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A brief newsletter keeping everybody up to date.

A brief newsletter keeping everybody up to date.

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  • 1. PIONEER OUTFITTERS2009 SeasonMASTER GUIDE TERRY OVERLY,MANAGER / GUIDE AMBER-LEEand Hunt of a Lifetime Hunter, Bennett Page
  • 2. INTERIOR MOUNTAIN GRIZZLY BEAR. Pioneer Outfitters has one of the only areas in Alaska a Grizzly may be taken every year instead of every four years...crossing more than tracks, that is the trick! This 2009 Season, Pioneer Outfitters joined hands with Hunt of a Lifetime to offer all of our experience and opportunities to help Hunt of a Lifetime make dreams come true. As hard as the economy has been these last few years, with most people tightening up on money and trying to wait the hard times out, organizations such as Hunt of a Lifetime need people like Alaskan Master Guide Terry Overly and companies like Pioneer Outfitters to open their hearts and the purse strings to make sure the “wait” doesn’t negate the fact that young people like Jesse Pizana and Bennett Page have a life to live now. Jesse Pizana and his Guide, Amber-Lee with a truly awesome (last minute) Alaska-Yukon Moose. 2
  • 3. Terry Overly and Bennett Page, Hunt of a Lifetime Hunter, Bella taking a short bareback Bore-sighting the new rifle Bennett Page with his Alaska- ride on her new horse, Kantu Bennett was given for this hunt. Yukon Moose and guide, Amber- with Bennett Page, A Hunt of a Lee. Lifetime Hunter. 3
  • 4. KATHY HUTSON It’s remote. In can be unbelievably difficult. It is expensive. These are not the reasons that we hunt Sheep. The beauty of Sheep country is unsurpassed. The feelings brought from being high on that mountain peak are spectacular. The inner satisfaction, the knowledge and triumph, this is why we hunt Sheep. It can beat you up and not beat you. It can break your heart and heal it, all at the same time. The pursuit of the magnificent Dall Sheep, the holy grail of this hunter’s quest. Kathy Hutson, has hunted Dall Sheep with us at Pioneer Outfitters twice now and has yet to harvest her sought after trophy. The determination, the dedication to her goal is an inspiration. Pioneer Outfitters has been privileged over the years , meeting and getting to know some really special people, Kathy is one of those people. All hunters know, as do professional guides do, luck (like the weather) isn’t something anyone can control, all we can do is keep going and be ready. Kathy is due for a little luck to mix with her drive and strength and Pioneer Outfitters is looking forward to August 2010 so that we can share in that triumph that is surely to come. 4
  • 5. MOMENTS FROM THIS FALL... Smoke, one of our “go to” horses, A very happy Dan Weller with his Ed Branson and his Interior shows us what he thinks of all Dall Sheep. Dan and his guide, Mountain Grizzly Bear, looking this riding around... Levi Coman spent the night in the pretty happy. willows eating sheep over a camp fire, after the long decent back down the mountain. Bella, checking out the Jessi Braga, Pioneer Outfitters’ John Murhy , a Pioneer Grizzly Bear skull. Doug newest Assistant Guide. With the Outfitters Survival and Guide Tyrrell took this Grizzly training Jessi Training trainee, cleans and while moving camp. has had and her experience with prepares the Bear skull for different Rescue organizations, shipping with little Bella Jessi makes a fine addition to watching closely. Pioneer Outfitters. David White with his Dall Sheep Levi Coman working on Doug Denny Ream with his Dall Sheep after a “short walk” from the Tyrols Dall Sheep, after back at camp. Getting ready to Lodge. A really good day and a retrieving it from the glacier it cape and flesh with his guide good show for those watching spent the night on. Levi walked Todd Robbins. through spotting scopes from the down the glacier with one boot Lodge. as the other one self destructed! 5
  • 6. ALL PART OF THE EXPERIENCE! Alaska-Yukon Moose Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishuhn, keeping a close watch for Grizzly on the glacier bar. Master Guide Terry Overly with A group of clients gathered in Hunting area. David White and his tophies, Dall the lodge, watching the Sheep and Alaska-Yukon Moose. slideshows. 6
  • 7. Out looking for horses, John found these 2 Mountain Caribou racks locked up and carried them back to put in Terry’s trophy room. Todd found another nice set of Mountain Caribou horns in the creek he was hunting and packed these back to the Lodge too. Pioneer Outfitters’ Dan Heineck, One of the best things about at the end of the first hunt, a being in hunting camp, the end of terrible infection in his leg the day sitting around a fire. Next Year’s beauties. would send him to the hospital for the rest of the fall hunting season.... He’s all healed up now, we are all happy to report! 7