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Musement ( is your access to arts, made simple. …

Musement ( is your access to arts, made simple.

We love arts and culture and our mission is to fundamentally improve how people discover and access art venues and events around the world, bringing unity and simplicity to such fragmented market.
Be inspired by our editorial team’s suggestions or find your favourite venue at

We fill in the need for a trusted aggregator
 providing all information, ticket sales and pertinent suggestions on museums, monuments, archaeological sites and theatres to global travellers in just one place.

We have recently launched with a portfolio of 50+ venues in Italy and plan to end the year with over 100 in Italy, France, Spain, the UK, the US and possibly even more countries, with new additions every week.

Future plans include the launch of a mobile app to help customers visit the places they have chosen and the addition of e-commerce for merchandising services.

Five are the pillars of Musement, each one corresponding to a key customer benefit:

1. Universal access: all information and tickets in just one place.

2. Sm(art) discovery: not only the best-known sites, but suggestions for the "hidden gems" known only by locals.

3. No more lines: possibility to purchase advance tickets and skip the lines at all venues.

4. Immediate confirmation, immediate entrance: the e-mail sent after purchase is all users need to get into their booked event/s.

5. Transparent rates + official tickets = no need to worry: Musement has established trusted partnerships with venues and cultural institutions.

The company is based in Milano, Italy and we are often traveling around the world.

You can follow us at and

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  • 1. Your  access  to  arts.  Made  simple.    
  • 2. 2 2
  • 3. 3 3But  don’t  museums  already  sell  0ckets  online  ?    So  why  do  we  need  your  service  ?    
  • 4. 5 sss5People  already  buy  5ckets  online    to  try  and  skip  lines,  but…    Today    …  3  different  websites/apps  for  3  museums  in  the  same  city…      …  and  some  do  not  even  sell  online  !  =  One  website/app  for  the  top300  venues  globally    Duplica-on  of  forms,  credit  card  inputs,  UI  nightmare,  par-al  info,  …    And  NOBODY  downloads  >2  museums  apps  !  Universal,  one-­‐stop  service  
  • 5. 6 sss6‘Search’  has  obliterated  ‘discovery’…    which  for  arts  is  not  a  good  thing    We  help  you  find  the  hidden  gems  Planning  a  trip  to  Rome,  people    usually  Google  this…  …  and  this…  …  and  they  might  end  up  missing  this!  Colosseum  Sis-ne  Chapel  –  The  Va-can  Musei  Capitolini  
  • 6. 7 sss7Fragmenta5on  and  confusion  currently  harm  consumers    What  has  an  official  price  of  6,50  €  …  …  is  someFmes  sold  at  20  €…  …  and  even  at  69  €  !  We  are  official,  transparent,  trusAul  
  • 7. 8 sss8Arts  &  ‘foreign’  visitors  are  oKen  neglected  by  5cke5ng  plaLorms    TickeFng  plaKorms  typically  focus  on  sports  and  concerts…  …  and  even  those  who  include  arts  focus  on  ‘locals’  as  their  primary  target  We  improve  ‘foreign’  travellers’  experience  of  arts  around  the  globe  
  • 8. 9 9We  fill  in  the  need  for  a    trusted  aggregator    for  arts  and  culture    to  provide  ‘unified’  transac0ons,  informa0on  and  per0nent  sugges0ons  to  private  travellers  globally    
  • 9. 10  ‘Musement’  in  a  nutshell    10  Universal,  verFcal   Target:  private  travelers,  30-­‐50  Data  analysis  /  CRM   SyndicaFon  /  affiliaFon  MulFple  plaKorms   Editorial  +  VAS  
  • 10. 11  Our  key  promises  to  the  consumer  11  Your  access  to  arts.  Made  simple.  Universal  access  (sm)art  discovery  Immediate  confirma5on,  immediate  entrance  Transparent  rates,  official  5ckets  All  info  and  Fckets  in  just  one  place  Not  only  the  best-­‐known  sites,  but  suggesFons  for  the  "hidden  gems"  known  only  by  locals  No  need  to  worry:  we  are  trusted  partners  of  venues  and  cultural  insFtuFons  Skip  the  line:  the  e-­‐mail  sent  a_er  purchase  is  all  users  need  to  get  into  their  booked  event(s)  
  • 11. 12  Web  layout  12  Event  
  • 12. 13  App  and  VAS  “before”  and  “during”  the  visit  13  §  App  iOS  /  Android  §  Geo-­‐localizaFon  §  Services  “towards  the  museum”  (direcFons,  suggesFons,  info,  …)  §  2014:  services  “inside  the  museum”  (audio/video  guide,  maps  …)  
  • 13. 14  Services  “aKer”  the  visit  (e-­‐commerce)  –  2014    14  §  One-­‐stop-­‐shop  for  merchandise  and  catalogs  offered  by  the  individual  museums  §  Post-­‐visit  purchase  suggesFons  with  a  personalized  ‘push’  strategy  
  • 14. 15  Advantages  for  the  Supply  Chain    15  §  AddiFonal  e-­‐commerce  plaKorm  §  Integrated  cart  §  ‘3rd  Party  vendor  2.0’  §  TransacFon  volume  §  Extra  margins,  no  cannibalizaFon  §  More  control  towards  reseller/aggregator  §  One-­‐stop-­‐source  §  Simple  and  universal  §  User  Experience  §  Personalized  RecommendaFon  §  Extra  visibility  for  free  §  Data  sharing  §  New  revenue  sources  §  Extra  push  for  those  with  less  flow  MUSEUMS   VISITORS  ‘STORES’  /MERCHANDISERS  TICKETING  PLATFORMS  
  • 16. 17  …  which  can  manage  a  variety  of  opera5onal  models…    17  CONTENTS BOOKING PAYMENT INVOICING API  connector  spider  API  connector  bot   voucher  VANs  or  virtual  CC  DD  payment  whole  5cket  separate  service  fee  
  • 17. 18  18  …  ready  to  syndicate  APIs/widgets    to  drive  traffic  Affilia0on  /  cart  integra0on  with  OTA    +  widget  on  travel  guides,  blogs,  etc    API   Widget  
  • 18. 19  19  Inbound  marke5ng  will  be  based  on  editorial  +  community  building  Blog  Own  team  +  guest  bloggers  Reference  tool  for  arts/culture  Social   Own  page  Pages  of  venues  offered  Cultural  tourism  pages  Improve  site  ranking,  drive  traffic  Community  of  art-­‐loving  travelers  
  • 19. 20  Founders’  Team    20  He   coordinates   operaFons,   negoFates   partners’  agreements  and  deals  with  investors.    Founder  of  media  consultancy  firm  ON  CUBED,  which  he  currently  manages,  he  was  the  MD  of  IPTV-­‐digital  media  unit  at  Fastweb,  a  company  he  joined  at  the  startup.  He  started   his   career   at   Bain   &   Co,   a_er   graduaFng   in  Business  AdmnistraFon  at  Bocconi  University.  An   expert   on   web   analyFcs   and   markeFng,   he   also  designed  our  technological  plaKorm.    As   Chief   Data   &   AnalyFcs   Officer   at   iProspect   (Aegis  Media   group)   he   works   planning   digital   markeFng  campaigns   for   several   global   clients.   A   Computer  Science  Engineer,  his  whole  career  has  focused  on  data  analysis,  at  PwC  and  ShinyStat.  Known   and   trusted   by   all   key   players   in   the   “arts   &  culture”  sector,  he  helps  increase  the  number  of  venues  and  exhibiFons  which  sell  their  Fckets  on  Musement.      He   supports   GiunF   Arte   ExhibiFons   &   Museums   in  organizing   and   markeFng   art   exhibiFons   globally.   The  business   side   of   arts   has   been   his   focus   at   previous  employers  ClassicaTV  and  SkiraClassica,  a_er  graduaFng  in  Economics  and  early  experiences  at  Fastweb.  He   coordinates   the   editorial   team   and   strategy   and  liaise  with  the  PR/markeFng  of  our  partner  venues.    Partner   at   media   consultancy   firm   ON   CUBED,   he   has  spent   the   past   13   years   in   the   TV   business   at   De  AgosFni,   Fastweb   and   Sitcom.   A   graduate   in  ComparaFve   Literature,   he   has   founded   a   publishing  house,  a  restaurant  guide  and  has  writen  for  L’Espresso,  IlFoglio  and  Enciclopedia  Treccani.  Alessandro  Petazzi    CEO  Fabio  Zecchini    VP  Technology  &  Digital  MarkeFng  Paolo  Giulini    VP  Offer  PorKolio  Development    Claudio  Bellinzona    VP  Content  
  • 20. Your  access  to  arts.  Made  simple.