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  1. 1. EASTEREaster is one of the most important religious festival in Italy. It’s the greatestsolemnity of Christian liturgical year. Churches celebrate the Resurrection of JesusChrist. In our country it’s a movable feast (always from the 22nd March to the23 rdApril). The name Easter, in Italian language “ Pasqua, comes from the Latin word“Pascha” that comes from the Greek word “Paskha” and this last one from theHebrew word “Pesah”. All these words mean “passage” that is to say the passagefrom an old life to another new one. Easter feast begins the Sunday before EasterSunday. That day is named Palm Sunday. Children cross the sbreets holding palms orolive branches (symbols of peace) in their hands before going to the churches forthe blessing of the palms. That is to remember the entrance of Jesus Christ inJerusalem and the welcoming of the crowd.
  2. 2. The Thursday before Easter Sunday is also an important day. Churches rememberthe Last Supper and priests wash the feet of 12 children or adults, in memory ofJesus Christ and his disciples.Good Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday) is a national holiday, so people don’ twork or school. Churches remember the Passion and the Crucifixion of Jesus Christand we have special services in each region of Italy. In our small town, SantaMargherita di Belice, lots of young and old people take part to a living miracle- play.Here you can see some photos.
  3. 3. Easter Sunday is a special day for us because it’s the day of the Resurrection ofJesus Christ. The memory of this event give us trust to go on in our earthly life and,first of all, hope that we’ ll continue to live next to our God after the death.
  4. 4. People make typical traditional sweet named “cicio” during the Holy sweet in Sicily.They’re with dried figs stuffing.Lamb is an Easter symbolizes the sacrifice of the body and the blood of the Christ.People usually eat roast lamb with potatoes or boiled vegetables on Easter lunch.Pastry-shops’ windows are full of sweet Paschal lambs
  5. 5. And Easter dove- cakesEggs are also a symbol of new life and re-birth. Shops begin to sell Easter eggs someweeks before Easter Sunday. On Easter Sunday children receive chocolate eggs orpaint boiled eggs and they have an Easter egg hunt in the houses.
  6. 6. People usually send and receive a lot of cards. We put them all around the house.This feast ends on Easter Monday (the Monday after Easter Sunday).Families usuallygo to the countryside or to the beach to spend a quiet thoughtless day. They havevarious omelettes , grilled meat and sausages with different salads, bread withcheese and olives, sweets and fruit. They drink typical wines and play traditionaloutdoor games.