Social Media and Tiffany & co.


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This is a presentation I made for my Film 436 class at Queen's University called Understanding eBranding. It discusses Luxury brands involvement in Social Media specifically focusing on the brand Tiffany & Co.

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Social Media and Tiffany & co.

  1. 1. Social Media and Luxury BrandsBy: Alessia Civitenga Image by:mariaphoto [Flickr]
  2. 2. Luxury brands have been hesitant to move online, but now because of the Internet’s increased popularity… Image by: foxyladydrivers
  3. 3. More and more luxury brands are making thetransition to online advertising and e-commerce. Image by: mgdadvertising
  4. 4. “Up to 90% of high-income Internet users shop regularly online” – Digital Strategies for Luxury BrandsImage by: juliamichell [Flickr]
  5. 5. There are numerous third-partyinformation courses onlineabout any luxury brand, so it isessential that the brand itselfhave a voice in the onlinelandscape- Digital Strategies forOnline Brands Image by: brainc [Flickr]
  6. 6. “Internet is the number one source for information on luxury products” – Digital strategies for Luxury BrandsImage by: sottolestelle [Flickr]
  7. 7. How do we use the web to tell a luxury story? How do we recreate the sensorial experience of the brand online?Image by: paige23 [Flickr]
  8. 8. Invest in a Tiffany’s Image by:
  9. 9. Image by: obliviousjulia [Flickr]“Hearts beat faster and love grows stronger when a Tiffany gift is presented to a loved one”
  10. 10. All the possibilities that true love and romance have to offer… Image by: deepsamauri [Flickr]
  11. 11. Image by: Vicky [Flickr] LoveStories Art ofRomance Tiffany’s New York Love is
  12. 12. “Its aim appears to be toextend the Tiffany brandbeyond luxury jewelry tomore of an aspirationallifestyle brand by drawingassociations with exclusiveNew York bars, restaurants,classic films, music and thecity as a whole.”– AlistarCraine, CEO Grapple Image by: everymovewemake [Flickr]
  13. 13. Love is everywhere… Image by: cupcakecentral [Flickr]
  14. 14. Tiffany & Co. New York Image by: bpowell [Flickr]
  15. 15. Image by: vroffers [Flickr]“Its first is an engagement ring app that merges mobile and interactive shopping for consumers who are looking to select an engagement ring” – Rachel Lamb, Luxury Daily
  16. 16. Lifestyle andClass… Image by: vcaputo [Flickr]
  17. 17. “On the web Tiffany & Co.s strategy has been twofold: create a simple yet stylist shopping experience, and remind the audience of its standing in the culture upper echelon of America”- Social Media Guide for Luxury BrandsImage by:Scott5 [Flickr]
  18. 18. Where it all began… Image by: originsofbusiness [Flickr]
  19. 19. Image by: nicklenoard [Flickr]“The clean design of the web property have created ashopping experience that is as effortless andsophisticated as anything you would expect shopping in-store” -Social Media Guide to Luxury Brands
  20. 20. Image by: AlessCivit
  21. 21. Image by: franjmc [Flickr] “Tiffany & Co. continues to set the standard forluxury, even in the digital and social space”–Digital and Social Media