Social Media Marketing Using Tumblr


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For More information and simply tips to help you improve your Social Media Marketing using sites like Tumblr,

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Social Media Marketing Using Tumblr

  1. 1. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com Social Media Marketing Using TumblrGetting More Followers On Tumblr.
  2. 2. Tumblr, for those new to it, is a user friendlyblogging platform that allows you toeffortlessly create your social mediamarketing plan, sharingphotographs, quotes, text or anything elseyou want, across the Internet. It is accessiblevia email, the web, your phone, and nearlyanyplace else you choose to use it. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  3. 3. With a little effort, it is an excellent way todevelop a social media marketing strategyand create high ranking authority blogs. Likemost places, it is important to get followerson Tumblr.This helps to increase your ranking andimprove your blog’s popularity. If you want tolearn how, this guide will help you learn byoffering a few easy to understand tips. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  4. 4. If you know anything about this platform orare already using it, you will be familiar withthe idea that the more followers you have onyour blog, the more popular your blog will be.In turn, this will also give your rating a niceboost, so having plenty of followers going toyour blog is important. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  5. 5. One of the best ways to improve your socialmarketing is to follow some of the wellestablished blogs in the same and relatedniches as your blog. Most of the time, as acourtesy, they tend to follow you back (someare even set up to automatically follow youback). CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  6. 6. By following other popular blogs, you are ableto learn what works well and what doesn’twork, your list of followers will begin to growand your exposure to their followers willincrease. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  7. 7. Some advertise the fact that they will followyou if you follow them. They are not alwayseasy to find, but they are worth looking for.They can be a gold mine for finding followerssimply by following them. Some havehundreds of potential users you could add toyour list. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  8. 8. Remember, the amount of followers mayaffect your ranking, but it is by targetingthem, that determines whether they areresponsive and make you an authority in yourniche. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  9. 9. Read other related blogs and make commentson their posts. This helps to promote yourblog across the platform and increase yourexposure to your target audience. Againremember, the reasons why you are usingTumblr; you are trying to create a long termstable income. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  10. 10. You are trying to develop a strong socialmedia marketing strategy and positionyourself as the authority in your niche. Sodon’t Spam comments. Writeconcise, intelligent and informativecomments. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  11. 11. You are trying to “win friends and influencepeople”, so write comments people want toread, that will encourage readers to visit.Then as you make comments, people willread them, visit, leave you comments andfollow you. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  12. 12. Keep your blog informative, interesting andup-to-date. Include videos and pictures withyour text and post regularly. If you quotesome one, reference it. It is the courteousthing to do and it builds rapport. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  13. 13. There is a much greater chance your readerswill engage with you and continue to followyou, if you provide useful information andshow yourself as ‘Open’, ‘Honest’ and‘Trustworthy’. With social marketing, smallthings can make a huge difference, so usethem positively to gain exposure and buildauthority. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  14. 14. These are a few ways to improve your socialmedia marketing and gain more followerswith Tumblr. If You use other socialnetworking sites like Twitter andFacebook, then don’t use them inisolation, connect them all to develop eachone. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  15. 15. People are generally happy to follow you ondifferent platforms, provided you are offeringthem quality content. Tumblr is an excellentmeans for developing you and your blog. CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com
  16. 16. For More information and simply tips tohelp you improve your Social MediaMarketing using sites like Tumblr, pleasevisit: CanIMakeMoneyNow.Com