Implementation of the PASI Usage Agreement
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Implementation of the PASI Usage Agreement



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  • Previously: There were islands of information for each school authority and the MinistryNow: PASI central repository/ database facilitates two-way communication and data sharing by schools, school authorities and the Ministry Achieved the a foundational step with respect to technology which is required to move towards education transformation PASI is a single source of truth Student data now coordinated across the enterpriseA process for collecting and sharing student-related data in an on-line, real-time environment that will enhance opportunities to improve program delivery and student access and learning by providing: “The right information…to the right people…at the right time!”

Implementation of the PASI Usage Agreement Implementation of the PASI Usage Agreement Presentation Transcript

  • Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI)
    JTC Conference
    4825 Mount Royal College
    Calgary, AB
    Thursday, May 5, 2011
    (2:15 – 3:15 PM; Room 75; fv)
    Alec Campbell, PASI Privacy Lead &
    John Myroon, PASI Communications Lead
  • Agenda
    PASI current status and upcoming plans
    PASI Usage Agreement
    Boiler Plate security policy
    SIS vendor update
    Q’s & A’s
  • PASI Current Status & Plans
  • September 2010: Current State
    School Authorities
    PASI Shared Data Repository
    2 Authorities
    Real-time PASI-enabled
    Student School Enrolment
    Student Personal Information
    400+ authorities
    Using PASIprep
    “The right information…to the right people…at the right time!”
  • PASI & the Student Information Roadmap
    April 2012 – Dec 2013
    Oct 2013 – Sept 2014
    April 2011 – Sept 2012
    PASI Phase 2
    Phase 3
    PASI Phase 1
    Extend Administrator and Student Access interface
    Course Mark extracts, Diploma exam registration processing;
    Statement of marks;
    Transcripts; Diplomas
    Course Mark Collection;
    Course Mark processing; Ministry credentials
    Student Personal information and Student School Enrolment collection & processing
    System Integration Projects
  • Roadmap High Level Timeline
    Phase 2– Apr 2011 to Sept 2012
    PASI – Course mark collection, course mark processing, Ministry Credentials
    Ministry Integration Planning
    Phase 3 – April 2012 to Dec 2013
    PASI – Course mark extracts, DER collections, statement of marks, transcripts
    Ministry Integration – personal information, enrolment, course marks
    Phase 4–Oct2013 to Sep2014
    PASI – Student Information access
    PASI Program
    Ministry Integration Program
    Ministry legacy decommissioning
    Final warranty
    Apr 2011
    Apr 2013
    Apr 2015
    Apr 2012
    Apr 2014
  • PASI Phase 2 – Key dates for School Authorities
    April 20 – May 12 2011-Phase 2 Academic Records Requirements workshops
    November 2011 – Ministry-led course mark submission workshops
    December 2011 – Authority-led training for schools and central offices
    January 2012 – Begin course mark submission using PASIprep
  • The Road Ahead…
    Action on Inclusion
    Action on Curriculum
    Inspiring Action
    Electronic CUME
    ….Completing the foundation to support Education Transformation
    Road to Transformation
    Student Disengagement
    Student Personal Info
    Student School Enrolment
    HS Course Marks
    Diploma Exam Reg
    • Facilitate student placement
    • Support teacher lesson planning
    • Support student-based instruction
    • Support potential future interoperability to other Ministry systems
    • (e.g. Children & Youth Services)
    Diverse learning needs
    Drop outs
    2010 2014
  • PASI Usage Agreement & Boiler Plate security policy
  • Requirement
    To meet PASI FOIP obligations, each school authority must have a:
    Signed PASI usage agreement
    Reasonable security policy and procedures in place
  • Why a Usage Agreement?
    Student data now exposed beyond a single school authority boundary via PASI core, which is the responsibility of Alberta Education
    FOIP Act requires that parties ensure the collection, use and disclosure of personal information contained in the PASI Core is properly managed and secured
  • Information Security Controls
    PASI Usage Agreement has several components:
    PASI Usage Agreement body
    Schedule A: Minimum Security Requirements
    Security Policy Boilerplate (optional)
    School Technology Services Framework
    School authority security controls assessment tool
  • Key Requirement – Student Information Systems
    SIS functions and support for access control measures
    Ability to provide Alberta Education with SIS vendor contracts and agreements upon request
  • Key Requirement – Personal Information
    Security policies and procedures for:
    Collection of personal information
    Use and disclosure of personal information
    Advise Alberta Education of related breaches
  • Key Requirement – Audits
    Provide Alberta Education access to authority premise, records and computing facilities for investigation or audit purposes
    SIS creates and maintains audit trails and records to support investigations
  • Key Components - Information Security Controls
    Schedule A based on ISO/IEC 27001:2005
    Approved information security policy
    Confidentiality & non-disclosure agreements
    Defined roles & responsibilities
    Security controls include any third party delivery
    Agreements established for exchange of information with external parties
    Detection, prevention and recovery controls
    Access control policy
  • Key Components - Information Security Controls
    Password security practices
    Secure operating systems
    Formal policy and security measure related to mobile computing and communication facilities
    Management responsibilities and procedures to address information security incidents
    Data protection and privacy reflected in polices, procedures and contractual clauses
    Compliance checks against security standards
  • PASI Usage Agreement
  • School Authority To-Do’s
    Review the draft PASI Usage Agreement to understand requirements
    Compare the Boilerplate security policy with your own - Are there potential improvements you can make?
    Ensure future SIS vendor contracts provide for required audit features and access controls
    Check out the
    “PASI Community Site”
    For the draft usage agreement, getting started planning & quick reference guides and security boilerplate template
  • Managing Signed PUA Agreements
    Official notification of availability & need to sign
    Copy of PUA will be available on Extranet
    Send signed copy to ABED Info Exchange Services (IES) - manage process
    IES will: 24
    • Acknowledge receipt of signed PUA
    • Provide school authority CEO with copy of
    Ministry & School Authority signed PUA
    • Maintain “registry” of signed PUAs
  • SIS Vendor Update
  • Vendor Status – Pilot
    Maplewood current plans
    Make application changes for year end processes
    Plan second pilot with a new school authority for September 2011 enrolment submission
    Rollout PASI-enabled enrolments to remaining school authority clients (Oct 2011 to Feb 2012)
  • Other SIS Vendor Activity
    Completed high level design; starting development
    Plan Conformance test for late fall 2011
    Pilot enrolments starting early 2012 (Edmonton Public, Edmonton Catholic & Peace Wapiti)
    Start design/development soon
    Plan to start pilot (Lethbridge #54) early 2012
    Other Vendors
    Starting integration activities
    PASI receiving inquiries from new small vendors
  • School Authority To-Do
    Understand your vendor’s plans and timelines
    Determine your authority’s plans to become PASI-enabled (Deadline – Aug 2013)
    Consider your internal business cycle
    Consider vendor product readiness
    Check out the
    “SIS Vendor Status”
    On the PASI Community Site
  • Questions & Answers
  • Questions
    Please email your feedback on the PASI Usage Agreement or questions before May 26, 2011 to: