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Food & habits

  1. 1. FOOD & HABITS
  2. 2. Food & HabitsIn this lesson you will learn new vocabularyrelated to food. You will know how to expresspersonal likes and dislikes about food, nameingredients, and next class, you will giveinstructions for a recipe.
  3. 3. Dairy ProductsMilkYogurtCreamCheeseIce CreamButter
  4. 4. MeatBeef ChickenPorkFish TurkeyDuck
  5. 5. FruitsApplePearOrange BananaPeachKiwiApricotCherryMangoGrapesMelonStrawberryRaspberry Watermelon
  6. 6. VegetablesTomatoeOnion CucumberPotatoeLettucePumpkin CabbageCauliflowerAsparagusMushroomsPepper BroccoliCorn
  7. 7. FibresCereal BreadOatPasta Rice
  8. 8. SweetsSugarCandy CookiesChocolatePie CakeCup cake
  9. 9. BeveragesTeaCoffee Chocolate MilkFruit JuiceHerbal TeaMineral WaterSoda BeerWine
  10. 10. Meals & DishesStarter Salad SoupMain DishDessert
  11. 11. Adverbs of FrequencyAlways – 100%Usually – 85%Often – 70%Sometimes – 50%Rarely – 30%Seldom- 25%Hardly Ever – 5%Never – 0%
  12. 12. Adverbs of FrequencyAdverbs of Frequency always go in thefollowing order:*AFTER THE VERB TO BEEx. I am ALWAYS busy*BEFORE THE REST OF THE VERBSEx. I never eat cheese
  13. 13. Simple PresentDaily Routine & HabitsWe use Simple Present to express what we eateveryday or in the week.The verb is used in Infinitive, adding the –s if we talkabout a 3rd singular person.Ex. I usually eat bread and drink milk for breakfast.My sister eats cookies and drinksa cup of tea.
  14. 14. Activity 1• Talk about your food habits from Monday toFriday.• Talk about the food habits of one of yourrelatives.• Talk about your food habits during followingholidays:
  15. 15. Likes and Dislikes• LIKE: We use this verb to express we find something orsomeone enjoyable.• DISLIKE: We use it to express we consider something orsomeone unpleasant• LOVE: We use it to express we like something orsomeone very, very much.• HATE: We use it to express we dislikesomething or someone intensely.
  16. 16. Activity 2Describe the following food using LIKE,DISLIKE, LOVE and HATE.SushiWhiteChocolateJunk Food
  17. 17. SeafoodCookiesSpicy FoodFried FishBarbecueGreen TeaFruitsChinese FoodBeerVanillaIce-Cream
  18. 18. Activiy 3Talk about Food Habits in differentcountries.Ex. In Chile, people eat cazuela, beans andbarbecues.
  19. 19. JapanItalyGermanyMexicoUSA
  20. 20. That’s it for today!
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