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Building up your geek skills: Linkedin

Building up your geek skills: Linkedin



Introduction to using LinkedIn for Small Business

Introduction to using LinkedIn for Small Business



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  • Showing just how pervasive LinkedIn has become in recruitment, this stat, released just over 10 months ago , finds that over 50% of Fortune 100 companies now use LinkedIn for their recruitment strategy. It demonstrates the value in really using LinkedIn when jobseeking and the level of companies that use this alongside more traditional recruitment methods. In addition, top execs from all Fortune 500 companies are on LinkedIn, proving that it’s an invaluable business tool across the board at all levels
  • This is likely to get a lot of people’s attention, as it shows the potential to generate real business leads and referrals through LinkedIn. In an infographic released by LinkedIn to show the real make-up of LinkedIn members, they revealed that over 80% of members on there are the decision makers in an area of business in their organisation. Focused marketing efforts on LinkedIn can generate real results if you invest time in building relationships, evidenced by the significant amount of key decision makers on the site.
  • Everyone has unique experiences that we bring to the marketplace. Education, jobs, culture, interests, etc. None of us has walked the same path or encountered the same people, we have each developed a unique set of relationships. It is the foundation of our friendships, business partnerships, and customer bases. Tools can be anything that helps accelerate or “power up” your ability to accomplish your goals. We can be reluctant to try new things despite the fact they may be faster, better, or even cheaper. The old paper address book, our old tool, worked just fine. But eventually we switched tools to maybe Outlook.
  • The goal is to connect with only those people whom you consider to be trusted professionals. You need to personally decide whom you will consider a trusted professional based on the strategy you intend to pursue on LinkedIn. Not like Facebook where you want to build up friends, no matter what. First level are your trusted friends and collegues. If they need a product or service you offer, they are most likely coming to you. You can type in a name of a business or company that youa re trying to connect with in a search, and the resluts might show that Joe Smith in your first tier knows Bob Miller, the one you need to meet. You can then request an invitation through Joe. It is a way to know who your collegues know. Get your old network list into LinkedIn too.
  • Don’t miss out on some tremendous opportunities by not having your profile in shape! Make it beefy!
  • One example is that a guy found out on a prospects profile that he collected wines. And he also found out which one was his favorite. On the day following his proposal presentation, he followed up with a thank you note and included a bottle of his favorite wine. Of course he got the order. 4. People will look at profiles before meeting them. It is good practice for you to follow
  • You will be 40% more effective if you complete your profile 100%.
  • 30 second bumper sticker Can add maiden name Higher education degree (PhD, CPA, MD) Photo – don’t be afraid to show your age. They will know anyway! Headline – company name up to 120 characters. Make sure they know what you do. Not just the name. Can use Pipe symbol to separate key words. Location and Industry -
  • Use certain keywords multiple times. You will come up higher in search results.
  • Use certain keywords multiple times. You will come up higher in search results. List as much as you can. You never know what people are searching for!
  • Use certain keywords multiple times. You will come up higher in search results.
  • Recommendations are a critical element of your profile.
  • Want to have a good Monday morning? Write three or four recommendations on Sunday. How would you feel if your competitor had more recommendations than you? Would that influence potential customers? An added benefit of receiving recommendations is that the writer’s name and company name appears in your profile. Your name will also appear on the writer’s profile. Power boost times two!
  • You have 2000 characters per job or educational entry. Fill it up!
  • Use keywords in your website setup Up to 3 sites – sign up for mailing list, youtube, facebook, blog, etc Company website should be first
  • You can create your own unique URL Add to email signature, business cards, letterhead, etc
  • After clicking Edit next to public URL All options on right You decide what shows up on your profile
  • Think of this as your cover letter 2000 characters Must be able to brag about yourself! Identify all the brands you represent in the specialties section
  • Benefits Box.net – can load files and tell people they are there, such as check lists and white papers. Makes you the expert Slideshare – loads ppt slide files Reading list – share your diverse interests Events – publicize your events to your network Searchable Keep track of who is coming If you say you are attending an event it shows up on your profile and in network updates Search events you want to attend
  • Ask questions to the world Answer questions to gain reputation Great way to build relationships. Share your unique knowledge
  • When you ask a question, you get to select the best answer. This puts a star by the name of the person who gave the answer, and is posted on that persons profile. Helps with your credibility.
  • There are two major uses of linkein. We have discussed being found. How to build a beefy profile, getting found based on keywords, and your story. Now we will look at finding others. Share your unique knowledge
  • For each first level, you will have about 100 number 2s and 4700 number threes. Can save searches – will be notified if anyone new ends up for that search result. What a great lead generator!
  • Did a search for restaurants OR restaurant within 50 miles of me. Can call them, because now I know their name, or I can ask for an introduction from someone in my first tier.
  • Send to your current network via email.
  • Join at least 50 groups why join? To get found Find others with similar interests Join groups in which your customers, suppliers or vendors hang out Find job opps Can become a credible expert by answering questions and posting articles of interest Groups talk about events they are involved in so you might find activities that interest you Promote an event Search within groups and communicate with members with whom you are not officially connected. They come up in your search results You decide if you want emails or not
  • Can determine who can see your profile Control what type of emails you wish to receive Group display order Much more.

Building up your geek skills: Linkedin Building up your geek skills: Linkedin Presentation Transcript