Explore Your Pleasure Potential


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Understand the effect your attitude and beliefs have on your ability to increase the pleasure of your life

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Explore Your Pleasure Potential

  1. 1. Riding the Pleasure Wave Home by Alec Evason, Unity Minister An age of transformation There=s a Wave of Pure-God-Pleasure moving through All-creation. It=s inspiring the increasing interest in spirituality. It=s bringing all our issues and fears up to be healed so that more of the pleasuring Flow of Life may freely manifest a whole new, ascended way of living through us. Ancient Hindu texts talk of this as the Age of Darkness, Kali Yuga, giving way to a coming of an Age of Truth, Satya Yuga. Christians declare the return of Christ Consciousness being at hand. An ancient Mayan Calendar refers to a time of great spiritual transformation coming to all. Love longs to pleasure you The Love that created and perfectly sustains All-That-Is longs to become consciously recognized and experienced by all. It longs to pleasure a whole new flow of joyful, easy, accomplishment through us, manifesting far more of what our TrueHeart deeply desires. Remember those times of passion and productivity? You stepped out of personal identity and lost yourself in the enthusiasm and power of your VastSelf. You expressed more of your truth freely, naturally, spontaneously. Moments flowed into timelessness. What a delicious feeling! That=s the feeling of Pure-God-Pleasure which creates health, produces prosperity, and attracts the soulful relationships that make our heart sing. It=s the feeling our heart has always desired. It=s what Divine Love has always wanted for us. Jesus clarified, quot;It=s the Father=s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.quot; (Luke 12:32) The fathering, creative power of life longs to bring us the pleasure of receiving in awareness the kingdom of Divine Love and Wisdom within us. Pure-God-Pleasure is always available to us. It=s what Real Life is all about. When pleasure is absent from our reality How did we ever get so far from Real Life? How come our work, our relation-ships, our world doesn’t ring with the soulful sound of Pure-God-Pleasure? Easy. We just began to believe the Presence of All-inclusive Life was absent from our being. Adam and Eve=s biblical story symbolizes this process, but we live it out every moment we choose not to honor and experience the Truth of who we really are. With a false, impoverished self-identity we thought we had to effort and struggle to survive. And our world mirrored our empty self-image back to us in the form of every difficult condition we ever experienced. To bring relief we invented a zillion techniques, >holy comings and goings= to bring our self-created absent God back to us. But our road to salvation was always just as long and obscure as we believed it would be. We=d just forgotten, quot;The kingdom of God is within
  2. 2. you.quot; (Luke 17:21) Awakening from the spell of separation Today, folks everywhere are awaking from the spell of separation. We=re intuitively wondering, quot;Does Spirit expressing through me really needing this much help?quot; We question, quot;Does being who I really am have to be this difficult?quot; We=re finding out that Self-realization can be an ecstatic return to the Pure-God-Pleasure that=s always existed in the depths of our being. Doesn’t it make sense that doctors and psychotherapists are catching on to the healing power of love and laughter! We used to know we were divine. Then we forgot. Now we=re remembering. That=s all. We have heard it before. quot;You are the light of the world.quot; (Jesus) quot;Ye are godsquot; (the Psalmist). Miracles are natural. Something is wrong if they aren’t=t happening. (A Course in Miracles) Our Beloved Creator now invites us to ride the Wave of Pure-God-Pleasure home to the heaven of our hearts. It=s the celebration of humanity=s graduation. Everyone can come, won=t you join the fun! This article is a synopsis of the book, One Heart: Dare To Be Pleasured, Empowered and Transformed By Your Divine Heart Center.