[2013] Scan Life - Mobile Barcode Trend Report (Q2 2013)


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[2013] Scan Life - Mobile Barcode Trend Report (Q2 2013)

  1. 1. MOBILE BARCODE TREND REPORT from POWERED BY SCANBUY | Q2 2013 Why would four million new users jump on the TOTAL SCANS Q1 2009 - Q2 2013 QR Code bandwagon in one quarter alone? Because mobile engagement marketing is OVER IN CONSECUTIVE MONTHS THIS QUARTER 24 MM 21 MM relevant, entertaining, and instantaneous. QR as they gaze into store windows, pick up new Codes appear just when consumers need them– products, or shop in boutiques and supermarkets. Q2 20 18 MM 13 15 MM Our Q2 2013 Mobile Barcode Trend Report 12 MM provides the inside scoop on who’s scanning, 9 MM what attracts them, and why these connections 6 MM are revolutionizing the way people interact. 3 MM QR Codes are a common sight in the worldwide 0 2010 2009 market—with scanning activity continuing to 2013 2012 2011 grow, especially among value shoppers. In fact, statistics show that users scan over three times per month on average— that’s up 22 TABLET SCANNING percent from this time last year. And tablet scanning increased a whopping 1300 percent in the same time period. To get the latest insights on QR Codes and 1300% GROWTH the people who interact with them, just check out the charts and Infographics in our FROM A YEAR AGO quarterly trend report. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like to discover new ways to connect with consumers using the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform. Q2 2012 Q2 2013 USER STATISTICS USERS SCAN NEARLY 6 MILLION ACTIVE USERS OVER 3x 4 MILLION NEW USERS PER MONTH ON AVERAGE 22% GROWTH FROM A YEAR AGO People that scanned for the first time. People that scanned at least once in Q2 2013. DEMOGRAPHICS r 18 unde 18-2 4 55 + 13% le 6% Fem a ale M 45-54 15% Age 18% 25-34 23% 36% Gender 64% 25% 3 5-44 Other 3% GENDER BY AGE APPLE iOS USER INTERESTS: le iOS App • Value Shoppers • Catalogue Shoppers • Casual & Social Gamers • Social Influencers • Entertainment Enthusiasts Android ANDROID USER INTERESTS: OS 60% 37% • Value Shoppers • Casual & Social Gamers • Auto Enthusiasts • Music Lovers • Social Influencers FEMALE scanning tends to SKEW HIGHER towards younger age groups 53% 47% under 18 40% 60% 62% 18-24 38% 25-34 67% 33% 34% 66% 35-44 81% 45-54 29% 55+ MOST LIKED QR CODES Rewards Coupon Video Survey Product Info Generated from ScanLife app which allows people to "like" their favorite content. MOST SCANNED QR CODE CAMPAIGNS TOP CONTENT TOP INDUSTRIES Video Food & Beverage App Download Wireless Product Info LE SA Retail Print Social Latest News Toy TOP 5 COUNTRIES SCANNING United States Spain S. Korea France Brazil POWERED BY SCANBUY The information shared in this report comes from the advanced analytics and business intelligence engine available within the ScanLife Mobile Engagement Platform and Scanner App. If you would like access to your QR Code campaign intelligence, please contact us today at trends@scanlife.com or visit us at www.scanlife.com to learn more.