New Generation Biomass Utility Presentation July 2012


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A presentation for utilities who are considering renewable energy generation.

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New Generation Biomass Utility Presentation July 2012

  1. 1. Biomass:A Renewable Energy Solution for Utilities Al Rettenmaier 913-231-2942
  2. 2. New Generation Biomass OverviewOur mission is to develop, own and operatebiomass, renewable energy and biofuel facilities: – Biomass Power Generation Facilities – Combined Heat and Power (CHP) – Wood or Natural Gas – Anaerobic Digester and Landfill Gas/Power – Biofuels
  3. 3. Biomass Energy Generation
  4. 4. Biomass vs Other Renewables and Fossil Fuels
  5. 5. New Generation Biomass Technology Choices• Woody or crop residue biomass power production – New plants – Conversion of existing coal plants to biomass• Torrefied wood co-firing with coal in existing power plants – up to 100% replacement• Biomass direct injection – up to 15%• Biomass mixing with coal for co-firing – up to 5%• Municipal Solid Waste – Waste to Energy• Anaerobic digester power production and biogas production• Landfill gas power and biogas production
  6. 6. Woody Biomass Power Generation Typical Biomass Plant – 15 MWTruck Dump
  7. 7. New Generation Biomass Woody Biomass SourcesSources:• Forest management (fire reduction) thinning• Beetle kill• Sawmill waste• Wood processing waste• Wood diverted from landfills• Used railroad ties• Noxious or invasive species• Construction and demolition• Orchard prunings and nut shells• Paper mill waste• Brush clearing - juniper
  8. 8. Conversion of Coal Plants to Biomass
  9. 9. New Generation Biomass Coal Plant Conversion to Biomass• NGB can Convert Existing Coal Power Plants to Biomass for Production of Renewable Energy• Utility Receives Payment for Existing Plant• Long Term Contract for Renewable Electricity at Current Rates• Existing Staff is Transitioned to New Biomass Operation – No Lost Jobs
  10. 10. Torrefied Woody Biomass
  11. 11. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing in Existing Coal Power Plants Heat & Residence Torrefied Time Wood –Wood Chips Power Plant Super Fuel
  12. 12. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power Plants• No Plant Modifications Needed• Torrefied Wood Blends With Coal – Same Density, Same Heat Value• Torrefied Wood Pulverizes in PC Plants Like Coal• Repels Water – Can be Stored Outside for Long Periods• Can be Made from Any Wood
  13. 13. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power Plants Higher Energy Content than Coal Courtesy of New Biomass Energy
  14. 14. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power Plants Lowers Sulfur Emissions Courtesy of New Biomass Energy
  15. 15. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power Plants Lower Grinding Energy than Coal Courtesy of New Biomass Energy
  16. 16. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power PlantsOption 1• NGB can Develop New Facilities near the Power Plant to Produce Torrefied Wood• NGB has Access to Technology for Torrefied Wood
  17. 17. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power PlantsOption 2• NGB can Arrange Contracts for Purchase of Torrefied Wood in the US and Deliver to Europe• NGB Can First Provide Torrefied Wood for a Test Co-Firing at the Power Plant
  18. 18. Torrefied Wood Co-Firing with Coal in Existing Power PlantsPath Forward:• Torrefied Wood Test Co-Firing at the Power Plant• LOI for Torrefied Wood Supply Contract
  19. 19. Cofiring of Biomass in Coal Plants
  20. 20. New Generation Biomass Cofiring Biomass in Coal Plants• Switchgrass Direct Injection• Alabama Power - Plant Gadsen• Switchgrass is Ground and injected in separate burner• 10% Renewable Energy production
  21. 21. Waste to Energy
  22. 22. New Generation Biomass Waste to Energy Benefits• Reduces Waste Going to Landfills• High Power Availability• WTE is Accepted in EU and US as Renewable Energy• Technology is Conventional Combustion or Plasma Gasification
  23. 23. New Generation Biomass Conventional Waste to Energy FacilityTechnology:Material Recycling, Production of a RefuseDerived Fuel and Conventional Combustion•Plant Size: 20 MW•Waste Disposal: 340,000 Ton/y*•Electricity Produced: 150,000,000 kWh/y*No tires included
  24. 24. New Generation BiomassConventional Waste to Energy Process
  25. 25. Anaerobic Digester Energy
  26. 26. New Generation Biomass Anaerobic Digester Energy Benefits• Fuel Supply is Inexpensive and Plentiful• Solves Difficult Waste Entec Pig Manure Plant– 12 MW Problems• Plants Use Biodegradable Wastes that Can’t Be Converted to Energy Economically Otherwise• Great for Manure Conversion to Biogas or Power• High Availability – Base Load Power• AD accepted in US and EU as Renewable Energy
  27. 27. Anaerobic Digester Energy Facility Typical Woody Biomass Plant – 15 MWTruck Dump 3.2 MW requires about 3 acres of landody Biomass Harvesting Photos and rendering courtesy of Eisenmann Corp.
  28. 28. Landfill Gas Energy
  29. 29. Landfill Gas (LFG)• Landfill Gas Occurs from the Decomposition of Organic Material in Landfills• LFG Power Plant Sizes Typically Range from 0.25 MW to 50 MW• LFG is 50% Methane/45% CO2/ 5% N2• Can be used to generate power, or cleaned up for pipeline quality natural gas
  30. 30. Landfill Gas Power GenerationLandfill Gas Energy Projects andCandidate Landfills
  31. 31. Landfill Gas• Landfill Gas Power Generation Cost is Very Competitive• Reciprocating Engines are Used to Generate Electricity – Modular and Cost Effective• Gas Cleanup is the only Major O&M Cost• Remote Operation
  32. 32. New Generation Biomass Provides Solutions for UtilitiesUtilities Need Renewable Energy – We Offer:• Wood/Crop Residue – New Power Plants• Municipal Solid Waste – Solves Landfill Problem, Facilitates Recycling and Makes Renewable Energy• Torrefied Wood Co-Firing – Blend with Coal• Anaerobic Digesters – Animal Waste/Food Waste• Landfill Gas - Very Cost Effective Best value can be achieved through bilateral project development with New Generation Biomass LLC
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