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Advantages of placing the atm machine in your premises
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Advantages of placing the atm machine in your premises


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  • 1. Advantages of placing the ATM machine in your premisesThe presence of the automated teller machine in a business can be very beneficial for anindividual’s business especially in the type of business where paying cash is more preferred such asretail business. In addition to this there are many other advantages which you can enjoy by placingthe ATM machine at you’re your workplace. Here is a list of benefits which you can enjoy byplacing the ATM machines at your workplace• If you are placing the ATM machines in your workplace you can attract more and morepeople into your business. Fr instance if you have a shop and you have placed an ATMmachine there, then any visitor who will pass from your shop will come to your shop to getthe access to his or her cash and there high chances that he or she might purchase somethingfrom your shop.• According to the studies, the customers will spend more if they have direct access to cashand you will provide them direct access by placing the ATM machine at your workplace. Ithas been observed that customers spend 20 to 25 percent more when they have direct accessto their cash. This is even truer in the drinking environments where the people have a hightendency to spend money.• The next advantage which you get by placing the ATM machine is the commission. Whenyou place the ATM machine in your workplace you are given the percentage of tax which isbeing cut from the account of the every customer after the transaction. Therefore, you willmake money even if people do not buy anything from you. However the percentage can varyfrom one vendor to another.• It has also been observed that the users of the ATM machine are in the habit of using thesame ATM machine again and again.• Today, the majority of the people do not carry the cash with them. Therefore, you have agreat opportunity to increase your sales by providing them access to their cash. In this waythey will not leave the premises and go to the bank for money. In this way you will not onlyproviding the convenience to your customers but you can also increase your salessignificantly.These are some of the advantages which you can get after placing the automated teller machine atyour workplace. Besides these by placing the ATM machine you can also add sources to yourrevenue.