Six Tips to Instantly Master Your Finances by Becoming a Millionaire-Thinker


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There are many things which come together to make for a successful business enterprise. These things are conveniently divided into four key managerial
segments or functional areas of business including the production, marketing, human resource development and finance.

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Six Tips to Instantly Master Your Finances by Becoming a Millionaire-Thinker

  1. 1. ==== ====The Truth About Managing Change: ====Whats the fastest route from where you are today to your ideal financial status? Becoming a"millionaire-thinker". Now you may think this means you have to be a millionaire - you dont! Thetruth is many people dont aspire to that level of financial success - and there is nothing wrong withthat.But what does happen is entrepreneurs often feel stuck, confused and held-back from the level ofwealth and freedom they deeply desire. And they turn to my coaching team to break through thatbarrier. What if just a few little shifts in your thinking could cause you to start creating the freedomyouve always dreamed of?Im going to share with you six tips to help you transform your "stinkin-thinkin" into "millionaire-thinking" but first, we need to address three common issues that come up for every entrepreneur Iknow."Your money zone is equal to your comfort zone."One of the laws of wealth is that you must be willing to stretch, take risks and be bold in yourvision to make the big bucks. Why? Because doing what you have always done will get you whatyouve always got. Need I say more? Yes? Ok, let me share with you a personal a-ha ...My biggest personal breakthrough in the wealth game was when I first sat down and projected myrevenue. I had envisioned having an income of $200,000 the next year and when I looked at howmany hours I could feasibly work, plus how much I was charging per client (back then it was$400/month), I was exasperated! I would have to coach at least 40 people each month to makemy goal. That just wasnt realistic for me. To reach my financial goals, I had to stretch beyond mycomfort zone and play REALLY big. By being willing to stretch and grow, I found myself creatingprograms like my Business Accelerator Mastermind Program, live workshops and the ULTIMATEWealth & Success Circle.Going beyond my comfort zone also positioned me to help my clients in new ways so that they cancatapult forward faster too. In other words, everybody wins."You attract the amount of wealth that your container can hold."Many people walk around with damaging beliefs about money. "Im not good enough," "Moneycauses greed," or my personal favorite, "Im not good with money." Hence, your money containerbecomes a very small espresso cup. Or worse yet, some people are like a sieve (a container withlots of holes in it.) Your money container must be big enough and a complete whole to allowmassive wealth to flow in it or else it just spills out.
  2. 2. "Easy come, easy go."Unfortunately many people lose their first big money windfall because of poor accounting, brokenwork flow systems or lack of proper money management knowledge. When the money is there butthe foundation isnt it will just as easily leave your bank accounts.This week I just coached one of my clients around this very issue - a broken system caused themto miss their insurance renewal and lapsed their Corporate filings and the government shut themdown. Talk about a financial mastery wake up call.Financial mastery is crucial to achieving the dream of wealth, success and freedom.Here are six tips to align your mindset, your habits and your behaviors NOW with financialmastery.Surround yourself with others who have it (or are getting it.) There is a saying that the money youhave is the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Thats because you adapt totheir thinking, their beliefs and their attitudes. Wealth breeds wealth. If you want millionaire results,start hanging out with people who have it or are creating it.Spend it. No, I dont mean go into debt. I mean begin to vision how you will put your wealth to workfor you. How will you invest in your business? How will you give back to charities or throughtithing? What rewards will you create for yourself, your family and your world? Being crystal clearabout this step will make creating wealth mean something much bigger than just making money - italigns wealth building with your values.Conquer your inner money demons. If you have lingering issues with money, then you mustresolve them in order to truly create freedom. I highly recommend doing the inner work to knowthat you deserve money. This is one of the areas we address for the members of The ULTIMATEWealth & Success Circle.Think bigger than big. Napoleon Hill states in Think and Grow Rich that great leaders becamegreat because they developed the faculty of creative imagination. When you tap into your truecreativity, big ideas, plans and goals will intuitively come to you. Be willing to play bigger (andmore focused) than you ever dreamed of.Have a system to manage it. Wealth thrives with order. Having proper systems such as a goodaccountant and bookkeeper, proper business structure (LLC or Corporation), and software suchas QuickBooks can make a big difference as a millionaire. Can you imagine having all that moneyand not knowing where it is going? Yikes!Be a millionaire-thinker now. What if you just started thinking and behaving like a millionaire wouldRIGHT NOW? Millionaires make decisions, focus their time and enjoy a lifestyle that supports theirsuccess. Start acting as-if you are a millionaire thinker now and attract more of that kind ofsuccess instantly. I know it works because Ive done it.Whether it is your dream to be a millionaire or not, I encourage you to adapt to the "millionaire-
  3. 3. thinking" mentality. You will notice instantly that people begin to respond to you differently, thatyou attract into your life significant results, and people will want to know you because you willemanate success. Have fun with it - because hey, thats what it is all about anyway!About the Coach:Melanie Benson Strick, The EntrepreneurÂ’s Success Coach, teaches entrepreneurs how to stopfeeling overwhelmed so they can create more money, more freedom and more prestige.If youÂ’re ready to stop working in your business and start working on your business, go to to learn the secret to growing your company to a sixand seven-figure success without employees or a 90-hour work week!Article Source: ====The Truth About Managing Change: ====