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Adv 420 final project Adv 420 final project Presentation Transcript

  • Wal-Mart Final Project By Yiru Dong (A43122280)
  • Company profile Wal-Mart is an American multinational retailer corporation that runs chains of large discount department stores and warehouse stores. Wal-Mart is the largest grocery retailer in the United States and it has 8,500 stores in 15 countries. In my opinion, the core value of Wal- Mart is from the founder Sam Walton that is his culture of common people. Wal-Mart attract many lower level and middle level class people to purchase grocery there
  • Improve brand presence and marketing strategy However, the most impression that Wal-Mart provides to people is its low in price and low in quality. To better their brand organization and improve their brand presence, I believe the brand needs to improve their marketing strategy.
  • Price & Quality Wal-Mart need to improve its quality and keep the price down at the same time. Also, have better interaction with their customers.
  • Price & Quality The competitors provide more comfort environment, more wide choices, higher quality and better services to attract customers with Wal-Mart low price strategy. However, people who live in 21 century prefer better quality products rather than lower price and quality.
  • Social media presence Wal-Mart has Twitter, Face book account. However, they do not utilize these channels to their best. Wal-Mart needs to build a better connection between store and customers. They need to encourage customers’ feedback, interaction in all of their social medias.
  • Develop internet strategy I suggest that Wal-Mart should implement a Google AdWords campaign as well as a Face book ad campaign. Campaigns like these allow you to reach people who are looking for you specifically and for things similar to you as well.
  • Mobile strategy Wal-Mart should develop an app that can be downloaded to customer’s smart phones. This will give the brand’s customers another channel to communicate and interact with the company. Also, this will allow the company to be in contact with their customers at all times. They do not have to wait for their consumers to get on a computer and go to their website or one of their profiles.
  • Budget 2 million dollars (including Improve brand presence and marketing strategy, Social media presence, Develop internet strategy and Mobile strategy.)
  • I love ADV420 Thanks for all efforts that professors have devoted. I enjoyed it They are all valuable knowledge and information