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Game show teaser

  2. 2. Investment teaser This is an informational teaser of platform. The purpose of the document is to give a general overview of the project. If you are interested to learn more – please contact for further information. Detailed information related to marketing, sales plans and basic financials will be provided after signing an NDA.
  3. 3. It enables users to: • play the games they like, at a time they want to; • socialize within the gaming community; • follow most popular eSports events and players; • participate in tournaments and win! «GSL» - investment opportunity in the growing interactive entertainment industry «GAME SHOW LEAGUE» - an online gaming platform with amazing opportunities ATTRACT LARGE AUDIENCE MONETIZE NEW POSSIBILITIES CREATE NEW MEDIA TYPE INTEREST TOP BUSINESSES
  4. 4. The platform «GS LEAGUE» satisfies all game users’ needs, with support of «GS STUDIO» ― gaming TV This complete solution gives maximum opportunities:  The «GS LEAGUE» platform lets gamers play every day, win prizes and gifts and also socialize within the gaming community;  Thanks to the «GS STUDIO» gaming TV they observe regular broadcasts of professional teams within the scope of the online league, and beyond it as well. Now we are putting finishing touches upon this new generation platform, while the professional broadcasting studio is already demonstrating great results! 800 000 people – current audience 1 000 000 registered users and 8 000 000 followers in social and media channels are expected for Q4,2015 «GS LEAGUE» and «GS STUDIO» both form one integral concept ― «GAME SHOW»
  5. 5. «Game Show League» brings together all video games industry players eSports industry Computer games industry Viewers Online Players Hardware producers Game Publishers • Game Platform • Organizers of championships • Broadcasting studios Infrastructure & content Audience Stakeholders Streamers Game Developers
  6. 6. eSports market is much promising in terms of both - huge revenues and high growth rate What’s the future of e-sports?  By 2016 e-Sports’ annual market revenue will reach $34 billion annual market revenue;  Strategic goal: e-Sports to eventually become official sports at the Olympic Games.  0  10  20  30  40  50  60  70  80  90 2016F2015F2014F2013201220112010200920082007 Console Online Mobile PC Advertising  0  5  10  15  20  25  30  35  40  45  50  55 2011 2012 2015F2016F2013 2014F2010200920082007 Asia Pacific Latin America Europe and CIS North America Regional Mobile/Online Games Revenue ($B)Global Video Games Sector Revenue ($B) $34 billion by 2016 European and CIS Market has been growing constantly since 2007 Source: Digi-Capital Global Games Investment Review 2013 Q3
  7. 7. Games are not just games anymore – it’s a modern form of sports competition with huge revenue opportunities Average market indicators:  Annual growth: up to 100%  Audience increase: up to 50% Electronic Sports: advanced business opportunity Source: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Natus Vincere research and major tournaments statistics e-Sports market share in the video game industry continues growing 120% growth 2010 2012 $5.5 bln growth 80% growth $2.5 bln growth 5%3% «Game Show League» audience coverage Today’s audience coverage – 800 000 e-Sports Video Game industry Expected in Q4 2015 –9 000 000 2011
  8. 8. In Russia and the CIS, eSports championships are gathering larger audience year after year WE HAVE CREATED AN ONLINE PLATFORM TO AGGREGATE ALL THIS AUDIENCE. AND WE CAN MONETIZE IT NOW.! 2011 2012 225 000 430 000 3 436 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Number of unique viewers during the stream broadcast of #1 CIS championship – «TECHLABS CUP» 2013 2100K 500K 240K 310K 230K 200K 100K 110K
  9. 9. «GAME SHOW» and «Techlabs Cup» form strategic partnership, which guarantees a considerable audience inflow to the platform «CIS Connect» is the owner and creator of the exclusive event in the CIS – TECHLABS CUP. And for the «GAME SHOW» project we will have the backing of this strong partner! The festival is a #1 event in the CIS and a Top-5 events in the world by criteria: - total online and LAN event’s audience - geographic coverage - prize pool of more than 300k USD in 2013 Audience coverage, end of 2013:  More than 61 000 visitors at LAN- finals. About 3 436 000 unique viewers online. * Business relations between «CIS Connect» and «GAME SHOW» are formalized through exclusiveness rights agreement
  10. 10. encourages 30% 70 % of viewers and fansof competing audience People have always needed to share their common interests – likewise, they need a society to share their game enthusiasm Gaming platform gives them such an opportunity! THIS AUDIENCE AND MILLIONS OF USERS’ TRAFFIC REPRESENT A BUSINESS NICHE FOR US ― WE KNOW HOW TO DEVELOP AND BENEFIT FROM THIS OPPORTUNITY. «Game Show League» occupies a niche on the most dynamically evolving business arena to get involved into the gaming world
  11. 11. «Game Show League» creates a virtual society for eSports viewers and gamers 85% 15% Worldwide online gamers (millions)Online Viewership by Gender  85% men  Age: 16-35 years  Income: average and above the average Almost 70% of all gamers are in 16-35 age 730 620 500 430 +70% 2010 2011 20132012 Target audience of Game Show: Source: Digital Games year in review 2013, The League will attract people who are: % eSports Viewers 70 Age 16-35 %
  12. 12. Common authorization system on the gaming platform and broadcasting studio channel Integration of the gaming platform and the broadcasting studio increases the overall potential of «GAME SHOW» project PLATFORM STUDIO On the platform, there will be a player with «GS- studio» ongoing streams Matches of TOP teams within the scope of global and local tournaments, held on the platform provide the «material» for broadcasting studio team, which will be popular among wide audience Studio will make the platform content-rich: it would broadcast most-watched eSports events, make topical news programs, organize multilingual streams, thus creating large platform audience inflow
  13. 13. These are some layout snapshots of our gaming platform  Supporting companies  Player’s profile  Game selection  Lan Final date  Ongoing tournament: qualification round, prize pool, top teams  League and cybersport news: tournaments, sponsor cups, announcement of cybersport events and important matches  Our partners  Games profiles  Social services to follow the project
  14. 14. There are few well-known companies operating on eSports market 2012 League StarLadder is a multifunctional gaming platform. Main league disciplines: Counter-Strike, Dota 2, WoT Coverage: CIS 2002 Streaming platform MajorLeague gaming 2000 League and online TV Electronic Sports League ESL (Electronic Sports League) is a gaming and streaming portal holding various leagues and tournaments Main Streaming disciplines: SC2, CS:GO, Dota2, LoL, WoT, and more Coverage: Europe MLG.TV is a premium online video streaming platform for web and mobile. Main Streaming disciplines: SC2, CS:GO, Dota2, Call of Duty Coverage: USA
  15. 15. Game- Integration Flexible schedule Sponsors Complete integration Main reasons why top players will be choosing the platform: This is the only platform with flexible games schedule, which means that the player simply sets the time he wants to play and the platform finds him a counterpart which set the same time and has fitting level of game progress and skills. The platform will make the process of reporting results of games fully automatic, which means that there’s no need to click on additional links. Moreover, players will be able to see statistics of any game, player, team they want. «Game Show League» provides gamers with much more integrated solutions, than its competitors Available games Video content Flexible schedule Attraction of top players will lead to overall audience activity surge MLG GameShow Starladder Garena SC2TV Goodgame ICCup
  16. 16. «GAME SHOW LEAGUE»: prerequisites to success • Maximum integration thanks to using of games API: results of matches are automatically updated, which makes the platform more convenient for tracking the game user’s progress. • Unique flexibility: the gamer sets the time of the next game himself, he doesn’t have to stick to strict tournaments schedule. Thus, the person gets freedom planning the private time. Available games • Many options: the platform’s user can choose among most popular e-sports games. Diverse tournaments: along with big championships, there would be smaller cups held. Sponsoring companies • Sponsors are widely attracted, encouraged by the wide business network of «CIS» ads agency • Additional incentive – since the platform is multilingual, the ads are viewed in many countries. • Authorization on a platform leads to an automatic log-in to «GS Studio» channel: on the platform there is a player where user sees all ongoing streams. Thus, the platform is constantly content- rich. Game Integration Flexible schedule «GAME SHOW LEAGUE» Video content
  17. 17. «Game Show» will unite gamers, viewers and tournaments in 25 countries by 2015 Dreamhack coverage Techlabs coverage Partners 2013 - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. 2014 - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia. + Dreamhack 2015 - Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, The Baltic States. + Dreamhack Broadcast coverage
  18. 18. The multilingualism of our platform makes for its global recognition Year 2014 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Viewings on video channels (peak value) 2 594 800 2 676 350 2 747 540 2 774 600 Subscribers in social networks 991 500 1 011 500 1 031 500 1 044 000 Project popularity forecast: 2014 dynamics Peak viewing audience on distribution by countries, Q4 2014 3,5% 13,6% 39,2% 0,4% 1,0% 0,9% 41,4% Spain France Germany OthersChina Great Britain Russia We estimated total peak viewings on and, including all game streams We took into account our followers on, and twitter
  19. 19. Our platform will become a base for an intercontinental tournament in the future «GS League» will be a battle field for top teams from different parts of the world, so that the broadcasting of the event will gather wide international audience. To select teams for the finals from Europe and countries of the CIS, we will organize qualification rounds on our platform; From Asia and the USA, we will invite teams with top positions in the global ratings. Techlabs slots top Asian teams top USA teams
  20. 20. Numerous monetization means encourage our business to grow extremely fast Ad packages Social Networks Product placement Video content Streamers GS LeagueTV channels 50% 1% 13% 9% 3% 9%15%
  21. 21. Interested in the project? If you are interested to learn more about the – please contact our advisors at
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