Major Chinese Industrial Companies (Directory)


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This company directory provides the list of 1,435 major Chinese industrial companies indexed by industries. The information of these companies included in this directory are their company name both in English and Chinese, company website, telephone number, fax number, address, post code and established date.

Industries covered by this company directory:
Total number of industries: 186;
Key sectors: Mining, Oil & Gas, Food, Beverage, Textile, Furniture, Paper & Printing, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Plastic, Metal, Equipment, Automobile, IT, Household Appliance, etc. For full list of industries, please check the Table of Content.

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Major Chinese Industrial Companies (Directory)

  1. 1. Industry Reports, Company Reports & Industry Analysis Directory: Major Chinese Industrial Companies ● 186 Industries ● 1435 Top Companies ● 999 Company WebsitesBeijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. April 2012
  2. 2. DisclaimerAuthorized by:Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Company Site:http://www.Zeefer.orgOnline Store of China Industry Reports:http://www.AllChinaReports.comBeijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. and (or) its affiliates (hereafter, "Zeefer") provide this document with the greatest possible care. Nevertheless, Zeefermakes no guarantee whatsoever regarding the accuracy, utility, or certainty of the information in this document. Further, Zeefer disclaims any and allresponsibility for damages that may result from the use or non-use of the information in this document.The information in this document may be incomplete and/or may differ in expression from other information in elsewhere by other means. Theinformation contained in this document may also be changed or removed without prior notice.
  3. 3. Table of ContentsCIC Code Industry Page 0610 Coal Mining 1 0620 Lignite Mining 2 0690 Other Coal Mining 3 0710 Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction 3 0810 Iron Ores Mining 5 1320 Feed Processing 6 1331 Edible Vegetable Oil Processing 7 1332 Inedible Vegetable Oil Processing 8 1340 Sugar Mfg. 9 1351 Livestock & Poultry Slaughtering 10 1352 Meat Processing 11 1361 Frozen Aquatic Products Processing 12 1411 Pastry & Bread Mfg. 13 1419 Biscuit & Other Baked Foods Mfg. 14 1421 Candy & Chocolate Mfg. 16 1422 Preserved Fruits Mfg. 17 1431 Rice & Flour Products Mfg. 18 1432 Quick Frozen Foods Mfg. 19 1439 Instant Noodle & Other Convenient Foods Mfg. 21 1440 Liquid Dairy & Dairy Products Mfg. 22 1451 Canned Meat & Poultry Mfg. 23 1452 Canned Seafoods Mfg. 25 1453 Canned Vegetable & Fruits Mfg. 26 1459 Other Canned Foods Mfg. 27 1461 Monosodium Glutamate Mfg. 28 1462 Soy & Edible Vinegar Mfg. 29 1491 Nutritious & Health Care Foods Mfg. 30 1492 Frozen Beverages & Edible Ice Mfg. 31 1
  4. 4. 1494 Foods & Feedstuff Additives Mfg. 33151 Alcohol Mfg. 341521 Chinese Distilled Spirit Mfg. 351522 Beer Mfg. 361524 Wine Mfg. 371529 Fruit Wine Mfg. 391531 Carbonated Soft Drinks Mfg. 401532 Bottled & Canned Water Mfg. 411533 Fruit, Vegetable Juice & Beverage Mfg. 421534 Milk & Plant Protein Beverage Mfg. 441535 Solid Beverage Mfg. 451539 Tea & Other Soft Beverages Mfg. 461540 Tea Processing 471610 Tobacco Leaf Processing 481620 Cigarette Mfg. 491810 Apparel Mfg. 501820 Textile Shoes Mfg. 51191 Leather Tanning 521921 Leather Shoes Mfg. 541922 Leather Apparels Mfg. 551923 Leather Luggages & Handbags Mfg. 561924 Leather Glove & Ornaments Mfg. 58193 Fur Tanning & Processing 592021 Veneer Board Mfg. 602022 Beaverboard Mfg. 612023 Flakeboard Mfg. 622029 Other Man-made Board Mfg. 632031 Construction Wood & Wooden Sets Mfg. 642110 Wooden Furniture Mfg. 662120 Bamboo & Cane Furniture Mfg. 672130 Metal Furniture Mfg. 682140 Plastic Furniture Mfg. 69 2
  5. 5. 2190 Other Furniture Mfg. 702221 Machine-made Paper & Paperboard Mfg. 722231 Paper & Paperboard Container Mfg. 732311 Book, Newspaper & Magazine Printing 742411 Stationery & Office Supplies Mfg. 752421 Balls Mfg. 762422 Sport Apparatus & Attachments Mfg. 772423 Training & Fitness Equipment Mfg. 782431 Chinese Musical Instruments Mfg. 782440 Toy Mfg. 802452 Game Products & Indoor-Game Apparatus Mfg. 812511 Crude Oil Processing & Petroleum Products Mfg. 82252 Coking 832619 Other Basic Chemical Materials Mfg. 842621 Nitrogenous Fertilizer Mfg. 852622 Phosphoric Fertilizer Mfg. 862623 Potassic Fertilizer Mfg. 882624 Compound & Mixed Fertilizers Mfg. 892625 Organic & Microbe Fertilizer Mfg. 902631 Chemical Pesticides Mfg. 912641 Paints Mfg. 922642 Printing Ink Mfg. 932643 Pigments Mfg. 942644 Dyestuff Mfg. 962651 Basic Plastics & Synthetic Resin Mfg. 972652 Synthetic Rubber Mfg. 982653 Synthon Single (Polymerization) Mfg. 992659 Other Synthetic Materials Mfg. 1002666 Environmental Pollution Treatment Medical Materials Mfg. 1012671 Soap & Synthetic Detergent Mfg. 1022672 Cosmetics Mfg. 1032673 Toothpaste & Toothbrush Mfg. 104 3
  6. 6. 2674 Flavors & Essences Mfg. 1052710 Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Mfg. 1062720 Pharmaceutical & Medicine Mfg. 1082740 Chinese Prepared Medicines Mfg. 1092760 Biological & Biochemical Products Mfg. 1102770 Medical Materials & Supplies Mfg. 1112821 Polycaprolactam Fibre Mfg. 1122822 Terylene Fibre Mfg. 1132823 Nitrilon Fibre Mfg. 1152829 Other Synthetic Fibre Mfg. 116291 Tyre Mfg. 1172913 Tires Retreading 1182960 Rubber Boot Mfg. 1193020 Plastic Board, Pipeline & Shaped Products Mfg. 1213040 Foam Plastics Mfg. 1223050 Plastic Man-made Leather & Synthetic Leather Mfg. 1233070 Plastic Parts Mfg. 1243081 Plastic Shoes Mfg. 1253121 Cement Products Mfg. 1253133 Construction Stone Mfg. 1273141 Flat Glass Mfg. 1283147 Glass Fibre Mfg. 1293210 Iron Smelting 1303230 Steel Pressing 1313421 Cutting tools Mfg. 1323482 Metal Kitchen Utensils & Tablewares Mfg. 1343512 Internal Combustion Engines & Fittings Mfg. 1353541 Pump & Vaccum Equipment Mfg. 1363542 Gas Compressors Mfg. 1373543 Valve & Floating Plug Mfg. 1383544 Hydraulic Pressured & Gas-powered Machines & Components Mfg. 1393551 Bearing Mfg. 141 4
  7. 7. 3576 Packaging Equipment Mfg. 1423591 Steel & Iron Casting 1433611 Mining & Quarrying Equipment Mfg. 1443613 Building Construction Equipment Mfg. 1453631 Foods, Beverages & Tobacco Production Equipment Mfg. 1463633 Feeds Production Equipment Mfg. 1473644 Medicine Production Equipment Mfg. 1483671 Tractor Mfg. 1493672 Mechanized Farming & Gardening Machines Mfg. 1503681 Medical Diagnosis, Monitoring & Treatment Equipment Mfg. 1513682 Dental Equipment & Supplies Mfg. 1533683 Lab & Medical Disinfection Equipment & Supplies Mfg. 1543684 Medical, Surgical & Veterinarian Instruments Mfg. 1553685 Mechanical Treatment & Nursing Equipment Mfg. 1563686 Artificial Limb, Man-made Organs & Transplanting Equipment Mfg. 1583689 Other Medical Equipment & Supplies Mfg. 1593691 Environmental Protection Equipment Mfg. 1603695 Social Security Equipment & Supplies Mfg. 1613696 Transport Security & Management Equipment Mfg. 1633711 Locomotives & Trains Mfg. 1643721 Automobile Mfg. 1653722 Refitted Automobiles Mfg. 1663723 Trolley Mfg. 1673724 Automobile Body & Trailer Mfg. 1683725 Automobile Parts & Accessories Mfg. 1693731 Motorcycle Mfg. 1703741 Bicycle & Handicapped Vehicle Mfg. 1723751 Metal Ships Mfg. 1733752 Non-metal Ships Mfg. 1743931 Wire & Cable Mfg. 1753932 Optical Fibre & Cable Mfg. 1763940 Battery Mfg. 178 5
  8. 8. 3951 Household Refrigerator & Freezer Mfg. 1793952 Air Conditioner Mfg. 1803953 Household Electric Fan Mfg. 1813954 Household Electric Kitchen Appliances Mfg. 1823955 Household Electric Cleaning Appliances Mfg. 1833956 Household Electric Beauty & Health-care Device Mfg. 1843971 Electricity Lighting Devices Mfg. 1853972 Lighting Equipment Mfg. 1863991 Vehicles Lighting & Electric Signs Equipment Mfg. 1874011 Communications Transmitting Equipment Mfg. 1894012 Switching Equipment Mfg. 1904013 Communications Terminal Equipment Mfg. 1914014 Mobile Communications & Terminal Equipment Mfg. 1924041 Computer Body Mfg. 1934042 Computer Network Equipment Mfg. 1954043 Computer Peripheral Equipment Mfg. 1964051 Electric Vacuum Parts Mfg. 1974052 Semiconductor Mfg. 1984053 Integrated Circuit Mfg. 1994059 Photoelectron Parts & Other Electronic Parts Mfg. 2004061 Electronic Components & Sets Mfg. 2014062 Circuit Printing 2034071 Television, DVD & Video Equipment Mfg. 2044072 Household Audio Equipment Mfg. 2054121 Environment Monitoring Meter & Instrument Mfg. 2074122 Auto and Other Counting Meters Mfg. 2084130 Watch, Clock & Timing Instruments Mfg. 2094153 Camera Equipment Mfg. 2104218 Jewelry & Related Articles Mfg. 2114310 Metal Scraps & Dross Processing 212 6
  9. 9. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Coal Mining (CIC Code: 0610) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedYankuang Group Co., Ltd. 兖矿集团有限公司 No.298 of Fushan South Road, Zoucheng, Jining, +86537-5282466 Shandong Jul., 1976 Shandong Post Code: 273500Kailuan (Group) Co., Ltd. 开滦(集团)有限责任公司 No.70 of Xinhua East Road, Tangshan, Hebei Post Code: +86315-3022916 Hebei Jul., 1878 063018 +86315-3022932Datong Coal Group Co., Ltd. 大同煤矿集团有限责 Xinpingwang, Datong, Shanxi Post Code: 037003 +86352-7013080 Shanxi Aug, 1949任公司 +86352-7012488Huainan Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. 淮南矿业(集团)有 No.1 of Dongshan Middle Road, Tianjiaan District, Huainan, +86554-7625555 Anhui May, 1950限责任公司 Anhui Post Code: 232001 +86554-6644356Yangquan Coal Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. 阳泉煤业 North Street, YangQuan, ShanXi Post Code: 045000 +86353-7073112 Shanxi Jan., 1950集团有限责任公司 +86353-7071144Zaozhuang Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. 枣庄矿业(集 No.118 of Taishan South Road, Xuecheng District, +86632-4081106 Shandong Apr., 1998团)有限责任公司 Zaozhuang, Shandong Post Code: 277000Jizhong Energy Fengfeng Group Co., Ltd. 冀中能源 No.16 of Liantong South Road, Development Zone, +86310-5629555 Hebei Sep., 1949峰峰集团有限公司 Handan, Hebei Post Code: 056107 +86310-5629929Yongcheng Coal (Group) Co., Ltd. 永城煤电(集团) Middle Section of Guangming Road, Yongcheng, Henan +86370-5197886 Henan Oct., 1997有限责任公司 Post Code: 476600China Coal Pingshuo Coal Co., Ltd. 中煤平朔煤业 Administration Building, Pingshuo Living Area, Shuozhou, +86349-2059100 Shanxi Oct., 1990有限责任公司 Shanxi Post Code: 036006 +86349-2053000 mData Source:China Coal Mining Industry Profile - CIC0610China Coal Mining Industry Profile - ISIC1010China Coal Mining Market Report中国瀝青炭·無煙炭鉱業界レポート-CIC0610 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 1
  10. 10. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Industry Definition:Coal Mining Industry refers to the mining of underground or open-air soft coal and anthracite coal and quality improving activities such as cleaning and classification of the mined soft coal, anthracitecoal or any other type coals.Include: Mining of soft coal and anthracite coal; cleaning of soft coal and anthracite coal; screening of soft coal and anthracite coal;Not include: Mining, cleaning and classification of lignitous coal and such activities shall be listed in 0620 (Lignite Mining).Lignite Mining (CIC Code: 0620) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedLongkou Mining Group Co., Ltd. 龙口矿业集团有限 No.249 of Zhenxing Road, Longgang Development Zone, +86535-8658222 Shandong Aug, 1989责任公司 Longkou, Shandong Post Code: 265700Inner Mongolia Pingzhuang Coal Group Ltd. 内蒙古 Pingzhuang Town, Yuanbaoshan, Chifeng, Inner Mongolia +86476-3325114 Inner Mar., 1959平庄煤业集团有限责任公司 Post Code: 024000 MongoliaInner Mongolia Manshi Coal Group Ltd. 内蒙古满世 No.2 of Xiaoyuan Road, Dongsheng District, Erdos, Inner +86477-5117728 Inner Jun., 1996煤炭集团有限责任公司 Mongolia Post Code: 017000 +86477-5117728 m MongoliaZhungeer Gongjiata Baopingwan Coal Co., Ltd. 准 Hongjinta Village, Narisong Town, Zhungeerqi, Erdos, Inner +86477-4630157 Inner Apr., 2002格尔旗弓家塔宝平湾煤炭有限责任公司 Mongolia Post Code: 010413 +86477-4630157 MongoliaData Source:China Lignite Mining Industry Profile - ISIC1020China Lignite Mining Market ReportIndustry Definition:Lignite Mining Industry refers to the underground mining or surface mining of a kind of fuel with low coal rank, and subsequent quality improving activities such as washing and screening andclassification.Include: - Lignite mining; - lignite screening and washing;The following activities are not included: - mining, washing, screening and classification of soft coal, blind coal shall be included in 0610 sector (Mining and washing & screening of soft coal and blackcoal). Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 2
  11. 11. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Other Coal Mining (CIC Code: 0690) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedLianyungang China Hong Kong & India Coal Haitang North Road, Lianyun District, Lianyungang, Jiangsu +86518-85428520 Jiangsu Sep., 2006Blending Co., Ltd. 连云港中港印配煤有限公司 Post Code: 222000 +86518-85428525Erdos Shenyelan Coal Products Co., Ltd. 鄂尔多斯 Hujierte Village, Tuke Town, Erdos, Inner Mongolia Post +86477-7580512 Inner Jul., 2006市神冶兰炭制品有限责任公司 Code: 017000 MongoliaShandong Daqiang Hongyun Mining Washing & No.1 of Wenquan Road, Yaoqiang Town, Licheng District, +86531-68856167 Shandong Apr., 2005Processing Co., Ltd. 山东大强鸿运矿业洗选加工有 Jinan, Shandong Post Code: 250100限公司Xuzhou Jinyi Coal Washing Co., Ltd. 徐州市金亿洗 Shatang Village, Dapeng Town, Tongshan County, Xuzhou, +86516-85155185 Jiangsu Nov., 2006煤有限公司 Jiangsu Post Code: 221150Dazu Linsen Jijiao Co., Ltd. 大足县林森机焦有限公 12 Community of Dongxing Village, Yulong Town, Dazu +8623-43635666 Chongqing Mar., 2004司 County, Chongqing Post Code: 402368 +8623-43635666Data Source:China Peat Extraction Industry Profile - ISIC1030China Stone Coal, Peat & Weathered Coal Mining Market ReportIndustry Definition:Other Coal Mining Industry refers to the mining of coal resources such as stone coal or peat, which were formed in the Paleozoic stratum with low coal content and high ash content.Include: - mining of stone coal, peat and weathered coal.Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction (CIC Code: 0710) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedDaqing Oilfield Co., Ltd. 大庆油田有限责任公司 Longnan, Ranghu Road, Daqing, Heilongjiang Post Code: +86459-5994050 Heilongjiang Oct., 1960 163453China Petroleum & Chemical Co., Ltd. Shengli No.258 of Jinan Road, Dongying District, Dongying, +86546-8552074 Shandong Jan., 2006Oilfield Branch 中国石油化工有限责任公司胜利油 Shandong Post Code: 257001 +86546-8221719田分公司 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 3
  12. 12. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedChina Petroleum Xinjiang Oilfield Co. 中国石油新疆 No.66 of Yingbin Road, Karamay, Xinjiang Post Code: +86990-6881419 Xinjiang Jan., 2000油田分公司 834000CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Branch 中海 Block B of CNOOC Building, No.1 of Industry 2nd Road, +86755-26692880 Guangdong Jan., 2000石油(中国)有限公司深圳分公司 Shekou District, Nanshang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Post Code: 518067CNOOC (China) Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch 中海石油 No.688 of Bohai Shiyou Road, Tanggu District, Tianjin +8622-25809744 Tianjin Sep., 1999(中国)有限公司天津分公司 Post Code: 300452 +8622-25801775China National Petroleum Co., Ltd. Tarim Oilfield Post Box 78, Korla, Xinjiang Post Code: 841000 +86996-2171208 Xinjiang Apr., 1989Co. 中国石油天然气股份公司塔里木油田分公司 cnChina National Petroleum Co., Ltd. Liaohe Oilfield Xingong Street, Xinglongtai District, Panjin, Liaoning Post +86427-7658045 Liaoning Sep., 1999Branch 中国石油天然气股份有限公司辽河油田分公 Code: 124010 cn司Yanchang Petroleum Co., Ltd. 延长油田股份有限公 Qilipu, Baota District, Yanan, Shaanxi Post Code: 716000 +86911-2493001 Shannxi Oct., 1905司 +86911-2493002Data Source:China Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction Industry Profile - CIC0710China Extraction Of Petroleum & Gas Industry Profile - ISIC1110China Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction Market Report中国原油·天然ガス採掘業界レポート-CIC0710Industry Definition:Crude Petroleum & Natural Gas Extraction Industry refers to the crude oil extraction from land or ocean, liquid or gaseous natural gas as well as gas from coal mine (also called “coaled methane”),and the liquidation of natural gas as well as the production of liquefied hydrocarbon with gas from the natural-gas field for purpose of easy transportation. In addition, it also includes the mining ofbituminous shale or kerogen shale ores and similar operations with tar placer. Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 4
  13. 13. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Iron Ores Mining (CIC Code: 0810) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedMinmetals Hanxing Mining Co., Ltd. 五矿邯邢矿业 No.74, Zhonghua North Avenue, Handan, Hebei Post +86-310-6286411 Hebei Jul., 1951有限公司 Code: 056002 +86-310-3023392Magang (Group) Holding Company Ltd. 马钢(集团) No.8, Jiuhua West Road, Maanshan City, Anhui Post +86-555-2882114/2883492 Anhui Aug, 1953控股有限公司 Code: 243003 +86-555-2884350Laiwu Steel Group Lunan Mining Co., Ltd. 莱芜钢 Zhuge Town, Yishui County, Shandong Post Code: 276422 +86-539-2753218 Shandong Jan., 1980铁集团鲁南矿业有限公司Hainan Mining Co., Ltd. 海南矿业股份有限公司 Shilu Town, Changjiang Li Autonomous County, Hainan +86-898-26609109 Guangxi Sep., 1965 Post Code: 572700 +86-898-26622744Hebei Iron & Steel Group Mining Limited 河北钢铁 No.81, Jianse North Road, Tangshan, Hebei Post Code: +86-315-2793078 Hebei Jan., 1996集团矿业有限公司 063000 +86-315-2793113Fujian Anxi Jirong Mining Co., Ltd. 福建省安溪集荣 Xiazhong Village, Gande Town, Anxi County, Quanzhou, +86-595-23166069 Fujian Dec., 2006矿业有限公司 Fujian Post Code: 362413Henan Dehaiyuancheng Mining Co., Ltd. 河南德海 Mid of Changcheng Road, Qinyang, Henan Post Code: +86-391-5623098 Henan Aug, 2005源诚矿业股份有限公司 454550 +86-391-5610898 mData Source:China Iron Ores Mining Industry Profile - CIC0810China Iron Ores Mining Industry Profile - ISIC1310China Iron Ores Mining Market Report中国鉄鉱業界レポート-CIC0810Industry Definition:Iron Ores Mining Industry refers to the mining and beneficiation of iron ores.Include: - Iron ores, iron ore power; - Hematite, magnetite, limonite, siderite, or taconite and other ironstone or iron powder.Not include: -Mining and dressing of pyrite ores shall be listed in 1020 (Mining &Dressing of Chemical Materials Ores). Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 5
  14. 14. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Feed Processing (CIC Code: 1320) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedYihai (Guangzhou) Oils & Grains Industries Co., No.2, Dongjiang Avenue, West Area of Guangzhou +8620-82218573 Guangdong Dec., 2003Ltd. 益海(广州)粮油工业有限公司 Economic-Technical Development Zone, Guangzhou Post Code: 510730Shandong Liuhe Group Co., Ltd. 潍坊六和饲料有限 The Crossing of Shuangyang Street and Yuxing Rd., +86536-7603116 Shandong Sep., 1999公司 Fangzi District, Weifang City, Shandong Post Code: +86536-7603117 261206Chongqing Xinfu Food Co., Ltd. 重庆新涪食品有限 Beigong, Longqiao Town, Fuling District, Chongqing Post +8623-72138000 Chongqing Dec., 2002公司 Code: 408000 +8623-72137788Jiangxi Zhengbang Technology Co., Ltd. 江西正邦 No.569, Aixihu 1st Road, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Post +86791-6397495 Jiangxi Apr., 2004科技股份有限公司 Code: 330096Louis Dreyfus (Bazhou) Proteinfeed Co., Ltd. 路易 Liuzhuang Village, Chaheji, Bazhou City, Langfang, Hebei +86316-7903586 Hebei Jan., 2007达孚(霸州)饲料蛋白有限公司 Post Code: 065700 +86316-7903556Hunan Zhenghong Technological Development Zhonghong Science Technology Building, Quyuan +86730-5727999 Hunan Mar., 1997Limited Liability Company 湖南正虹科技发展股份有 Directorial Area, Yueyang City, Hunan Post Code: 414418限公司Shandong Huayu Group Co., Ltd. 山东华誉集团有 Zhangyang Village, Huaguan Village, Guangrao County, +86546-6478366 Shandong Aug, 1988限公司 Dongying City, Shandong Post Code: 257343Data Source:China Feed Processing Industry Profile - CIC1320China Prepared Animal Feeds Industry Profile - ISIC1533China Feed Processing Market Profile中国飼料業界レポート-CIC1320Industry Definition:Feed Processing Industry refers to the processing and production of feed for livestock and poultry for farms and farmers, and the production of pet food.Include: -Processing of single feed, compound feed, concentrated feed, additives and mixed feed, fine feed and supplements; -Pet foods.Not include: -Feed processed from aquatic products shall be listed in 1363 (Manufacturing of Aquatic Products). Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 6
  15. 15. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Edible Vegetable Oil Processing (CIC Code: 1331) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedCOFCO Eastocean Oils & Grains Industries Jingang Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Post Code: +86512-58381018 Jiangsu Aug, 1999(Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. 东海粮油工业(张家港)有限 215634 +86512-58380755公司Qinhuangdao Golden Sea Grain & Oil Industry Co., No.35 Binhai Rd., Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City, +86335-3097179 www.golden- Hebei Oct., 2000Ltd. 秦皇岛金海粮油工业有限公司 Hebei Post Code: 066206 Grains & Oils Industry (Fangchenggang) No.1 Chuhai Av., Gangkou District, Fangchenggang City, +86770-2800621 Guangxi Aug, 2000Co., Ltd. 大海粮油工业(防城港)有限公司 Guangxi Post Code: 538001 +86770-2800621Yihai (Lianyungang) Grain & Oil Co., Ltd. 益海(连云 Dagang Rd., Xugou, Lianyunang City, Jiangsu Post Code: +86518-82387206 Jiangsu Dec., 2000港)粮油有限公司 222042 +86518-82387157Shanghai Kerry Food Industries Co., Ltd. 上海嘉里 No.118 Gaodong Rd., Gaodong Industrial Park, Pudong +8621-58487988 Shanghai Dec., 2001食品工业有限公司 New Area, Shanghai Post Code: 200137 +8621-58487988 .comSouthseas Oils & Fats Industrial (Chiwan) Limited No.15 Youpaotai Rd., Chiwan, Shekou City, Shenzhen +86755-26694322 Guangdong Jan., 1988南海油脂工业(赤湾)有限公司 Post Code: 518068 +86755-26674280Data Source:China Edible Vegetable Oil Industry Profile - CIC1331China Vegetable Oil Processing Industry Profile - CIC133China Vegetable & Animal Oils & Fats Industry Profile - ISIC1514China Edible Vegetable Oil Market Report中国食用植物油業界レポート-CIC1331Industry Definition:Edible Vegetable Oil Processing Industry refers to the production of grease with edible vegetable oil material and the processing of refined edible oil.Include: Production of soybean oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, colza oil, cottonseed oil, sunflower seed oil, and linseed oil or siritch; Production of edible vegetable oil products such as margarine,shortening, hydrogenated oil and cocoa butter; Cotton linters.Not include: Manufacturing of corn oil shall be listed in 1391 (Starch and Starch Products). Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 7
  16. 16. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Inedible Vegetable Oil Processing (CIC Code: 1332) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedTongliao Tonghua Castor Chemical Co., Ltd. 通辽 East Section of Mingren Street, Keermi District, Tongliao, +86475-2298020 Inner May, 1985市通华蓖麻化工有限责任公司 Inner Mongolia Post Code: 028007 MongoliaQingdao Chenxi Oil Co., Ltd. 青岛晨曦油脂有限公 Middle Section of Shuangyuan Road, Liuting Street, +86532-87717386 Shandong Nov., 2007司 Yangcheng District, Qingdao Post Code: 266108 +86532-87717111Lijin Juyuan Oil Processing Co., Ltd. 利津聚源油料 Zhaozhuang, Beisong Town, Lijin County, Dongying, +86546-5319568 Shandong Aug, 1998加工有限责任公司 Shandong Post Code: 257440Bohao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. 曲靖博浩生物科技有 Taiping Town, Zhanyi County, Qujing, Yunnan Post Code: +86874-3561499 Yunnan Dec., 2003限公司 655331Zouping County Tianxing Chemical Co., Ltd. 邹平 Handian Industrial Park, Zouping County, Shandong Post +86543-4867058 Shandong Sep., 2000县天兴化工有限公司 Code: 256200 +86543-4867071 mHunan Xiangnongshan Hong Fuel Oil Co., Ltd. 湖 Hutang Road, Lengshuitan District, Yongzhou, Hunan Post +86746-8227055 Hunan Apr., 2003南湘农山香油脂油料有限责任公司 Code: 425000Lijin Longfei Oil Processing Co., Ltd. 利津县龙飞油 Nanlou Village, Beisong Town, Lijin County, Dongyin, +86546-5319682 Shandong Jul., 2000料加工有限公司 Shandong Post Code: 257440Chengdu Yuanye Industry Co., Ltd. 成都原野实业 Hexing Village, Hongguang Town, Pixian County, Chengdu, +8628-87985569 Sichuan Oct., 1978有限公司 Sichuan Post Code: 611743Data Source:China Inedible Vegetable Oil Industry Profile - CIC1332China Vegetable Oil Processing Industry Profile - CIC133China Vegetable & Animal Oils & Fats Industry Profile - ISIC1514China Inedible Vegetable Oil Market Report中国非食用植物油業界レポート-CIC1332Industry Definition:Inedible Vegetable Oil Processing Industry refers to the production of lipid with inedible vegetable oil. It includes: tung oil, caster oil, stillingia oil, wood oil; and the by-products of vegetable wax andrecycled fat of chamois tannage. Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 8
  17. 17. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Sugar Mfg. (CIC Code: 1340) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedLingyunhai Sugar Group Co., Ltd. 日照市凌云海糖 No.59, Qinhuangdao Rd., Rizhao City, Shandong Post +86633-8391786 Shandong Jun., 2003业集团有限公司 Code: 276826 +86633-3660588Nanning Sugar Industry Co., Ltd. 南宁糖业股份有 No.48 Tinghong Rd., Nanning, Guangxi Post Code: +86771-4911323 Guangxi May, 1999限公司 530031 +86771-4912771Guangxi Guitang (Group) Co., Ltd. 广西贵糖(集团) No.100, Xingfu Rd., Guigang City, Guangxi Post Code: +86775-4201833 Guangxi Jan., 1956股份有限公司 537102 +86775-4264528Dongmen Nanhua Sugar Co., Ltd. 广西东门南华糖 Dongmen Town, Fusui County, Chongzuo City, Guangxi +86771-7666429 Guangxi Dec., 1987业有限责任公司 Post Code: 530022Longzhou Nanhua Sugar Co., Ltd. 龙州南华糖业有 No.21-11, Dushan Rd., Longzhou Town, Longzhou County, +86771-8823937 Guangxi Jun., 2001限责任公司 Chongzuo City, Guangxi Post Code: 532400Dehong Yingmao Sugar Co., Ltd. 云南德宏英茂糖 No.4, West of Minzu Street, Ruili City, Dehong Autonomous +86692-4100203 Yunnan Aug, 2003业有限公司 District, Yunnan Post Code: 678600Fengtang Biochemical Co., Ltd. 广西凤糖生化股份 No.45-2, Beique Rd., Liubei District, Liuzhou, Guangxi +86772-2364118 Guangxi Dec., 2001有限公司 Post Code: 545002Laibin Dongtang Qianjiang Co., Ltd. 广西来宾东糖 Qianjiang Town, Xingbin District, Laibin City, Guangxi Post +86772-4900018 Guangxi Oct., 2003迁江有限公司 Code: 546100Guangxi Chongzuo Dongya Sugar Industry Co., Huguan Rd., Taiping Town, Chongzuo County, Guangxi +86771-7828188 Guangxi Oct., 1993Ltd. 广西崇左东亚糖业有限公司 Post Code: 532200 +86771-7828188Data Source:China Sugar Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1340China Sugar Industry Profile - ISIC1542China Sugar Market Profile中国製糖業界レポート-CIC1340 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 9
  18. 18. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Industry Definition:Sugar Mfg. Industry refers to the production of sugar with sugarcane or beetroot as raw material, as well as the fine processing of variety of fine sugar with raw sugar or granulated sugar as rawmaterials.Include: -Production of raw sugar with sugarcane; -Production of sugarcane finished products, such as white granulated sugar, soft sugar, brown granulated sugar (dark brown sugar), brown sugar; -Production of beetroot sugar products, such as white granulated sugar, soft sugar; -Manufacturing of processed sugar, such as rock sugar in tablet, rock candy, cube sugar, refined syrup and castersugar; -Molasses and other by-products of sugar making.Livestock & Poultry Slaughtering (CIC Code: 1351) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedJilin Changchun Haoyue Halal Meat Co., Ltd. 吉林 No.11111 of Haoyue Street, Changchun, Jilin Post Code: +86431-87958614 www.china- Jilin Aug, 1998省长春皓月清真肉业股份有限公司 130013 +86431-87951255 haoyue.comSichuan Ziyang Sihai Development Industrial Co., Industrial Park, Maan Road, Ziyang, Sichuan Post Code: +86832-6128065 Sichuan Mar., 1999Ltd. 四川省资阳市四海发展实业有限公司 641300 +86832-6550006Shandong Fengxiang (Group) Co., Ltd. 山东凤祥 Fengxiang Industrial Park, Yanggu County, Shandong Post +86635-6779260 Shandong Jun., 1994(集团)有限责任公司 Code: 252325 +86635-6779261Qingdao Nine-Alliance Group Co., Ltd. 青岛九联集 Shanghai West Road, Laixi, Qingdao Post Code: 266611 +86532-87469977 Shandong Jun., 1998团股份有限公司 +86532-87469977Zhi-Yuan Food Group Co., Ltd. 河南省志元食品有 Zhiyuan Industrial Park, Luyi County, Henan Post Code: +86394-7186308 Henan Sep., 2003限公司 477200 +86394-7491118 mHenan Huaying Poultry Group 河南省华英禽业集团 No.308 of Yuejin East Road, Huangchuan County, Henan +86376-3119888 Henan Jan., 1997 Post Code: 465150 +86376-3931030Beijing Shunxin Agriculture Co., Ltd. Pengcheng No.42 of North Faxin Part, South of Shunsha Road, South +8610-69474053 Beijing May, 1995Food Branch 北京顺鑫农业股份有限公司鹏程食品 Faxin Town, Shunyi District, Beijing Post Code: 101300 +8610-69471791 m分公司Tangyin Yongda Muslim Food Co., Ltd. 汤阴县永达 Wuli Village, Chengguan Town, Tangyin Post Code: +86372-6239599 Henan Mar., 2000清真食品有限公司 456150Data Source:China Livestock & Poultry Slaughtering Industry Profile - CIC1351 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 10
  19. 19. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.China Meat Industry Profile - ISIC1511China Livestock & Poultry Slaughtering Market ReportChina Slaughtering & Meat Processing Market Report中国家畜家禽屠殺業界レポート-CIC1351Industry Definition:Livestock & Poultry Slaughtering Industry refers to the slaughtering of domestic animals and poultries as well as the refreshing activities such as fresh meat freezing.Include: -Slaughtering of cattle, sheep, pigs and meat division, freezing, or cold storage; -Slaughtering of chicken, duck, goose and meat division, freezing, or cold storage;Meat Processing (CIC Code: 1352) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedHenan Luohe Shuanghui Industry Group Co., Ltd. No.1 of Shuanghui Road, Luohe, Henan Post Code: +86395-2622616 Henan Aug, 1994河南省漯河市双汇实业集团有限责任公司 462003 +86395-2623398 cnLinyi Xincheng Jinluo Meat Products Co., Ltd. 临沂 Jinluo Research Park, Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong +86539-2977999 Shandong Oct., 1994新程金锣肉制品有限公司 Post Code: 276036 +86539-2972078Zhucheng Foreign Trade Co., Ltd. 诸城市外贸有限 Mizhou Road East, Zhucheng, Shandong Post Code: +86536-6063672 Shandong Dec., 1989责任公司 262200 +86536-6051092Henan Zhongpin Food Industrial Co., Ltd. 河南众品 No.828 of Changshe Middle Road, Changge, Henan Post +86374-6216316 Henan Mar., 1997食业股份有限公司 Code: 461500 +86374-6227818Delicious Group Co., Ltd. 得利斯集团有限公司 Delicious Industrial Park, Zhucheng City, Shandong Post +86536-6339999 Shandong Dec., 1986 Code: 262212 +86536-6339080Tongliao Jinluo Food Co., Ltd. 通辽金锣食品有限责 Mingren Street, Khorchin, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia +86475-2299288 Inner Jul., 2002任公司 Post Code: 028000 +86475-2299555 MongoliaHenan Beixu Group Co., Ltd. 河南省北徐集团有限 Beixu Industrial Park, Linying, Luohe City, Henan Post +86395-8166053 Henan Jan., 1990公司 Code: 462600 +86395-8166053Weifang Legang Food Co., Ltd. 潍坊乐港食品股份 Honghe Cangle County, Weifang City, Shandong Post +86536-6661504 Shandong Jan., 1993有限公司 Code: 262400 +86536-6661421 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 11
  20. 20. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Data Source:China Meat Processing Industry Profile - CIC1352China Meat Industry Profile - ISIC1511China Meat Processing Market ReportChina Slaughtering & Meat Processing Market Report中国肉加工品業界レポート-CIC1352Industry Definition:Meat Processing Industry refers to processing of mature meat products, poultry and livestock products with livestock meat or poultry meat as raw materials.Include: -Cooked products of domestic animal or poultry meat; -Manufacturing of meat meal, meat floss or meat wastes; -Manufacturing of slated meat, bacon and dried meat products; -Refining oflard or other types of edible animal oil; -Manufacturing of casing for sausage, raw hide or other side products such as peeled-off wool and villus; - Canning and processing of domestic animal andpoultry meat products in the same enterprises.Not include: Canning of domestic animal and poultry in special enterprises shall be listed in 1451 (Canning of Meat or Poultry Tins).Frozen Aquatic Products Processing (CIC Code: 1361) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedQingdao Haoda Industry Co., Ltd. 青岛浩大实业有 No.188 of Nanliu Road, Liuting Street, Chengyang District, +86532-66911788 Shandong Aug, 1976限公司 Qingdao Post Code: 266108 +86532-66910248Chishan Group Co., Ltd. 赤山集团有限公司 No.218 of Huanghai Middle Road, Shidao Supervise +86631-7321100 Shandong Jan., 1990 Region, Rongcheng, Shandong Post Code: 264308 +86631-7323288Xunshan Group Co., Ltd. 寻山集团有限公司 Economic Development Zone, Rongcheng, Shandong Post +86631-7658888 Shandong Jun., 2000 Code: 264316 +86631-7655158Homey Group International Inc. 好当家集团有限公 Homey Industral Park, Rongcheng, Shandong Post Code: +86631-7439999 Shandong Nov., 1978司 264305 +86631-7434780Shandong Dayang Food Group Co., Ltd. 山东大洋 Daguhe Industral Park, Jiaozhou, Qingdao, Shandong +86532-88201988 Shandong Nov., 1995食品集团有限公司 Post Code: 266316 +86532-88201788Qingdao Jiayuan Group Co., Ltd. 青岛佳元集团有 Jinling Industral Park, Jihong Town, Chengyang District, +86532-87909877 Shandong Oct., 1996限公司 Qingdao Post Code: 266011 +86532-87909918 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 12
  21. 21. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedQingdao Zhengjin Group Co., Ltd. 青岛正进集团有 Zhengjin Industral Park, No.88 of Shuangyuan Road, +86532-87726633 Shandong Jun., 1992限公司 Chengyang District, Qingdao, Shandong Post Code: +86532-87723218 266109Xixiakou Group Co., Ltd. 西霞口集团有限公司 Xixiakou Village, Chengshan Town, Rongcheng,Weihai, +86631-7830777 Shandong Aug, 1992 Shandong Post Code: 264321 +86631-7831516Data Source:China Frozen Aquatic Products Industry Profile - CIC1361China Aquatic Products Processing Industry Profile - CIC136China Fish Industry Profile - ISIC1512China Frozen Aquatic Products Market Report中国冷凍水産物加工業界レポート-CIC1361Industry Definition:Frozen Aquatic Products Processing Industry refers to the freezing processing of aquatic animals and plants such as fish, shrimp, shellfish, crustacean and algae cultivated in seawater or freshwateror caught for purpose of refreshing, but not includes commercial cold storage.Include: -Frozen fresh fish, fish flesh, fillet and fish spawn; -Frozen shrimps, shellfish and other frozen aquatic products; -Freezing processing of other aquatic plants.Pastry & Bread Mfg. (CIC Code: 1411) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedLuohe Linying Qinqin Food Co., Ltd. 漯河临颍县亲 Gangzhang Village, Duqu Town, Linying County, Luohe +86395-8890890 Henan Mar., 1996亲食品有限公司 City, Henan Post Code: 462600 +86395-8864638Labi Xiaoxin (Fujian) Food Industry Co., Ltd. 蜡笔 Wuli Industrial Park, Jinjiang City, Fujian Post Code: +86595-85739999 Fujian Mar., 2000小新(福建)食品工业有限公司 362216 +86595-85738888Linying Xiyingying Luohe Food Co., Ltd. 临颍县喜 Xingzhuang, Chengguan Town, Linying County, Luohe City, +86395-8663498 Henan Oct., 2003盈盈漯河食品工业有限公司 Henan Post Code: 462600Huajia Food Co., Ltd. 华嘉食品有限公司 No.1, Tiyu Rd., Dongguan City, Guangdong Post Code: +86769-22464101 Guangdong Feb., 1987 523070 +86769-22481731 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 13
  22. 22. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedLinying Yuyuan Food Co., Ltd. 临颍县豫苑食品有限 Guangzhang Village, Duqu Town, Linying County, Luohe +86395-8890789 Henan Oct., 2005公司 City, Henan Post Code: 462600Data Source:China Pastry & Bread Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1411China Baked Foods Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC141China Bakery Industry Profile - ISIC1541China Pastry & Bread Market ReportChina Baked Foods Market Report中国菓子·パン業界レポート-CIC1411Industry Definition:Pastry & Bread Mfg. Industry refers to the production of a variety of foods with rice powder, flour and bean flour as major raw materials by adding minor ingredients based on steps such as forming,frying and baking.Include: Various Chinese and Western cakes and bread.Biscuit & Other Baked Foods Mfg. (CIC Code: 1419) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedPEPSICO Food (China) Co., Ltd. 百事食品(中国)有 No.99, Dongxing Rd., Songjiang Industrial Park, Shanghai +8621-57742099 Shanghai Nov., 1998限公司 City Post Code: 201603 +8621-57742207OISHI (China) Co., Ltd. 上好佳(中国)有限公司 No.2277, Huqingping Rd., Qingpu District, Shanghai City +8621-59898621 Shanghai Aug, 2000 Post Code: 201702 +8621-59898611Anyang Jianfeng Food Co., Ltd. 安阳市健丰食品有 Yang Village, Baiying, Tangyin County, Anyang City, Henan +86372-6472875 Henan May, 2001限公司 Post Code: 456150 +86372-6472803Luohe Hengda Food Co., Ltd. 漯河市恒达食品有限 He Village, Mengmiao Town, Yancheng District, Luohe City, +86395-3134666 Henan Jun., 2000公司 Henan Post Code: 462300Jinan Dali Food Co., Ltd. 济南达利食品有限公司 Development Zone, Sungeng Town, Jiyang County, Jinan +86531-84552309 Shandong May, 2001 City, Shandong Post Code: 251402 +86531-84552309 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 14
  23. 23. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedFujian Fuma Food Group Co., Ltd. 福建福马食品集 Fuma Building, Quetang Industrial Park, Airport Ring East +86595-88186888 Fujian Sep., 1996团有限公司 Rd., Jinjiang, Quanzhou City, Fujian Post Code: 362216 +86595-88185377 nHubei Dali Food Co., Ltd. 湖北达利食品有限公司 Hongxing, Xinhe Town, Hanchuan, Xiaogan City, Hubei +86712-8413137 Hubei Jun., 2005 Post Code: 431614 +86712-8413940Beijing Want Want Food Co., Ltd. 北京大旺食品有 Eighth Area East Side, No.8 Area, Xinggu Economic +8610-69966789 Beijing Dec., 1995限公司 Development Zone, Pinggu, Beijing City Post Code: +8610-69984333 101200Chengdu Dali Food Co., Ltd. 成都达利食品有限责 Zhongyi Community, Banzhuyuan Town, Xindu District, +8628-83988508 Sichuan Sep., 1998任公司 Chengdu City, Sichuan Post Code: 610506 +8628-83988815Fujian Dali Food Group Co., Ltd. 福建达利食品集团 Linkou, Zishan Town, Huian County, Quanzhou City, Fujian +86595-87335077 Fujian Jan., 1993有限公司 Post Code: 362100 +86595-87325278Data Source:China Biscuit Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1419China Baked Foods Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC141China Bakery Industry Profile - ISIC1541China Biscuit Market ReportChina Baked Foods Market Report中国ビスケット業界レポート-CIC1419Industry Definition:Biscuit & Other Baked Foods Mfg. Industry refers to the manufacturing of different biscuits with flour (or glutinous rice flour), sugar and oil as major raw materials by adding milk or egg productsbased on forming and bakery as well as other steps. This sector also includes the manufacturing of bakery products with yams, grain or bean products that are easy for storage and convenient toserve with a good taste.Include: -Sweet biscuit, barm biscuits, wafer biscuits, sandwich biscuits, fancy biscuits, hard tacks; -Crispy treats puffed or baked with yams, grain or bean products; -Other baked food productsunspecified above. Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 15
  24. 24. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Candy & Chocolate Mfg. (CIC Code: 1421) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedWm. Wrigley Jr. (China) Company 箭牌糖果(中国) Fuli Centre, No.10 Huaxia Rd., Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe +8620-85196000 Guangdong Nov., 1989有限公司 Zone, Guangzhou Post Code: 510623 +8620-38928940Mars Foods (China) Co., Ltd. 玛氏食品(中国)有限 Yanxi Economic Development Zone, Huairou Zone, Beijing +8610-61667410 Beijing Feb., 1993公司 Post Code: 101407 +8610-61667416Hsu Fu Chi International Ltd. 东莞徐记食品有限公 Zhouwu Industrial District, Dongcheng, Dongguan, +86769-22259888 Guangdong Nov., 1997司 Guangdong Post Code: 523000 +86769-22264864 mPerfetti Van Melle Company (China) 不凡帝范梅勒 No.318 Lvchun Rd., Minhang Development Area, Shanghai +8621-34054668 www.perfettivanmelle. Shanghai Mar., 1994糖果(中国)有限公司 Post Code: 200245 +8621-64306398 com.cnHenan Yuda Foodstuff Co., Ltd. 河南裕达食品股份 Fujing Village, Fujing Town, Shenqiu County, Zhoukou City, +86394-5322568 Henan Dec., 2001有限公司 Henan Post Code: 466321Nanjing Strong Foodstuff Co., Ltd. 南京喜之郎食品 Lishui County Economic Development Zone, Nanjing City, +8625-57421902 Jiangsu May, 2002有限公司 Jiangsu Post Code: 211200 +8625-57421902Wm. Wrigley Jr. Confection (Shanghai) Company No.188, Rongle East Rd., Songjiang Zone, Shanghai Post +8621-37738401 Shanghai Aug, 2001箭牌糖类(上海)有限公司 Code: 201613 +8621-23010956Jiangsu Liangfeng Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. 江苏 No.9, Zhenxing Rd., Economic Development Zone, Suzhou +86512-58221624 Jiangsu Jun., 1993粱丰食品集团有限公司 City, Jiangsu Post Code: 215600 +86512-58221624Golden Crown Group Foods Co., Ltd. 金冠(中国)食 Wuli High-tech Industrial Garden, Jinjiang City, Fujian Post +86595-8120777 www.goldencrowngar Fujian Sep., 2002品有限公司 Code: 362216 +86595-8120555 den.comZhaoyuan Bitai Food Co., Ltd. 招远必泰食品有限公 Longshui Rd., Biguo Development Area, Zhaoyuan City, +86535--8301002 Shandong Jun., 1993司 Shandong Post Code: 265400 +86535--8469898Data Source:China Candy & Chocolate Industry Profile - CIC1421 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 16
  25. 25. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.China Cocoa, Chocolate & Sugar Confectionery Industry Profile - ISIC1543China Confectionery Market ReportChina Candy, Chocolate & Preserved Fruits Market ReportChina Candy & Chocolate Market Report中国キャンデー·チョコレート業界レポート-CIC1421Industry Definition:Candy & Chocolate Mfg. Industry refers to the manufacturing of candy, the cubic sweet food with sandy sugar, glucose or maltose as major raw materials by adding minor ingredients such as oil,dairy products, colloids, nutlets, spices and edible colourant. It also includes the manufacturing of chocolate or chocolate products with slurry, powder or lump cacao, cacao butter, cacao paste,sandy sugar or dairy products as major raw materials.Include: - Manufacturing of different hard candy, bonbon, aerate candy, burnt candy, gelatinous candy, polished candy and gum base candy. - Chocolate and chocolate products; - Chinese stylecandies, e.g., unique candies by means of unique tradition process with peanut, sesame, or other nutlet or sugars as major raw materials and by adding proper amount of minor ingredients. - Othersugar products.Preserved Fruits Mfg. (CIC Code: 1422) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedXinglong County North Fruit Processing Group 兴 Xinglong Town North Area, Xinglong County, Chengde City, +86314-5516123 Hebei Sep., 1997隆县北区果品加工集团 Heibei Post Code: 067300Shandong Gold Food Group Co., Ltd. 山东金丝食 No.291, Yanhe Rd., Zhanhua County, Shandong Post +86543-7322148 Shandong Jan., 1998品有限公司 Code: 256800 +86543-7322651Shandong Zhanhua Jonnic Food Co., Ltd. 山东沾 No.3, Fuqiao Rd. West, Fuguo Town, Zhanhua County, +86543-7325136 Shandong Oct., 1997化健源食品有限责任公司 Binzhou City, Shandong Post Code: 256800 +86543-7310793 mLongkou Guangyuan Foods Co., Ltd. 龙口市广源食 No.4, Guangyuan Rd., Huangcheng Industrial Park, +86535-8662331 Shandong Jun., 1998品有限公司 Longkou City, Shandong Post Code: 265718 +86535-8610658Fujian Orient Food Group Co., Ltd. 福建东方食品集 Lantian Industry Development Zone, Zhangzhou City, +86596-6182691 Fujian Feb., 1995团有限公司 Fujian Post Code: 363005 +86596-6182979Henan Xinzheng Aoxing Industry Co., Ltd. 河南省 Xinzheng International Airport Industrial Park, Zhengzhou, +86371-62489999 Henan Sep., 1993新郑奥星实业有限公司 Henan Post Code: 451161 +86371-62489888 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 17
  26. 26. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedXingtang County Jiukouzi Village Candied Fruit Shanglian Village, Jiukouzi Village, Xingtang County, +86311-2657318 Hebei Oct., 1998Factory 行唐九口子乡果脯厂 Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Post Code: 050600Longkou Luzhibei Preserved Fruit Co., Ltd. 龙口鲁 Beima Town, Longkou, Yantai, Shandong Post Code: +86535-8911130 Shandong Jun., 1993之北果脯有限公司 265702Xingtang County Huazhong Fruit Co., Ltd. 行唐县 Nanjia Village, Jiukouzi, Xingtang County, Shijiazhuang +86311-82981832 Hebei Jun., 2004华中果品有限公司 City, Hebei Post Code: 050600 +86311-82657002Data Source:China Preserved Fruits Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1422China Cocoa, Chocolate & Sugar Confectionery Industry Profile - ISIC1543China Confectionery Market ReportChina Candy, Chocolate & Preserved Fruits Market ReportChina Preserved Fruits Market Report中国ドライフルーツ業界レポート-CIC1422Industry Definition:Preserved Fruits Mfg. Industry refers to the manufacturing of preserved fruits with fruits, nuts, pericarp or other parts of plants.Include: -Preserved fruits made of fruits or pericarp; -Preserved fruits made of nuts.Rice & Flour Products Mfg. (CIC Code: 1431) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedHenan Longyun Group Co., Ltd. 河南省龙云集团有 Longtang Village, Linying County, Luohe, Henan Post +86395-3315666 Henan May, 1995限公司 Code: 462609Linying County Wadian Jinlong Flour Mill 临颍县瓦 Gongzhuang Village, Wadian Town, Linying County, Luohe, +86395-8438688 Henan May, 1989店金龙面粉厂 Henan Post Code: 462600 +86395-8438666Luohe Jinyuan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. 漯河市金 Juling Food Industrial Park, Linying County, Luohe, Henan +86395-8329299 Henan May, 1989源工贸有限公司 Post Code: 462600 +86395-8661654 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 18
  27. 27. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedXiamen Xingsheng Food Co., Ltd. 厦门兴盛食品有 Neitian Industrial Park, Maxiang, Xiangan District, Xiamen +86592-3819999 Fujian Dec., 2000限公司 Post Code: 361101 +86592-3818880Kunming Dingyi Food Co., Ltd. (Guandu District) 昆 No.3 of Yunma Road, National E & T Development Zone, +86871-7269699 Yunnan Jul., 2002明顶益食品有限公司(官渡区) Kunming Post Code: 650217 .cnSichuan Ruonan Food Co., Ltd. 四川省若男食品有 Industrial Concentration Area, Jiajia Town, Jianyan, +8628-27926503; 85222546 Sichuan Aug, 1996限公司 Sichuan Post Code: 641421Kemen Noodle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 克明面业股 No.1 of Industrial Park, Xingsheng Street, Nan County, +86737-5233333 Hunan Jul., 1995份有限公司 Hunan Post Code: 413200 +86737-5245567Zhengzhou Haijia Food Co., Ltd. 郑州海嘉食品有限 No.263 of Chengdong Road, Zhengzhou Post Code: +86371-66310525 Henan Dec., 1993公司 450004 +86371-66316496Data Source:China Rice & Flour Products Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1431China Convenient Foods Industry Profile - CIC143China Macaroni, Noodles, Couscous Industry Profile - ISIC1544China Rice & Flour Products Market ReportChina Convenient Foods Market Report中国米·麺製品業界レポート-CIC1431Industry Definition:Rice & Flour Products Mfg. Industry refers to the manufacturing of a variety of not cooked rice or flour products with rice or flour as raw materials and based on rough processing.Include: - Packaged noodles, cut noodles, macaroni, fine noodles, rice vermicelli and rice cakes.Not include: - Making of foods such as cakes and breads shall be listed in 1411 (Manufacturing of Cakes and Breads)Quick Frozen Foods Mfg. (CIC Code: 1432) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedLongda Foodstuff Group Co., Ltd. 龙大食品集团有 Longda Industrial Park, Laiyang, Shandong Post Code: +86535-7717036 Shandong Jul., 1993限公司 265231 +86535-7718289 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 19
  28. 28. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedZhengzhou Synear Food Co., Ltd. 郑州思念食品有 East of Xisha Road, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan +86371-65693000 Henan Jun., 1997限公司 Post Code: 450011 +86371-65693838Zhengzhou Sanquan Food Stock Co., Ltd. 郑州市 No.28 of Changxing Road, Zhengzhou, Henan Post Code: +86371-63983788 Henan Jun., 2001三全食品股份有限公司 450053 +86371-63983398Fujian Haiyi Food Drink Co., Ltd. 福建海壹食品饮料 Shangzheng Village, Rongqiao Economic & Technological +86591-28395381 Fujian Jul., 1988有限公司 Development Zone, Fuqing, Fujian Post Code: 350301 +86591-85376867Henan Ningling County Furun Group Co., Ltd. 河南 Sanlihe Village, Chengjiao Township, Ningling County, +86370-7838078 Henan Feb., 2002省宁陵县福润集团有限公司 Shangqiu, Henan Post Code: 476700Hangzhou Youcan Foods Group Co., Ltd. 杭州祐康 No.377 of Airport Road, Hangzhou Post Code: 310021 +86571-85141777 Zhejiang Jun., 2004食品集团有限公司 +86571-85148327 mJilin Sky-scenery Food Co., Ltd. Tumenling Station Tumenling Town, Jiutai, Jilin Post Code: 130501 +86431-82466481 Jilin Apr., 2002吉林省天景食品有限公司土们岭基地 +86431-82466266Guangzhou Restaurant Group Likoufu (Fanyu) No.565 of Xingnan Street, Nancun Town, Fanyu District, +8620-84767351 Guangdong Oct., 1995Food Co., Ltd. 广州酒家企业集团利口福(番禺)食品 Guangzhou Post Code: 511442 +8620-84767368有限公司Henan Yunhe Food Co., Ltd. Airport District Branch West of Xingang Street, Airport District, Zhengzhou Post +86371-62489023 Henan Jan., 2006河南云鹤食品有限公司港区分公司 Code: 450009 +86371-62489005Data Source:China Quick Frozen Foods Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1432China Convenient Foods Industry Profile - CIC143China Macaroni, Noodles, Couscous Industry Profile - ISIC1544China Quick Frozen Foods Market ReportChina Convenient Foods Market Report中国冷凍食品業界レポート-CIC1432Industry Definition: Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 20
  29. 29. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd.Quick Frozen Foods Mfg. Industry refers to the production of various staple foods that may be transported and sold at freezing conditions and made with rice, flour, and minor cereals as major rawmaterials and meat or vegetables as auxiliary materials and based on quick-freezing process.Include: - Quick-frozen stuffed buns, quick-frozen dumplings, quick-frozen sweet rice balls, quick-frozen buns, rolls and spring rolls.Not include: - Manufacturing of frozen aquatic products shall be listed in 1361 (Freezing of Aquatic Products).Instant Noodle & Other Convenient Foods Mfg. (CIC Code: 1439) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedHenan Nanjiecun (Group) Co., Ltd. 河南省南街村 Nanjiecun, Linying County, Luohe, Henan Post Code: +86395-8851380 Henan Aug, 1997(集团)有限公司 462600 +86395-8851161Hangzhou Dingyi Food Co., Ltd. 杭州顶益食品有限 No.10 Road, Xiasha Economic & Technological +86571-86910122 Zhejiang Jul., 1994公司 Development Zone, Hangzhou Post Code: 310018 .cnJinmailang Food Co., Ltd. 今麦郎食品有限公司 Dongfang Food City, Longrao County, Hebei Post Code: +86319-6598762 Hebei Aug, 1994 055350 +86319-6591705Tianjin Dingyi International Food Co., Ltd. 天津顶益 No.20 of Fifth Street, Economic & Technological +8622-25325954 Tianjin Sep., 1991国际食品有限公司 Development Zone, Tianjin Post Code: 300457 .cnHenan Kedi Food Group Stock Co., Ltd. 河南省科 Limin Industrial Park, Yucheng County, Henan Post Code: +86370-4211111 Henan Jan., 1985迪食品集团股份有限公司 476343 +86370-4218668 nHenan Simeite Food Co., Ltd. 河南斯美特食品有限 No.8 of Industrial Park, Xihuafeng Village, Wushe County, +86391-7566805 Henan Jun., 1995公司 Henan Post Code: 454981 +86391-7566806Guangzhou Dingyi Food Co., Ltd. 广州顶益食品有 No.12-14 of Hongming Road, East Area of Economic & +8620-82268331 Guangdong Mar., 1994限公司 Technological Development Zone, Guangzhou Post Code: .cn 510760Kunshan Uni-president Enterprises Food Co., Ltd. No.301 of Qingyang South Road, Economic & +86512-57706666 www.uni- Jiangsu May, 1993昆山统一企业食品有限公司 Technological Development Zone, Kunshan, Jiangsu Post +86512-57706888 Code: 650501Guangzhou Uni-president Enterprises Food Co., No.788 of Kangnan Road, Nangang Town, Huangpu +8620-32281088 www.uni- Guangdong Dec., 1994Ltd. 广州统一企业有限公司 District, Guangzhou Post Code: 510760 +8620-32281768 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 21
  30. 30. Beijing Zeefer Consulting Ltd. Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedChongqing Dingyi Food Co., Ltd. 重庆顶益食品有限 No.29 of Danlong Road, Economic & Technological +8623-62826999 Chongqing Apr., 1995公司 Development Zone, Chongqing Post Code: 400060 .cnData Source:China Instant Noodle Mfg. Industry Profile - CIC1439China Convenient Foods Industry Profile - CIC143China Macaroni, Noodles, Couscous Industry Profile - ISIC1544China Instant Noodle Market ReportChina Convenient Foods Market Report中国インスタントラーメン業界レポート-CIC1439Industry Definition:Instant Noodle & Other Convenient Foods Mfg. Industry refers to the production of various convenient staple foods that may be eaten directly or after simple cooking and made with rice, flour orminor cereals as major raw materials, and it also includes the production of other unspecified instant foods.Include: -Instant noodles and instant porridge, instant rice and instant rice noodles; - Instant vegetables; -Other unspecified instant foods.Not include: -Manufacturing of instant soup bases shall be listed in 1469 (Manufacturing of Other condiments & Fermented Products.)Liquid Dairy & Dairy Products Mfg. (CIC Code: 1440) Company Name Address & Post Code Tel / Fax Website Region EstablishedInner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy (Group) Co., Ltd. 内 Helinger Shengle Economic Park, Huhhot, Inner Mongolia +86471-7392222 Inner Sep., 1999蒙古蒙牛乳业(集团)股份有限公司 Post Code: 011500 MongoliaBright Dairy & Food Co., Ltd. 光明乳业股份有限公 No.578, Wuzhong Rd., Minhang District, Shanghai Post +8621-54584520 Shanghai Oct., 1997司 Code: 201103 +8621-64654538Mengniu Dairy (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. 蒙牛乳业(沈 Qianzhan Industrial Park, Hushitai Development Zone, +8624-89710018 Liaoning Dec., 2003阳)有限责任公司 Shenyang, Liaoning Post Code: 110122 +8624-89710616Dumex Infant Food Co., Ltd. 多美滋婴幼儿食品有 No.188, Ningqiao Rd., Pudong New Area, Shanghai Post +8621-58990899 Shanghai Mar., 1995限公司 Code: 209001 +8621-58995155 Tel: +86 10 68324716 Fax: +86 10 87750776 Company Site: Online Reports Store: 22