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Gluecon 2013 Keynote: The True Potential of Network Virtualization, Scott Sneddon, Nuage Networks


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While much has been said about network virtualization, current solutions are limited to simplistic Layer-2 use cases, restricting services within boundaries of single data centers and resulting in …

While much has been said about network virtualization, current solutions are limited to simplistic Layer-2 use cases, restricting services within boundaries of single data centers and resulting in proprietary islands. We describe a novel, open standards approach that fulfills the full promise of massively scalable network virtualization, enabling seamless interconnection of cloud services with existing enterprise environments.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Copyright 2013 Alcatel-Lucent. All rights reserved.CONFIDENTIAL - SOLELY FOR AUTHORIZED PERSONS HAVING A NEED TO KNOWPROPRIETARY – USE PURSUANT TO COMPANY INSTRUCTIONNuage NetworksThe True Potential of Network VirtualizationScott
  • 2.  More endpoints Dynamic connectionsExplosion
  • 3. Number of endpointsTraditional Server Environment Virtualized Compute EnvironmentNature of connectionsConnection longevityService Requirements Simple VariableImpacts on Network
  • 4.  Highly static Configuration-driven NOT responsive toapplication needs Prone to failureCumbersome
  • 5. NETWORK ELEMENT MANAGERFabric(ToR & Core SW)DC Edge(GW-Router)OrchestrationSTORAGE MGMTAppAppCOMPUTE MGMTV-SwitchCumbersome
  • 6.  Islands of connectivity Limiting flexibilityRestricted
  • 7. BusinessVPN ServicePrivateDatacenterRestricted
  • 8.  Underutilized assets NOT multi-tenantInefficient
  • 9. 57%18%13%8%4%Source: James Hamilton, VP and Distinguished EngineerAmazon Web ServicesServersOtherNetworkingPowerPower Distribution& coolingInefficient
  • 10. The True Potential of Network VirtualizationProgrammable, Automated, Seamless
  • 11. ABSTRACTIONA Fundamental Shift
  • 12. A shift inHow applications interact with the networkIT-Friendly DefinitionA Fundamental ShiftLost in Translation
  • 13. AUTOMATIONA Fundamental Shift
  • 14. A shift inHow network services are instantiatedAuto-instantiationA Fundamental ShiftConfiguration-driven
  • 15.  SDN Controller Instantaneous programming of the networkVirtualized Services Controller(VSC) Event-driven automation Integration of bare-metal assetsVirtual Routing & Switching(VRS) Business/IT policy engine (definition of rules) Analytics & service templatesVirtualized Services Directory(VSD)Virtualized Services Platform (VSP)Nuage Networks VSP Software Suite
  • 16. Current (1st Gen) Nuage Networks VSPWithin one datacenter (partial or full) Across multiple datacentersManual Seamless, AutomatedL2 with L3/L4 support Integrated L2-L4Proprietary Open/Standards based (BGP)Basic Policy-based provisioning, abstraction and analyticsVirtualized Services Platform
  • 17. Programmability
  • 18. ServiceProviderEnterpriseAEnterpriseBEngineeringOperationsQAOperationsEngineeringUser 2User 1User 3User 2User 1User 2User 1User 3User 1User 2Domain 2App ContainerZonesDomain 1App ContainerZonesROLE BASED HIERARCHY FLEXIBLE ASSIGNMENT TO RESOURCESProgrammability
  • 19. Automation
  • 20. Instant, policy-based connectivityIP NetworkVMVMVMComputeManagement.VirtualizedServices DirectoryCompute orStorage EventAutomationComputeEventVirtualswitches
  • 21. Seamless Connectivity
  • 22. HypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorHypervisorDC1 Zone 1Cloud ServiceManagement PlaneDatacenterControl PlaneDatacenter Data PlaneDC1 Zone 2 Datacenter 2`Federation ofcontrollersDC WANRouterService Provider Data PlaneIP / MPLSService Provider Control PlaneVirtualizedServicesControllerVirtualizedServicesDirectoryVirtualizedServicesControllerBusinessVPN ServicePrivateDatacenterDomainSubnetsVPNInternetZonesPoliciesSeamless Connectivity
  • 23. DATACENTERNETWORK. . . .Any Compute Virtualization EnvironmentAny Datacenter Networking HardwareAny Server or HypervisorOpenness
  • 24. SLOW INSTANTANEOUSRESTRICTED BOUNDARYLESSEliminating Datacenter Network Constraints
  • 25. …but delivering a technology is only part of the solutionWe need to drive a cultural change…
  • 26. Let’s start with changing the organization
  • 27. When all you have is a hammer…And shift our operational methodsTrouble Tickets, ManualProcesses
  • 28. Continuous network service deliveryDevOps for NetOpsApplication drivenautomationProvide a complete toolkit…
  • 29. Help us (netops) get there• Don’t accept the status quo• Empower your netops team to improve the service they deliver to you• Include your network architects early in technology research• Encourage a “blurry” demarcation of responsibilities• Encourage your network engineers to take a codecademy course
  • 30. Programmable, Automated, SeamlessNetwork VirtualizationGetting out of the developer’s way
  • 31. 31Network Virtualization NOW@nuagenetworks@ssneddon
  • 32. 32