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Presentation cv


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Published in: Business, Career
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  • 1. Curriculum Vitae How to write a CV
  • 2. Content
    • What is a CV?
    • 3. When should you use a CV?
    • 4. How long should a CV be?
    • 5. What information should a CV include?
    • 6. What makes a good CV?
  • 7. What is a CV? When do you use it? How long should it be ? -What is a CV? A Curriculum Vitae is a short description of the persons educational and professional history. -When do you use it?
    • when you are applying for a job
    • 8. at Interviews to read while waiting to be called in
    • 9. for phone applications
    -How long should a CV be? Short not longer than two pages
  • 10. What information should a CV include?
    • The most common order
    • 11. Euro pass
    • 12. There is not one way to do it
    • 13. It depends on the Company
  • 14. What information should a CV include? Personal information:
    • Name and Surname
    • 15. Date of Birth ( is not essential because of age discrimination law) if better with age
    • 16. Address
    • 17. Email-address ( a sensible one)
    • 18. Telephone number ( with area code)
    • 19. Picture just if required
  • 20. What information should a CV include? Work Experience:
    • starting with the most recent
    • 21. if you don't have any work experience yet start with education and list part-time or summer jobs or voluntary work
    • 22. if you have a lot, choose the ones relating the most to the job you are applying for but do not overlook some which do not seem relating but are good like time spend aboard
    • 23. Give address of Company and the time spend there and your tasks in the company
    • 24. don't leave gaps
  • 25. Education:
    • starting with the most recent and not going back to fare
    • 26. concentrate on the important
    • 27. including the degree, university or school and grades
    • 28. Including the I SCED (International Standard Classification of Education) and a national corresponding degree
    What information should a CV include? ISCED 0 Early childhood education 1 Primary 2 Lower secondary 3 Upper secondary 4 Post-secondary non-tertiary 5 Short-cycle tertiary 6 Bachelor or equivalent 7 Master or equivalent 8 Doctoral or equivalent
  • 29. Skills and Interests : What information should a CV include?
      Additional Information Annexes
  • 36. How to write a good CV? Employers take less than a Minute for each CV so you need to make an impact.
    • Short
    • 37. easy to read
    • 38. logical ordered
    • 39. writing not to small or to big
    • 40. avoid writing whole sentences and if just short sentences
    • 41. no spelling or grammar mistakes !!!!!!
    • 42. should suit the post you are applying for
  • 43. How to write a good CV?
    • print on two separated pages
    • 44. do not split a heading from the rest
    • 45. be positive
    • 46. be honest
    • 47. have someone else check it
  • 48. Thank you for your attention I hope this presentation has helped you. For questions we will have time later in small groups.