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German recipes

  1. 1. Christmas Goose (Weihnachtsgans) Ingredients: 1 goose salt pepper 3-4 carrots 1 garlic 1-2 celery marjoram sage red paprika 0,4l water 0,1l redwine flour butter thyme leaves How to make: Place the goose on a chopping board and use sharp knives and your hands to remove the neck and the giblets. Remove all the fat or leave a little to give it a special taste in the end. Pat goose dry, then add salt, pepper and marjoram. Put the thyme, carrots and celery inside the stomach. Fold the wings flat against the back and turn the neckskin to the back. Place the goose breast downsided and put some oil beneath into a roasting pan. Take the skin well all over with a fork, roast goose, uncovered, for 30 minutes at 250°C, reduce heat a litte and roast the goose, uncovered 30 minutes longer. Remove all the water and liquids and the turn the goose again upside down to roast it uncovered for an hour at 220°C. pour drippings out of pan again and put 0,1lof redwine in the frying pan. Continue roasting the goose, uncovered for 1 and 20 minutes. Take the goose to a big platter and cover it with alu-foil. Let it stand for 30 minutes. Skim 6 tablespoons of fat from the pandrippings put
  2. 2. it onto the goose. Wait a few minutes. Add sage and the flour and cook and stir for 5 minutes. Add to the platter and turn up the heat and cook, moving it constantly until teh sauce thickened and is smooth. Then serve it with thyme leaves the paprica. Usally also with mashed potatoes and blaukraut. Christmas goose by Phillipp and Michael. Extracts from the new German cooking book and my grandmother. German (Bavarian) "Schweinebraten" Pork Roast Ingredients • 1 kg Pork Roast (Upper leg piece, with a little fat inside) make sure that you cut with a knife in the covering layer of fat • 3 Onions, cut in 1/8 pieces • Mustard • Herbs • 1 liter Dark Beer • 1 Pkg. Dumpling Mix, otherwise just serve potatoes or noodles • 1 Pkg. Blue/Red Cabbage Directions Heat your oven to 220 Celsius. Season the meat with salt and pepper and use a small brush to cover the roast slightly with mustard and apply some herbs over the mustard cover (wild cumin, a bit rosemary, etc.). Place oil an “oven safe” frying pan and add the onion pieces and the roast. Put the pan in the pre-heated oven. When the meat starts to get some color, pour some of the beer over it. The Roast will cook for 1 - 2 hrs (depending on the weight). During the baking time, continue to pour beer over the roast from time to time.
  3. 3. When the meat is done, put the sauce through a colander and retain the juice. Blend all ingredients from the sauce to a nice creamy mixture. The cabbage (if precooked) just needs to be warmed up in the microwave with a bit of bay leaf and pimento in small pan. Tip: you can easily spice up the taste of the cabbage if you add some sauce to the pan and simmer. Dumplings shall be prepared as on the package instructions. If you want to server potatoes, just pare them, cut them in 1/4 pieces and boil them in salt water until tender. Oster Fladen – Easter flat cake Ingredients: Dough Filling 250 g flour 125g flint or Italian rice 125g butter ½ l milk 50g sugar 100g sugar 1 pinch salt 100g sultanas a little water 100g peeled almond 1 paring of lemon peel 4 egg yolks 4 egg whites
  4. 4. Knead flour, butter. sugar (50g), salt and water into an elastic dough. Flatten the dough and put it into a spring form pan (diameter 26cm). Form a dough rim of 2cm by pressing the dough up the sides of the pan. For the filling, boil the milk, put the rice or flint into it and boil again till the mash peels away from the side of the pot. Add the ingredients sequentially.. Cool the mash and then fold in the whisked, stiff egg whites. Put the mash on the dough. Bake a flat cake golden brown. for ½ hour Cover it with aluminium foil and keep it in the oven for another 5 minutes. Marie-Sophie Benna, Alan Dean Krapfen (Bavarian) Krapfen are a kind of doughnuts and eaten in Bavaria for carnival. (Fasching). Made out of a yeast dough and normally filled with jam, they have a long tradition and are also known in other parts of Germany as Berliner. In the following, we want to present you a recipe that shows you how to bake them. Ingredients: 500 grams of flour 30 grams of yeast 60 grams of sugar
  5. 5. 300 millilitres of milk 4 eggs (egg yolk) 75 grams of butter a pinch of salt 1 lemon (especially its juice) some hip jam or vanilla cream (to fill) some powdered sugar (to sprinkle) Preparation: Prepare a yeast dough out of the flour, the yeast, the sugar, the milk, the egg yolk, the salt and the butter and add a few drops of lemon juice. Keep it warm and leave it to stand for about half an hour. Then take the dough and form some little balls with floured hands. Leave them to stand now for another 20 minutes. After that fry them in vegetable oil at a temperature of about 160-170 °C until they have a golden-yellow colour on each side. Finally fill them with hip jam (or vanilla cream) and sprinkle them with powdered sugar. As you see, Krapfen are not very difficult to bake. We hope, you’ll enjoy them! Guten Appetit! (Bon appetit!) Johannes Weigl,, Daniela Dokl, Apian-Gymnasium, Ingolstadt