playright. His Don Quixote is considered the first modern European novel. He resided at Valladolid in 1554Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Monument of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedran José Zorrilla y Moral (21 February 1817 – 23 January 1893), was a Spanish Romantic poet and dramatist. He was born in Valladolid. He wrote a lot of plays and dramas.Josè Zorrilla y Moral Monument of Josè Zorrilla y Moral Rosa Chacel (b. June 3, 1898 in Valladolid; d. August 7, 1994, Madrid) was a famous and sometimes controversial writer from Spain. Rosa Chacel is now considered the most important 20th-century Spanish novelist Her first novel is "Estacion, Ida y Vuelta". Monument of Rosa Chacel Rosa Chacel
  • 4 – Which is the popular interpretation of the 5 tongues that the coat of arms of the city contains?Valladolid suffered in 1561 a major fire, andthe downtown area of the city was severelydamaged. For the first time it was designed a regularsquare, The Plaza Mayor, an example for otherposterior constructions. Plaza Mayor in 1738. Ventura Seco’s plan.The five tongues representfive red flames inmemory of the fire of 1561 that destroyed the Coat of arms of Valladolidcity’s commercial district.
  • 5 -In which park of the city is found the “Fountain of the Fame”? CAMPO GRANDE PARK.Campo Grande has the shape of a triangle, and its site has been known by differentnames along its history, names like Campo de la Verdad (Field of Truth) or Campo deMarte (Field of Mars). These historical, romantic gardens cover a surface area of more than 115,000 m2, offering a rich variety of flora and fauna in addition to an extensive collection of ornamental artwork in the form of busts and statues dedicated to illustrious figures of Valladolid, fountains such as the fountain of Fame, or the Swan fountain.
  • 7 -How many streets (and “callejones”) end in the Main Square? 14? 9? 8? Main Square (Plaza Mayor) with the Town Hall In Main Square end 14 streets
  • 6 -Which famous sailor is thought to have died in Valladolid? Christopher Columbus was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, probably before 31 October 1451. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of the American Continents in the Western Hemisphere. On 20 May 1506, aged probably 54, Columbus died In Valladolid. Christopher Columbus in 1492.Cristforo Colombo, He died of a heart Spanish Cristóbal Colón Columbuss remains were first interred at Valladolid, then at the monastery of La Cartuja in Seville by the will of his son Diego, who had been governor of Hispaniola. At Valladolid there is the small and humble house where Cristoforo th Colombo died on 20 May, 1506 in conditions of semi-poverty. Today this building is a house museum. It contains many relics of sailing. Santa María, Columbuss flagship in Casa Museo Colón a Valladolid first voyage, at his Valladolid house
  • 8 -How are people from Valladolid called? They are called ‘vallisoletanos’Maybe the modern name "Valladolid" derives from vallisoletanos:“: Valley of the Sun" or "sunny valley", for the many hours of sun valley receives both in winter and in summer. Supporting this theory there are textsfrom the Middle Ages, which use Vallisoletum,a word which continued to be used as late as the 16th century.
  • 9 – How are wines linked to this area?Valladolid is located within three wine-making regions:Ribera del Duero, Rueda and Cigales.Valladolid is a producer of wines.Some of them fall under the Designation ofOrigin Cigales, PradoRey, Ribera Duero.White wines from Rueda and red wines from Ribera del Dueroare known for their quality. There are a lot of historic wineries where tasting wines of excellent quality and workshop where the demonstration is made of the construction of wooden barrels.
  • 10 - Try to find 5 different activities you can do there (sports, theatre, nightlife, outings…..You can participate at the international week of cinemalocated at the Calderon theatre. The festival takes placein October and promotesindependent films from around the world.You can visit museums and parks, play golfand have a great nightlife in bars and discos. Calderon theatre Valladolid celebrates its people, culture, and holidays with several festivities of interest to travelers. Summer Sandcastle Competition International sandcastle artists create their painstakingly detailed works of art in Plaza Mayor during the month of June . Residents may vote on their favorite.
  • Street Theater FestivalIn May group of professional performers from around Europegive life to outdoor theatre.They perform in the street. Pingüinos (Penguins). International Winter Motorcycle RallyOnce a year there is a parade for motorcycle lovers, with bikers of differentnationalities coming together Tapas Competition The tapas competition allows several bars to compete for the most aesthetically and taste-bud pleasing creations. This event sometimes coincides with the film festival in October.
  • Hope our answers are right! See you soon Luisa, Andrea, Marika, Mariapia, Filomena
  • Supported by the European UnionThanks to projects like Comenius, we have the chance to seeoutside our borders.That is why culture should become a part of every teachinglesson.We hope that our Comenius project will give our students thechance to making them feel as part of the European community.