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  • 1. Ocere (former Zeno International) & BCI ItaliaDigital Marketing Services Corso Cairoli, 96 27100 Pavia - 0382 304985 www.bci-italia.com -- info@bci-italia.com
  • 2. Digital Marketing – Web Marketing – On Line MarketingDigital MarketingIs NOT “Digital”It’s MARKETING!• Are we calling TV Marketing or Press Marketing our Ads campaign?• Digital it’s just a new multimedia format to get to the customers, and the Web it’s a new path to reach them• We cannot stay away anymore from them because they are bi-directional, interactive, effective, easy to target, measurable, low cost, and the customers are spending more time on the web than on TV, Magazine or shopping… Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 3. Digital Marketing Strategic component of Marketing 2.0Marketing 2.0 it’s not any more just “4P”• The initial 4P (Jerome McCarthy - 1960): Product (Service), Place (Path), Price, Promotion;• The new additional 3P: People, Process, Phisical Evidence;• The 4C (Koichi Shimizu - 1973): Commodity, Cost, Channel, Communication;• M & E the new add on (Alessandro Giacchino – 2010): Mood, Environment;Digital Marketing is• A core part of Marketing 2.0;• Must be Part of the whole marketing Strategy;• It’s a crucial part of any Business Strategy because it transforms the contact in relation, the customer in follower, for long term business relationship.Digital Marketing requires• A new way to communicate: titles & images instead of long text & descriptions• A new approach to the market: not anymore to “market”, but to single customers• A new way to manage relations: trust, reputation, direct & indirect word of mouth are the main drivers to consider Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 4. Basta al sito «vetrina»: crescita dell’e-Commerce. NuovoRuolo: Comunicare, Vendere, Immagine, Snodo dei Processi Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 5. PR ServicesPublishing Conferences/Trade Shows Toolnews Leads Generation ITware Social Networks Activities ITwareNews SEO/Web Managemet Corporate Newsletter Speaking Engagement Blogs, White Papers, Content Business Consulting International www.bci-italia.com Management & (Digital) Marketing ServicesTemporary Management Products Positioning/LaunchingStrat Up (Subsidiary, Company) Market Analisys & ResearchIndependent Board Member Leads GenerationMerge & Aquisition SEO, SEM, PPC, Social Media
  • 6. Business Consulting International Italia: oltre 20 anni di esperienza nel Marketing con vari servizi integrati Temporary Publisher Conferences Services Mgmt Subsidiary CEO/Marketing ToolNews eSecurityLab Start-Up Management SofTech Positioning, Operational ITware.com Competitive Analisys (SOA 2.0, Web 2.0) Marketing WF Independent ITwareNews Leads Generation (BPM, ECM, SOA) Board Member Marketing On-line initiative On request by On request by Customer Customer Operations Multi-Company, under BCI logo Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 7. Servizi Digital Marketing al servizi di Marketing e Vendite Marketing Services Strategic PR & Copyright BCI Italia 2009 Marketing Operations Market Research Communication Business Plan & Press Releases Documentation Offering Positioning & Conferences (Data-Sheets, Brochures, Flyers) On Line Analysis Channel Sales & Articles & Interviews Survey Interviews Leads Generation Alliances set-up Competitive White Papers & User Groups & Analisys Case History Conferences Target & Prospect Speaking Newsletters & Forum & Webinars Engagement Selection House Organs Management Companies Web Site Set up Sales & Acquisition & Management Promotions Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 8. Affiancamento / Integrazione delle strutture Marketing & IT delle aziende B2B-B2C Digital Marketing Services Strategy Social Media Web Site Copyright BCI Italia 2009 & Execution Management Management Market Services Integration Content/Article Set Up / Review Digital/Traditional Marketing On Line Survey SEO Oriented Review/Develop Blogs Production OnLine Monitoring & Management Words Selection Brand, Web,…Content/Messages Competitive Reputation SEO / SEM OnLine Monitoring Analisys Management Services & Auditing Brand, Web,…Target & Prospects Newsletters & PPC (Pay Per Click) Segmentation DEMs Optimization Tutoring Providers / Media Video Interviews Sales & Management & Webinars Promotions Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 9. BCI Italia Assets & Reasons Why• Not «just services»! BCI Italia it’s also a publisher, a digital publisher, the owner of one very popular web site on IT, Social Media & Digital Marketing, and the organizier of several conferences, so it practice the activites before offering them to the customers!• The Company has a strong network of qualified IT & Marketing experts, Journalists & Bloggers with several years of experience in their roles, very well integrated in a national and international network of Managers and Companies.• The main assets of the firm are: – The Database containing detailed data on more than 120.000 names of Managers & Employees working in Italy for about 20.000 companies, Large, Medium and Small, belonging to the users & the IT services providers communities; – The publications (Toolnews, a monthly magazine on paper; Itware.com, a popular web site www.itware.com on IT & Digital Services, ITwareNews, a weekly digital newsletter); – The Conferences Lines (eSecurityLab, January; Softech, March; WF, June); – A strong Reputation & Customer list including – just, on the IT Vendors side – companies like HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Dell, Micro Focus, and on the Systems Integrator side Engineering, Reply, and many others. Than, a long list of big and small companies in other market segments Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 10. Ocere: World Wide Presence, since 2006, Year-on-year growth of over 400%UK HeadQuarter Direct Presence o Through PartnersLabs: Sw, Content, Links Customers Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 11. Ocere: An International Leader in Online MarketingSeveral Integrated Services• SEO: Fresh thinking, Post-Penguin SEO Services that deliver results;• PPC Management: Certified Google PPC Management with Brand Experience;• International Content Generation: Website Content in several languages;• Guest Blog Posts: powerful link building through thousands web sites;• Social Media / Reputation Management: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest;• Leads Generation: Cutting-edge Online Lead Generation Campaigns that deliver ROI;• Infographics: Attract links and build your brand as an authority with Infographics.Specialized structures for• Software Development, White Links Generation, with 3 dedicated Labs;• Competitive analysis on Words, Strategies, On Line Market Competitors;• International Content Generation, in several languages, with 10.000 Authors/Bloggers.Strong References• Supply 2 out of the top 3 Agencies in the UK, and 8 of the top 10;• Hundreds of Customers among Web Agencies & End Users Companies across the globe;• Google ADWords Qualified Company Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 12. Esempio di processo per la revisione/ottimizzazione del sito Con specialisti di Marketing & Digital Marketing rivediamo Strategie e Posizionamenti Rapida revisione dell’impostazione e dei contenuti Marketing e dei siti dell’azienda (documentale). Breve discussione (telefonica, dal vivo o via Skype) per determinare obiettivi e tempi Assessment tecnico con specialisti di area per determinare il potenziale e gli interventi da sviluppare Definizione proposta e strategie di intervento per il perseguimento degli obiettivi La proposta contiene le azioni, i costi, i tempi necessari per raggiungere gli obiettivi scelti Accettata la proposta, si avviano le attività operative seguendo il piano definito Nel corso dello svolgimento del progetto si avranno regolari Report sugli stati di avanzamento dei lavori Il progetto e le singole campagne saranno costantemente sottoposte a revisioni Lungo tutto il periodo di svolgimento delle attività, i rpogressi verranno monitorati e documentati OnLine Il Responsabile del progetto sarà sempre disponibile e facilmente raggiungibile I contatti verranno gestiti via e-Mail, telefono, Skype e con regolari incontri Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 13. What is SEO?SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of bringingorganic visitors and potential customers to a websiteKey points: SEO accounts for over 90% of web search clicks (see right). SEO is one of the very best performing marketing tools. SEO is an ongoing process, with sustainable long term results. Companies are making strategic investments in SEO as a means to generate more business from the Internet. Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 14. Why invest in SEO with Zeno/BCI Italia?Investing in high quality SEO results in building long-termquantifiable value for your businessKey benefits:1. High quality SEO has a high Return on Investment (ROI), using specialized Skill & Tools2. The web outperforms other sales channels3. More & more people are searching online for products & services related to your business. This is increasing all the time (see right)4. The leaders in your field will be profiting from high rankings.5. The benefit is long-term. Meaning the service can pay for itself many times over.6. SEO is advertising that doesn’t sleep7. Building Web Site with High Reputation Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 15. What is Paid Search? (Pay Per Click)Pay Per Click (PPC) – or Paid Search - is one of the mosteffective types of advertising in history. Key Points:• Paid Search is one of the most effective ways to drivesales and enquiries from the internet.• Get setup quickly, no need to wait ages for results.• Reach people exactly when they are searching theInternet for what you offer.• Immediate simultaneous exposure of your ads toliterally millions of viewers around the world.• Only pay for people who actually click your ad (viewsare free)• Set your own budget to manage spending. Example “Paid Search” adverts are displayed on the right Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 16. Important concept: The Long TailThe “Long Tail of search” is a very important concept that is crucial to understand. It says:Even though we will be working primarily on the keywords suggested on the previous slide, roughly 70% of the website’s traffic will come from different, “Long Tail” search terms. This is true of any website, and highlights the importance of generating fresh content for the search engines Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 17. Why Use Us? (Pay Per Click)A dedicated PPC Team, coordinated by an Italian AccountManager, specialized in managing PPC budgets• Saving in Time & Budget, with better positioning for similar costs;• Keyword suggestion (based on popularity & relevance) using competitive keyword tools, and Keyword generator tools• All PPC Account Managers Certified by Google™• Keyword reports from Web analytics applications, Search query reports from Google AdWords, Data from Web server log files.• Proven track record of generating high quality, targeted traffic and conversions• Trusted by dozens of leading marketing agencies from the world• A unique understanding of the Google™ AdWords Platform which can be leveraged to achieve your business goals• Free account review for eligible accounts Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 18. Web Reputation: You Monitor it, but Then?Web Reputation Management is a new discipline, that’sgrowing in importance together with the grow of e-Commerce, but…Key points:• A strong set of Tool to monitor the Company/Product/People reputation• Technical Specialist able to intercept all significant events/news• The capability to set up a Strategy to neutralize the echo of bad events/news• The organization and all the specialists to run “counter effect” campaign Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 19. What is content generation? Why do I need it?Search engines (especially Google) love high quality, unique content.The more you have, the more traffic you will get. Simple. Key benefits: • Increase your traffic • Increase average time on site • Increase user engagement • Rank better for your main keywords • Increase conversions • A network of over 28.000 Web Sites • Almost 10.00 Mother Language Authors: • for Italy, BCI Italia • for British English – London Ocere Employees • for US English – New England Ocere Employee • for French/German/China/… – French/German/Chinees… Ocere Partners Content is like an asset on your website, meaning it delivers value for many years Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 20. What is Social Media? Why do I need it? What is Social Media Management? Why do I need it? Social Media are platforms that allows you to reach out and engage with potential customers and partners.. 1. More and more customers are using Social Media to discover products and services 2. In 2012, It’s crucial to have a presence on the main Social Networks. Customers expect it. 3. Social platforms present the ideal opportunity to engage with potential customers and partners. 1. Social Media are for fun, but they are as well useful for business: you need professional to manage your presence 2. Social Media can convert your public in leads, your leads in relations, your relations in customers, than in fan… 3. They are also useful to keep high your reputation.Social Media Management is a new job, you need specialist for: Ocere & BCI Italia can help you acquire more connections, and also increase your overall engagement and social outreach. Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 21. Sample OfferingA dedicated PPC Team, coordinated by an Italian AccountManager, specialized in managing PPC budgets1. Monthly SEO Plans. Entry point: €3002. Annual contracts with strong guarantees: •Guarantee that the website will get traffic from over 500 different keywords •Guarantee 50% of your keywords will reach page 1 of Google •Guarantee to increase traffic from customers & prospects •Guarantee to increase the online authority of your brand3. Content Generation: high quality website content. Entry point priced at 300€ (based on 500 words) per 3 circulated pieces4. Individual Guest Blog Posts. 100€ each, including link building.5. Pay Per Keyword with Front page of Google or your money back - in a given timescale. Custom pricing dependent on keywords.6. Adwords/Pay Per Click Management: Click Spend + Mgmt Fee Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 22. Quick FactsMission statement:“Our mission is to provide comprehensive and superior digital marketing servicesto end users and white label partners across the globe. In doing so, deliveringindustry leading customer and shareholder value.”• BCI Italia and Ocere supply dozens of the leading digital agencies in Italy, UK, US &globally• Ocere has clients from over 30 different countries, including 30+ states in the USA• Most of our staff have over 10 years experience in the Digital Marketing field.• Ocere have access to one of the world’s largest SEO resources, with over 28,000websites to obtain links from.• Ocere have specialized labs in UK, India, China, US, and operation with localspecialists across Europe (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, France, Ireland,….). Tel .: 0382 304 985 | Email: info@bci-italia.com | Web: www.bci-italia.com
  • 23. info@bci-italia.com ContattiBCI Italia Srl Ocere (KM Ltd.) +39 335 226366Corso Cairoli, 96 145-157 St John St.27100 Pavia London EC1V 4PW 0382 304985Italia United Kingdom www.bci-italia.com