Change and innovation quotes


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Some of my favourite quotes on change and innovation by people far cleverer than I. You can of course download the pdf version here, or go over to my blog: to download the *.pptx version

Alesandra Blakeston

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Change and innovation quotes

  1. 1. It doesn’t matter where you are, youare nowhere compared to where youcan goBob Proctor
  2. 2. In a world of ever-accelerating change,innovation is the onlyinsurance againstirrelevancePeter Skarzynski,Rowan Gibson
  3. 3. Wayne GretzkyYou miss100 percentof the shotsyou nevertake
  4. 4. A year from now you will wishyou had started todayKaren Lamb
  5. 5. Remembering you aregoing to die is the bestway I know to avoidthe trap of thinkingyou have something tolose. You are alreadynaked. There is noreason not to followyour heartSteve Jobs
  6. 6. In a chronicallyleaking boat,energy devoted tochanging vesselsis moreproductive thanenergy devoted topatching leaksWarren Buffett
  7. 7. Some men see things as they areand say, "Why?" I dream of thingsthat never were and say, "Why not?"George Bernard Shaw
  8. 8. Man cannotdiscover newoceans unless hehas the courageto lose sight ofthe shoreAndré Gide
  9. 9. As soon as anyone startstelling you to be“realistic,” cross thatperson off yourinvitation listJohn Eliot
  10. 10. Those who expect moments of changeto be comfortable and free of conflicthave not learned their historyJoan Wallach Scott
  11. 11. Nobody can go back andstart a new beginning, butanyone can start today andmake a new endingMaria Robinson
  12. 12. Time is a dressmaker specializing inalterationsFaith Baldwin
  13. 13. If you don’tlikesomethingchange it;if you can’tchange it,change theway youthink aboutitMary Engelbreit
  14. 14. Continuity gives us roots; change gives usbranches, letting us stretch and grow and reachnew heightsPauline R. Kezer
  15. 15. To exist is to change, to change is to mature, tomature is to go on creating oneself endlesslyHenri Bergson
  16. 16. If we dont change, wedont grow. If we dontgrow, we arent reallylivingGail Sheehy
  17. 17. The only way tomake senseout of changeis to plungeinto it, movewith it, and jointhe danceAlan Watts
  18. 18. One must changeones tactics everyten years if onewishes to maintainones superiorityNapoléon Bonaparte
  19. 19. All meaningfuland lastingchange startsfirst in yourimaginationand then worksits way outAlbert Einstein
  20. 20. Youre only as young as the lasttime you changed your mindTimothy Leary
  21. 21. The mostsuccessfulpeople arethose whoare good atplan B James Yorke
  22. 22. The only way to discover the limits ofthe possible is to go beyond theminto the impossibleA. Clarke
  23. 23. Minds arelikeparachutes;they workbest whenopenT. Dewar
  24. 24. Progress is a niceword. But change is itsmotivator. And changehas its enemiesRobert Kennedy
  25. 25. Elbert HubbardThe greatestmistake youcan make inlife is to becontinuallyfearing youwill make one
  26. 26. Alesandra