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Green Thumb SEO Proposal for Nexu Dentistry Green Thumb SEO Proposal for Nexu Dentistry Document Transcript

  • Green Thumb SEO Search Engine Optimization Proposal FOR Kianor Shah, DMD NEXUS 07/24/2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS • Introduction • Industry/website analysis and recommendations • SEO Tools • Local and Organic SEO • Video SEO • Google Analytics, Monthly Maintenance and Performance Reports • Price INTRODUCTION Thank you for the opportunity to present this search engine marketing proposal to Nexus Dentistry. This presentation will show the value will deliver to Nexus Dentistry, address key issues and create strategies that produce long-term traffic and revenue sales. specializes in creating custom campaigns that will position your website and business as the Dentistry authority leader on and offline. Included in this proposal is a detailed list of tools and techniques that Green Thumb SEO will use to rank at the top of all the major search engines, social networks and over 10,000 blog sites. What sets Green Thumb SEO apart from other marketing agencies is not only do we rank you on the first page of Google…we KEEP you there. INDUSTRY AND WEBSITE ANALYSIS AND RECOMMENDATIONS A few standard analysis and recommendations have been mentioned below. Remember that each major search engine (Google, Yahoo and Bing have different algorithms). This means that each search engine ranks websites based on different criteria. Thereby we have listed more general analysis and recommendations below, that work on wide variety of search engines. Here is our plan of action moving forward. Analysis: Solid colors, easy to navigate Recommendations: The Dentist industry is highly competitive. Attached are example search results for some of the keywords you requested. Some additional needs are as follows: - Targeted Keywords
  • - Optimized site Meta tags - SE(Search Engine) optimized content, category specific - Extensive keyword-rich content for each site page - Optimized videos on main page and testimonial page These tools and techniques will create a high ranking that will increase traffic, leads and sales. Analysis: Keywords analysis Recommendations: Our recommendation is the use of targeted long tail keywords instead of single words. We also recommend the use of combination keywords that are distantly related, common misspelled related terms and service region specific keywords. Analysis: Optimized Site Meta tags Recommendations: Create page-wise Meta tags with a view to re-writing page-wise content to incorporate these - without allowing the body text to lose ‘marketing appeal’. **Analysis: Website uses frames Recommendations: Frames are roadblocks for search engines. Very few top-ten ranked sites use frames. Keeping that in mind it’s very difficult to get a framed site into the top-ten rankings. Frames increase the file size and the total number of words that make up a website. Therefore, they also decrease the overall keyword weight, which can put you at disadvantage to your competition. We strongly recommend against use of frames. Analysis: Website uses JavaScript code Recommendations: We recommend placing the JavaScript code like mouseovers etc., in a separate .js file in order to create less code for the search engine spiders to wade through to get to the "meat." Place all your JavaScript into a plain text file. Name the file whatever you want, and use the .js file extension. You can link to the external js file on your Meta Head tags using <script language="JavaScript"src="filename.js" type="text/JavaScript"></script> with filename’s being the name of your JavaScript file. Like any other link, make sure you use the correct directory path. The above is if it's in the same directory as the web page." Analysis: Website directory structure Recommendations: All website pages should be as close to the root directory as possible, as pages closer to the root directory are often given more weight with the engines; e.g., as opposed to
  • Analysis: Website serves dynamically generated pages Recommendations: Ideally, dynamic pages should not have equal signs or question marks and other query strings in them. Query string pages are starting to get indexed by most of the search engines; however we still recommend against their usage. Analysis: Website uses splash page Recommendations: We recommend against the use of splash page - A site needs to be content rich with carefully placed keyword phrases, especially the main page. Since splash pages and Flash intros may have very little (or no) HTML text, they are not helpful for search engines and could potentially inhibit indexing. If your main page has little or no text, there's very little content that the crawler will index...which means your site won't rank high when people do searches. META tags can help for search engines that recognize them, but without rich content, your odds of getting listed at all, much less achieving top rankings, are tremendously reduced. Analysis: Website uses JavaScript, image maps, Flash and other multimedia techniques Recommendations: Provide text-only alternatives for your content that can't be read by search engines (such as JavaScript, image maps, Flash and other multimedia). Include text for image ALT tags. Other recommendations: • All images should be in a folder called images • Page should be named after the top keyword, which is being targeted for that page. • Use of unique title tag (8-10 words), Meta description (less than 200 characters), • Meta keywords (make sure you do include spaces between each keyword) for each page. • Use of sitemap is important, and should be linked from each page of the site • Use of robots.txt file SEO TOOLS Based on the results of our preliminary assessment, we recommend the following approach to implement an effective search engine marketing strategy for We work with an Inc. 500 company to develop strategy and implement key changes that will deliver immediate results and enable the success of the second phase. Our recommendations for the first phase include: • Keyword Strategy: We will define the most important keywords to be primary search terms. We will also select 20 to 30 supporting keywords to be our keyword strategy. We will review the keyword strategy with you to ensure that the most
  • relevant terms are selected. The Keyword Strategy will be our SEO guideline and the standard for evaluation. See your rankings in the image below when searching for “Nexus Dentistry”: Google Ranking Alexa Ranking Per the image above, there is no traffic, Alexa ranking (which ranks website worldwide and in the U.S. or sitemap that recognizes on Google. We will fix that • Website Review: We will review the current Website’s application architecture, navigation systems, scripts, and layout to identify any required corrections or opportunities to improve performance. After reviewing, we will have a blueprint for SEO implementation. • Search Engine Optimization: This is going to be the main part of our work. At this stage we will implement SEO technique into Following works will be delivered: 1.1 Benchmark current traffic and search engine positioning: Analyze current traffic trends through log analysis software. 1.2 Improve document coding structure including title, meta description, meta keywords and all other SEO related coding.
  • 1.3 Sample List of Keywords: Provide a list of Sample Primary Keywords in your proposal. 1.4 Implement keyword into images’ ALT (HTML argument) and links’ title. 1.5 Landing pages - we will develop and integrate into the Website 15–20 pages that are optimized to rank well search engines. Existing content will be used whenever possible. 1.6 Link building – review and structure outbound links and internal links which will include building a one way links from relevant websites. 1.7 Utilizing the best methods of “Net Copywriting” so that your site description persuades web users to visit your site. 1.8 Writing descriptive site titles to all pages. 1.9 Provide Local and Organic SEO for the site. 2. Directory Submissions: We will conduct a search for relevant general and vertical Web directories, and submit to relevant directories. Within 3 months we will begin to see early results from the Natural search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns. LOCAL AND ORGANIC SEO LOCAL SEO Making your business visible and prominent on local search engine results could be one of the most important investments you make in the future of your company. Google is currently the dominant search engine. specializes in getting our clients to the top rankings of Google's local business search results, putting your business directly in front of local consumers looking for the services you provide. will provide your business with a prominent spot in the top search results, so customers see instead of your competitors. ORGANIC SEO We will get your business posted below the local maps section of Google's organic search results for one or more of 10 keywords that you pick to advertise in your local area. meets this standard when the marketing website or a local business listing shows up in the organic results. Organic SEO provides worldwide visibility for your business. VIDEO OPTIMIZATION In this technology advanced age, video has become KING online. We will produce a 30 second video completely optimized that will catch the eye of consumers searching for targeted keywords. MAINTENANCE AND PERFORMANCE REPORTS Tracking Systems Implementation: It’s recommended that an appropriate tracking system is implemented to allow campaign performance to be measured, tracked, and reported. Search Engine Ranking Track: We will provide Search Engine Rankings Report for fast tracking of search engine ranking performance. We will provide an Excel document which summarizes the following items;
  • • Proposal Submitted and Accepted • 30-day follow-up date • Final follow-up date • URL of verified link (when attainable)  Monthly Ranking Reports: We will provide an Excel document which summarizes the following items: • The site URL Rank achieved • Page Number on which rank is achieved To better understand the attention to detail provided in the promotional strategy, it’s helpful for you to understand the process. During the course of the promotional campaign, we update you weekly with an email on the progress of your campaign. PRICE: Preferred Vendor Rate We offer SEO Services at an Affordable cost. Please check the SEO Packages we offer at All of our services come with a 60 Day Guarantee. We recommend the ULTIMATE package at a 33% discounted price. The Ultimate package provides the most value of all packages. The Ultimate package includes our Basic, Trifecta and Platinum packages. The Ultimate package provides maximum visibility online including all the major search engines, social media outlets, press releases and most importantly up to 25 keywords for The price for this package is $1,999.00.
  • COMPARISON TALK FUSION AND GREEN THUMB SEO Talk Fusion has created a niche driven successful video for businesses. Take a look at their most popular plan called the “Pro Pak”.
  • BUT As the story goes, you may have the best product in the world, but if nobody can find it, how are you going to be successful? That is Green Thumb SEO’s specialty? No matter the industry or business, Green Thumb SEO prides itself on leveraging the internet, social media, and video and blog sites to position your business #1 on all the major search engines. No MLM business or business tool company can beat it. See our package plans and customers: GREEN THUMB SEO PACKAGES
  • CUSTOMERS We look forward to building a long-term professional relationship with Nexus Dentistry.
  • Very Respectfully, Terence R. Winslow, Managing Partner dba Integrity Marketing & Management Consultants 949.500.0639 iPhone 949.891.2434 office Plaza I Tower 600 Anton Boulevard 11th Floor Suite 1100 Costa Mesa, CA 92626