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Aldo Disorbo has worked for more than 26 years to become one of most credible and respected entrepreneurs in the moving industry. He has always embodied the blue collar spirit and analytical mind that have been ingredients to his success.

After graduating from Coral Springs High School in 1986, Aldo Disorbo started doing local moves for a year in his beloved truck affectionately called “Old Betsy.” Wisely, Aldo Disorbo used this introduction to the industry as an avenue to pick up critical tools needed for success. However, after a year of tutelage, Aldo Disorbo knew that it was time to take his budding interest to the next level. What started as a way for a recent high school graduate to make ends meet has blossomed into a moving empire that is continually progressing under the guidance of the now highly experienced Aldo Disorbo.

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Italian Essentials | Aldo Disorbo

  1. 1. Italian Essentials | Aldo Disorbo All great chefs know that a good meal is dependent upon the ingredients. Here, Italian- American Businessman Aldo Disorbo explains staples for Italian cooking. Olive Oil Olive oil is the most common oil in Italian cooking, notes Aldo Disorbo. This medium dark cooking oil may be used to sauté at low temperatures or as replacement for butter. Aldo Disorbo further explains that olive oil may be used as a dressing for salads or sandwiches. Extra- virgin olive oil is best and contains a high level of polyphenols – which Aldo Disorbo notes are antioxidants – which promote heart health. Tomatoes Tomatoes, like olive oil, contain antioxidants that help protect the heart. Aldo Disorbo says tomatoes may be left uncooked as an edible flare of color, added to salads, or transformed into countless Italian red sauces. And, Aldo Disorbo affirms an added benefit is that tomatoes contain vitamin C and lycopene. Garlic Aldo Disorbo knows the pungent smell of garlic anywhere. He says this onion-like root is the backbone of many popular Italian dishes. Garlic, denotes Aldo Disorbo, is another ingredient known to have extreme health benefits. Crushed garlic releases sulfides which have anticancer characteristics. Aside from its addition to a healthy diet, Aldo Disorbo says garlic adds a new dimension of flavor to virtually any dish from breakfast to dinner. Seafood As an enthusiastic fisherman, Aldo Disorbo says there’s nothing quite like catching his own seafood to pair with homemade pasta. Italian cuisine utilizes all types of ocean fish – especially shellfish. According to Aldo Disorbo, seafood is rich in protein and selenium. Even in small amounts, shrimp and/or scallops are a flavorful additive to most dishes. Whole Grains Aldo Disorbo says a traditional Italian meal would include some form of whole grain starch. This could be couscous, barley, whole-grain bread, or whole wheat pasta. As both a cook and connoisseur of fine foods, Aldo Disorbo says whole-grain pasta offers a texture that refined noodles can’t. And, keeping with the idea of healthy foods, Aldo Disorbo explains that a diet including whole grains may help the body protect itself against many chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.
  2. 2. Dark Leafy Greens Despite the wide-spread insistence that greens are little more than grass-flavored garnishment, Aldo Disorbo insists that vegetables including broccoli and arugula are essential in Italian cooking. Aldo Disorbo reports that these super foods, like many other Italian ingredients, contain antioxidants but also provide numerous primary vitamins. Greens may be eaten as a salad drizzled with olive oil or as an appetizer served with mozzarella or other Italian cheeses. Aldo Disorbo is the founder of Moving Squad. In his spare time, Aldo Disorbo enjoys exploring his cultural heritage through cuisine. His culinary talents are legendary, even throughout his large Italian family. Once he retires from Moving Squad, Aldo Disorbo plans to open his own brand of Italian eatery, based on the foods he has always loved. Specifically, Aldo Disorbo enjoys dispelling the myths surrounding Mediterranean dishes to prove to a new generation of pasta- loving Americans that Italian food can be both healthy and delicious.