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The GreenTouch Vision: Transforming ICT Networks for a Sustainable Future


Published on

Overview of GreenTouch global research consortium. …

Overview of GreenTouch global research consortium.
Thierry Van Landegem, Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent
Chairman of the Board, GreenTouch

Published in: Business

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  • 1. THE GREENTOUCH VISION:Transforming ICT Networks for a Sustainable FutureThierry Van Landegem, Bell Labs, Alcatel-LucentChairman of the Board, GreenTouchNovember 2012 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 2. FUNDAMENTAL LIMITS ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY ―Communication networks could be 10,000 times more energy efficient than they are today.‖ — Bell Labs research study 2 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 3. GREENTOUCH™A NEW INNOVATION MODEL FOR SUSTAINABILITY IT TAKES AN ECOSYSTEMBell Labs-initiated GreenTouch™FOCUS ON ENERGY EFFICIENCYHOLISTIC AND AMBITIOUS:GOAL OF 1000X60 25MEMBERS RESEARCH PROJECTS• 300+ LEADING SCIENTISTS Deliverfrom across the industry and academia around the world• Recognized by the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM architecture, specifications & solutionsas industry-led best practice toward sustainability + Demonstrate key technologies• Moving from fundamental research into the to increase network energy efficiencyPRE-COMPETITIVE AREA through standardization• Leading GREEN ICT: cooperation with other NGOs by a factor of 1000 compared to 2010such as ITU-T, GeSI, Carbon Trust, ITRS 3 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 4. GREENTOUCH™ CONSORTIUM 5 YEAR GOAL 100 10 Target Efficiency  Define architectures  Demonstrate technologiesEfficiency (Mb/s/W) 1 0.1 Use models 0.01 for network in 2020 to set technology 1E-3 demonstration 1E-4 2010 2015 2020 Year 4 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 5. WHY NETWORK ENERGY EFFICIENCY? Green Revenue Services from Services INCREASE GROWTH Bits Total Traffic Delivered to User per secondNetwork Efficiency Total Power per User Watts REDUCE Carbon Footprint Costs Makes both environmental and economic sense 5 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 6. GREENTOUCH STATUS: WHERE ARE WE? 15+ RESEARCH NEW APPROACHES PROGRAMS & 25 BEING TAKEN RESEARCH PROJECTS• Wireless and mobile • Devices and low power communications electronics / photonics• Wireline access • Architectures,• Core networks and algorithms and protocols optical transmission • ―Power-follows-load‖• Services, applications intelligent management and trends • Service and energy optimized networks COMMON REFERENCE 14.0 XGPON TWO MAJOR PUBLIC GPON ARCHITECTURE & 12.0 Sleepmode DEMONSTRATIONS ROADMAP 10.0 EE HW design Wireless LAN W/subscriber 8.0 OLT(/subscriber) Sleepmode 2• Wireless • Establish and define HGW processor Virtual HGW Wireline LAN (Eth.) 6.0 PON digital Long reach• Fiber-to-the-home common reference OE PON BI PON 4.0 Transparent CPE architecture and 2.0 Low power Optics roadmap with strategic Low power electronics 0.0 research directions 2010 Short Term 2014 2015 2016Term 2018 2019 2020 2022 2012 2013 Medium 2017 Long Term 6 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 7. SOME RESEARCH PROJECTS • Beyond Cellular – Green Mobile Networks • Virtual Home Gateway • Optimal End-to-End Resource Allocation • Service Energy Aware Optical Networks 25+ • Green Transmission Technologies PROJECTS • Minimum Energy Access Architectures • Single-Chip Linecards • Large-Scale Antenna Systems • Highly-Adaptive Layer Mesh Networks • Massive MIMO 7 COPYRIGHT © 2012 ALCATEL-LUCENT. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 8. CONCLUSIONS ICT NETWORKS ARE GROWING RAPIDLY • Scaling networks is becoming more difficult • Bringing focus to energy efficiencyTRANSFORMINGICT NETWORKS ICT AND RESEARCH COMMUNITIES FOR A ARE ORGANIZING TO ADDRESS CHALLENGES SUSTAINABLE • Dramatic, holistic change, but over long term evolution FUTURE • Cooperative organizations such as GreenTouch guiding (re)evolution SEVERAL PROMISING RESEARCH DIRECTIONS AND INITIAL RESULTS HAVE BEEN OBTAINED MORE WORK REMAINS! @Alcatel_Lucent @Green_Touch
  • 10.