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Cloud computing slideshare

  1. 1. Cloud Computing in Education Tara Reimche Jennifer Deyenberg
  2. 2. A Challenge of Scale? Students 587,600 Educators 34,980Administrators 1,000
  3. 3. Agenda Agenda• What is cloud computing?• Cloud in the classroom• Empowering Innovation, Managing Risk• Cloud Computing Guide update
  4. 4. Defining Cloud ComputingWhat is Cloud Computing?Depends on your perspective! Depends on who you are!
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Definition Cloud Computing DefinitionCloudologists• Service based• Scalable and elastic• Shared• Metered by use• Broad accessEveryone Else• Internet-based services
  6. 6. Cloud-Based Service Models Software as a Service Non-IT Hosted Applications Platform as a Service Software Development Platform Software Development PlatformIT Infrastructure as a Service Remote Virtual Servers Virtual Remote Servers
  7. 7. Cloud Deployment Models Private • Single jurisdiction • Group of jurisdictionsCommunity • Province-wide Public • Everyone Hybrid • Combination of above
  8. 8. On-Premise vs. Off-Premise Computing• On-Premise • Internally supported • Known physical location • Local installation/licensing• Off-Premise • 3rd party support • May be unknown physical location Types of off-premise: • Hosted • Cloud
  9. 9. What We Heard – CASS Event• Many different definitions• What are the risks of misunderstandings?
  10. 10. Benefits - IT Benefits - IT• Reduced cost/capital expenditures• Acquire capabilities without staffing• Scalability• Transfer of some risks (staffing, disaster recovery) Photo by: graur razvan ionut/
  11. 11. Risks - IT Risks - IT • Security • Operational Risks • Vendor Risks • Data/Application Integration • Identity management Photo by: JDeyenberg
  12. 12. Risks - Legislative and Risks - IT Regulatory CompliancePrivacy Legislation in CanadaJurisdiction Privacy Law Who the Act Applies to Alberta Scope applies to School Jurisdictions * PIPEDA - Personal Information Private Sector No and Protection and Electronic Documents Act Federal Privacy Act Federal No government departments FOIP - Freedom of Information Public bodies and Yes and Protection of Privacy agents of theProvincial government(Alberta) PIPA - Personal Information Private sector - No Protection Act Alberta
  13. 13. Cloud Based Services in the Classroom If we go to the cloud? What can it look like in the classroom? Photo by: Daniel*1977 -
  14. 14. Educational value• Potential educational benefits of cloud – Personalization of learning – Increased access and mobility – Ability to share and publish instantly – Agility/flexibility to innovate – Collaboration – Real world experience Photo by: adamr /
  15. 15. Web 2.0The Cloud Photos by: Daniel*1977 -
  16. 16. WhereDoes ItAll Go?Photo by: Daniel*1977 -
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Photo by: JDeyenberg
  19. 19. Photo by: JDeyenberg
  20. 20.
  21. 21. What are the: Risks? Rewards? How do we make decisions? Photo by: Daniel*1977 -
  22. 22. Not all decisions are the same.Systems of • 1-3 monthsInnovation • Web 2.0 toolsCommon • 1-3 year lifespanSystems • Report card, parent portals Core • 7+ year lifespan Systems • Financial, HR, SIS
  23. 23. What We Heard – CASS Event• Local decision making to empower and accelerate innovation – Set guidelines to manage risk• Accountability rests with senior leadership – Risk management – Equitable access – Common learning platform
  24. 24. What we heard What We Hear Fixed Existing stuff resources Changing New ideas Fixed budget Expectations New practice Skills gap New models Too risky…New needs This conversation is not working Education IT
  25. 25. It’s time for a better conversation. Context Benefits Cost Risk
  26. 26. We’re in IT together
  27. 27. Advice Next Steps• Share what you’ve heard• Cloud computing guide
  28. 28. Advice Thank you!Tara Reimchetara.reimche@gov.ab.caBusiness Analyst, Technology PlanningSchool Technology Branch, Alberta EducationJennifer Deyenbergjennifer.deyenberg@gov.ab.caProject Coordinator, Technology Standards and Strategic RelationshipsSchool Technology Branch, Alberta Education