Amur leopard


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Amur leopard

  1. 1. FEATURES This rare subspecies has adaptedto life in the temperate forests thatmake up the northern part of thespecies range. The Amur leopard has soft yellowfur with black dots all over its body. Its sense of smelling and listening isgreat therefore they are able tochase down foes with stealth. The Amur leopard can run atspeeds of up to 37 miles perhour(60km). This animal can leapmore than 19 feet horizontally andup to 10 feet vertically. The Amur leopard is Nimble footedand strong, it carries and hides killsso that they are not taken by otherpredators.
  2. 2. HABITAT The Amur Leopards habitat is eitherin the mountains or forests. TheLeopards only remain around theRussian, China border. They use the forests for shelter likehiding in trees and they also use itto catch preys because of the manyplaces they could hide in the denseforest. They live in mostly broad leaf andmixed forests. The mountains are also used tohide from poachers and predatorsas its safe up there althoughhunters eventually are able to findthem, It takes a whole lot of timelonger.
  3. 3. FACTS The Amur leopard is also known asthe Far East leopard. The Amurleopard is found in temperate foresthabitat, which experience a widerange of variability in temperature. Itis known to adapt to almost anyhabitat that provides it withsufficient food and cover. The Amur Leopard is a carnivoretherefore it eats meat. The main preys are roe deer, sikadeers, small wildboars, hares, badgers and raccoondogs. They live for 10-15 years.
  4. 4. WHY THEY MATTER? The Amur leopard is importantecologically, economically andculturally. Conservation of its habitat helpsother species, including Amurtigers and prey species like deer. There is currently only 30 left inthe whole world which all liveindividually. The Amur leopard has one of themost soft and beautiful spottedfur out of all the leopards.
  5. 5. WHY IS IT ENDANGERED? The Amur leopards are currentlycritically endangered because of thesmall amount of them left in the wildbecause of the poachers. The Amur leopard is poachedmostly for its beautiful, spotted fur. The female and male Amur leopardskin are being sold for more than$1000 each by hunters who poachtheir fur. Villages surround the forests wherethe leopards live have many greedyhunters who would make an animalextinct just for some cash and As aresult the forests are easilyaccessible, making poaching easyfor the hunters.
  6. 6. HOW CAN WE HELP? There is currently a safe haven setup for these leopards to startbreeding their population back intoa safe number however they willneed many donations to succeed atthis so they created a toy leopardwhich is being sold to help raisefunds.
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