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  • 1. • Seminar Presentation• PLG 516 Studies in School Effectiveness• Prepared By : Raed Mohammad• M.N: P-PM 0334/12
  • 2. ContentsIntroduction.Policy Context.The success.Early work.Coming together.Involving more stakeholders.Growing together SESI.Secrets of western school success.A- Type I strategies.B- Type II strategies.C- Type III strategies.
  • 3. Louise Stoll and Pam Sammons2007
  • 4. IntroductionSchool EffectivenessSchool ImprovementPolicyMakers ResearchersHow, for whom and in what way doschools make a difference to childrenand youngsters` life chances andcontinue to improve over time ?
  • 5. Policy ContextSE + SI : Developed + Focusing on :- Reduce professional interest- Increase consumers` role.Intentions- Increase efficiency of educational institutions.- Rise educational standards.( Financial, devolution, local sch mng )- Increase parental choicePOLICY
  • 6. The SuccessNational curriculum (stages 4, 7, 11, 16)– Accountability : increased by national table performance– Influence the policy makers– Daily process - the level of students’ knowledge -national primary strategy.– Self-evaluation - to inform schools .– 2002 was turning point .
  • 7. Early workEquality and EquityWhy schools are different onterms of effectiveness andpromoting the outcomes?What characteristics areassociated with that level ofeffectiveness?
  • 8. Coming togetherAlignment Close work{Different parties, researchers and stakeholders}The effective way the methodology
  • 9. Involving more stakeholdersInvolve the practitioners todevelop (SE , SI).International SchoolEffectiveness andImprovements Centerdevelop projectsbetween interestedpartiesThe results to be usedNOT to be hidden.
  • 10. - Focusing on Elements:{ Leadership, teaching-learning, pupils involvement, self evaluation)Leadership : Headteachers – promoting+ maintaining T`s role.learning – centered leadership.Teachers and learning : T`s life + work affect Sts contributionsT`s effectiveness over time.Growing together SE-SI
  • 11. Secrets of Western School Success• Hopkins (1996) “FIT” between specific improvement programsand the school’s developmental needs. In this framework, schoolimprovement strategies fall into three different types:• A: Assessing failing schools to become moderately effective.• - High level external support and strategies.- basic curriculum• B: Assessing moderately effective schools to become effective.- No heavily external support- Tend more initiated• C: Assessing effective schools to remain so.• Unnecessary external support – Creates its own - New ideas
  • 12. Thank You For YourAttention