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Presentation2 (4)

  1. 1. Net-Pet: Digital network for pet services@NetPetworld Netpetworld
  2. 2. Team Members Alseny Ba: Founder and Managing DirectorAlseny is a graduate student from The City College of NewYork (CCNY) with a Masters in Management InformationSystems (MIS) and a bachelor in Computer Engineering. Heworked in the retail industry in New York for years. As an ITprofessional, he works in Software Development, QualityAssurance and Project Management. His recent works are onecommerce, mobile applications and social networking. CariCallender: Co-founder of NetPetCarisa is a graduate from CUNY Graduate Center in LaborStudies. She works as a HR and PR professional. She willprovide the marketing strategy and will advise on thecustomer needs as a pet owner herself confronted withthe addressed problems.
  3. 3. The Problems Difficulties in locating services: (pet stores, vets, parks, grooming, set updates, acceptable places for pets (restaurants and hotels, beaches)) Lack of interactive online community Dispersion of valuable information in non-related places Need for the use of advanced technologies Provide accommodations for people traveling without their pets No help in locating lost pet in neighbor No help with adoption problems among pet owners No help in identifying available public services
  4. 4. Solution What if all the solutions were on the tip of yourfingers?
  5. 5. Net-Pet profileFeaturesPet-saloon Pet-partiesVeterinarian Pet-parksPet-profiles Pet-stores
  6. 6. Net-Pet ApplicationFeaturesHealth/WellnessShoppingBeauty/Care LodgingBakery TransportationParks Dates
  7. 7. Market Size The market size in New York City is 488,000 people. We estimate that we can reachabout 10% of this market within the first year. The cost of acquisition will be $500 inadvertising cost, and time spent within social networks. We plan to reach our target market by social media, word of mouth, and guerillamarketing. To start building a network of pet owners, Net-Pet will launch its blog priorto the creation of the community and application. We will identify influencers within social networks, and provide information handoutsin locations where our target market is residing. They live in New York City, are collegeeducated, and between 20-54 years old. For 2013, it estimated that $55.53 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.Estimated Breakdown:Food $21.26 billionSupplies/OTC Medicine $13.21 billionVet Care $14.21 billionLive animal purchases $2.31 billionPet Services: grooming & boarding $4.54 billion
  8. 8. Competition NetPet’s competition consists of other pet websites that provideinformation, communities, or web shops, health blogs, and pet applications.Net-Pet’s main application competitor: othersFeatures Net-Pet OthersOnline Community X XLocation Based Application XSocial Network Sharing X XService Visibility XShops, Blogs X
  9. 9. Prospective Customers Pet owners and services They consist of our target market. Companies through Affiliate Programs Advertisers We want the different pet services that we will work with, as well as, companies thatrepresent the same values as Net-Pet, to advertise on our community.
  10. 10. Business Model Transaction fee Affiliate programs with companies such as: Amazon, which offer 4%- 8.5% commission;Arise & Shine, which offer 20% commission; and SunfoodSuperfoods which offer 8%-13%commission. Advertising-based Advertising space on our community. We will charge a Cost Per Mille rate of $5 for eachmonthly advertisement. Unit-based Sales of application via Android and Apple’s App Store. The application will be sold forfree, until a premium version is developed for $0.99. The services on the app will bedisplayed based on the Google model of advertising.
  11. 11. Financial ProjectionNetPet Quarter I Quarter II Quarter III Quarter IV Year EndRevenueAffiliate programs 1000 1000 3200 3200 8400Advertising 150 350 950 1800 3250Applications Sales 600 2400 3600 4950 11550Total Revenue 1750 3750 7750 9950 23200ExpensesStart up Cost 15000 0 0 0 15000Salary 0 0 0 0 0Community Hosting 600 0 0 0 600Maintenance ofapplications300 300 300 300 1200Advertising 500 500 500 500 2000Total Expenses 16400 800 800 800 18800Net Income -14650 2950 6950 9150 4400
  12. 12. Basis for Projection Please change the numbers to reflect more reasonable picture of our projections Affiliate Programs Q 1: 5% of 10,000 new visitors make a purchase of $50 at 10% commission Q 2: 5% of 10,000 new visitors make a purchase of $50 at 10% commission Q 3: 5% of 25,000 new/previous visitors make a purchase of $50 at 10% commission Q 4: 5% of 25,000 new/previous visitors make a purchase of $50 at 10% commission Advertising: Q 1: 6,000 unique visitors/month * $5CPM * 2 advertisements Q 2: 16,000 unique visitors/month * $5CPM * 2 advertisements Q 3: 30,000 unique visitors/month * $5CPM * 3 advertisements Q 4: 45,000 unique visitors/month * $5CPM * 3 advertisements Application Sales Q 1: 1,000 applications * $0.99 * 70% Q 2: 3,000 applications * $0.99 * 70% Q 3: 5,000 applications * $0.99 * 70%
  13. 13. Financial Request NetPet will need $15,000 to get the business started. Our founding team will invest$8,000, the remaining $7,000 will be acquired through friends and family, andNetPet will be launched through the support of the SmartPitch Challenge.UI Designer $3,000Coder $3,000Researchers $1,500App Developers $2,500Marketing $3,000Working Capital $2,000Total $15,000
  14. 14. Thank you and Q&A