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  • Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Alexei, and I would like to tell you about a tool that will revolutionise independent travel. Let’s start with a short video to demonstrate the user experience.
  • Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Alexei, and I would like to tell you about a tool that will revolutionise independent travel. Let’s start with a short video to demonstrate the user experience.
  • Our idea will have a major impact on the relationship between travellers and tourist destinations. Toozla links information to real objects including everything from whole cities to buildings to phone boxes. The links are virtual, so the tool has no impact on the look of the area. An unlimited amount of information can be stored, because we are not limited to the size of a specific piece of paper or book. Mobile phone users can access all of this information. The information is provided in audio format, so users can walk around and look at their surroundings, rather than having to read text on a small screen. Users are also able to record their opinions, which then instantly become available to everybody.
  • The service is for independent sightseeing travellers. There are more than 270 million independent travellers worldwide, accounting for almost 2 billion days of travel per year. The idea was very obvious, so it should be accepted very naturally by the market. It’s a realization of peoples’ dreams. Our tool makes travel more enjoyable for everyone. As tourists move freely around, Toozla points out and tells them about interesting places they pass. It is like a guardian angel.
  • Our project involves various groups of people. The success of the project is based on partnerships, where all partners receive monetary, technological and other business benefits. This diagram shows the main parties involved. Content owners include producers of audio guides and paper guides, travel websites, Internet booking agencies, etc. Local SMBs include museums, restaurants, hotels, and even big FMCG brands Destinations are country or city tourist boards who are interested in increasing tourist numbers


  • 1. TOOZLA Location Based Service
  • 2. Mobile & travel
    • Travel means to be mobile
    • Each modern traveler is equipped with photo camera and mobile phone
  • 3. Tourists get social and mobile
    • Social media and mobile technology will dramatically change the face of the tourism industry in future. Holiday tips from friends worldwide, interactive bookings and mobile travel guides at the destination will become the norm in years to come…
      • ITB World Travel Trends Report 2010/2011
        • http :// website / Internet / Internet / www.itb-berlin / pdf / Publikationen /worldttr_2010_2011.pdf
  • 4. Europe – Mobile travel applications
    • Following the success of the iPhone, smartphones are revolutionising the travel industry thanks to geo-localisation services based on GPS technology
    • Smartphone penetration is expected to reach 92% in Europe by 2014 (…)
      • WTM Global Trends Report 2010
        • http :// / files /wtm2010_global_trends_report.pdf
  • 5. Smartphone platforms
    • Platform share varies by country
    • Worldwide share in 2010 is shown on the right
    • 72% YoY growth
      • Smartmarketing * (RU) – expert data
    Russia share WW share Platform 3.8 4 . 2 1 6 . 0 1 5 .7 2 2 . 7 3 7 .6 50.0 Microsoft Windows Mobile 10.4 iOS 0.5 Other OS 0.1 Research In Motion 5.6 Android 34.0 Symbian
  • 6. App stores
  • 7. Nokia
    • 175 million Nokia Symbian devices
    • 45 million active Nokia touch screen smartphone users
    • Java apps for approximately 500 million devices
    • http :// / Distribute / Ovi_Store_statistics.xhtml
  • 8. Mobile internet usage
    • Mobile Internet user count grew up to 500 M in 2010
    • This count will reach 1 B in 2011
      • Approx 400 M of them will be concentrated in Asia , 200M in North America and 200M in Europe .
    • Traffic 3 times increased during 2010
    • In Russia only, user count will reach 26 M
    • Share of regular mobile internet users by country (of country population) :
      • Sweden – 28%
      • UK – 24%
      • USA – 20%
      • China – 13%
      • Russia – 9%
      • Average World – 16%
          • According to research of Ericsson and J’son & Partners, 2011
  • 9. Mobile networks in Russia
    • Major players:
      • Beeline, MegaFon, Mobile Telesystems (MTS), TELE2 Russsia
    • 140% penetration rate, 190% in Moscow
    • Roaming rates extremely high even within country
    • GPRS rates are relatively low
      • 7 Rub/Meg ~0.18 Eurocent
  • 10. Mobile internet consumption in Russia
    • 22 Million Russians (i.e. 18% of the total population) go to Internet from a mobile device (at least 1 time per month)
    • Reasons to use Internet:
      • 45% quick information search
      • 36% social networks
      • 29% music download/listening
  • 11. Mobile issues when travel abroad Is there roaming in your tariff? To change tariff? To use native SIM? Purchase local SIM? Purchase travel SIM? yes yes High cost of data yes no no no yes Universal number no Low cost of data Operator? Tariff? Where to buy? yes no No phone = no problem Total relax Do you use virtual number?
  • 12. Comfort travelling
    • Do not depend on other people
    • Do not worry about situations
    • To be guided/secured if necessary
    • To get notifications, alarms depending on schedule or wish
    • To have the option getting all the necessary info in the current environment
    • All information in native language
  • 13. What is Toozla
    • To help independent travelers Worldwide we started the development of a global system in 2008
    • It is actually ecosystem with many various players involved
    • We provide mobile solutions for DMO, content owners, local and global business.
  • 14. Toozla Worldwide interactive mobile audio guides
  • 15. Toozla revolutionises the travel paradigm
    • Toozla links highly-relevant information to specific sights
      • More in-depth than an ordinary paper guide
    • Toozla opens up a new infosphere to mobile phone users
    • Travellers feel like locals as they explore unfamiliar cities
    • Users can share their opinion of a location right then and there
  • 16. Market
    • Users: independent travellers
    • Segment is growing, especially given the current economic situation
    • Independent travellers worldwide: 277 million
    • The idea was obvious, so the process of acceptance of the tool should be a very natural one
  • 17. T he T oozla ecos ystem Destination Traveller
    • No need for special equipment, offices or booths
    • Allows analysis of tourist behavior and preferences
    • Users receive a sense of the destination’s hospitality
    Content owner Local business Mobile operator
    • Highly-relevant content where and when it is needed
    • More convenient than a book or mp3
    • Complete freedom of travel
    • Local, up-to-the-minute information
    • Social networking
    • Ready-for-use technology gives content owners access to mobile users
    • Control of usage
    • Access to client when he or she is just a few steps away
    • Targeting by age, sex, location, time, language
    • Payment per contact
    • Increased Internet traffic
    • Loyalty
  • 18. Smartphone platforms
    • Toozla is available on a variety of mobile devices: iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc.), bada (Samsung Wave), Symbian (Nokia), and a number of smartphones with support of Java2ME.
  • 19. Basic functions of an applet
    • Toozla provides travelers with a brand new multifunctional travel guide .
    • It evolves a new advertising channel.
    • It provides destinations with an innovativ e tool, which increase s number of satisfied independent travellers .
  • 20. Streams available
  • 21. Streams available
    • Global streams:
    • Wikistream
    • Weather forecast
    • Global chat
    • Coming soon:
    • Shopping
    • News
    • Drivers help
    • Blind help
    • Disaster channel
    • Wikimapia
    • Local streams:
    • Austria. Salzburg ; Austria. Vienna Barceloneta Belgium. Antwerpen ; Belgium. Bruges Belgium. Ghent ; Cambridge Copenhagen. Denmark. Harbour Danmark. Copenhagen. Along the Metro Fremantle Explorer ; Fremantle Tours GPS Citygames Ciutat Vella Imagineear audio guides InterContinental ; Italy. Firenze Italy. Napoli ; Italy. Pisa ; Italy. Rome Italy. Siena ; Italy. Torino ; Italy. Venice Moscow. Kremlin ; London Netherlands. Amsterdam Norway. Oslo. Karl Johans Gate Oslo. Norway ; Spain. Menorka Moscow. Tsaritsyno USA. Boston Downtown USA.Chicago ; USA. LA Moscow. Бульварное Кольцо Вокруг Кремля с Вокруг Света Прага ; Санкт-Петербург ; Храмы Петербурга Центр Санкт-Петербурга
  • 22.
    • What did you say?
    • Listen/ Change your words.
    • What’s your subscription?
    • Change profile.
    • Where you’ve been?
    • Share with friends via Facebook and Twitter
  • 23.
  • 24.
    • Portal for advertisers
    • Very local access – when your customer is on the same street
    • Easy create and schedule
      • Web access
      • Mobile access
      • SMS access
  • 25. Contacts
    • [email_address]