BlaBlaCar Europas 2014


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  • BlaBlaCar Europas 2014

    1. 1. EUROPAS Nicolas Brusson Co-founder @nbrusson
    2. 2. £90 £30£30 £30 ALONE BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats to passengers who want to travel the same way so the cost of the journey can be shared
    3. 3. People Powered Travel A travel search engine A trusted community
    4. 4. A European phenomenom  Highly active member communities in 12 countries  7 offices in France, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Germany and Russia
    5. 5. A new transport network  BlaBlaCar is the most active sharing economy community in Europe  BlaBlaCar transports more passengers every month than the Eurostar
    6. 6. A fast growing community  Members join to use the service as passengers to enjoy convenient affordable inter-city transport.  Members join to use the service as drivers because of high fuel prices and motoring costs..
    7. 7. Mobile is the future New app out in April/May 2014
    8. 8. Making a difference  Solving the problem of single occupancy cars and road transport innefficiency
    9. 9. Helen 51 y/o  Helen offers rides on BlaBlaCar  Works as a showroom manager for a textile company  Weekly commute from Devon to London  Saves circa £300 a month with BlaBlaCar Who rideshares?
    10. 10.  Joe 29 y/o  Joe offers rides on BlaBlaCar  Cambridge University doctorate student  Drives a 1956 Bentley S1  Surprisingly cheap to own, but expensive to run. Uses BlaBlaCar to save on running costs.  The car is always a talking point! Who rideshares?
    11. 11. Ryan 21y/o  Ryan finds rides on BlaBlaCar  Travelled across all Europe for less than a £1000 all in.  Used BlaBlaCar as a passenger to get around! Who rideshares?
    12. 12. Rachel 22y/o  Rachel finds rides on BlaBlaCar  She studies at St Andrews University.  It’s especially useful as the nearest train station is 15 minutes by car.  She uses BlaBlaCar to go home in Newcastle and see her family. Who rideshares?
    13. 13. SupportEasy ? P2P Trust Key Factors of Success  Easy to use website and mobile app  24/7 Member Relations Team  Trust thanks to DREAMS Framework
    14. 14. Trusted Profiles  Trusted Profiles thanks to the DREAMS Framework  Conducted a survey with our members. Results showed they trust a BlaBlaCar member with a full profile more than they trust a neighbour. Read about it here.
    15. 15. Strong media coverage Major TV, radio & press regularly cover BlaBlaCar as leaders of a growing social phenomenon, with a powerful impact on acquisition. Strong Media Coverage
    16. 16. The Team in Sept 2013
    17. 17. BlaBlaCar’s Values
    18. 18. Thanks!