Making digital open educational resources for EAP


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Workshop presentation given at the BALEAP biennial conference (The Janus Moment in EAP: Revisiting the Past and Building the Future) in Nottingham on April 20, 2013 by Martin Barge, Alannah Fitzgerald and William Tweddle.

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Making digital open educational resources for EAP

  1. 1. Making digital open educationalresources for EAP: Issues and optionsMartin Barge, Alannah Fitzgerald, and William Tweddle Queen Mary, University of London; Higher Education Academy and Oxford University Computing Services; Queen Mary, University of London
  2. 2. OverviewLinking BALEAP web resourcesDiscussing free versus open EAP resourcesInvestigating sharing & use of open resourcesEnvisioning OER for EAP
  3. 3.
  4. 4. xArt_Gold_Guys_With_Creative_Commons_Sy19. License to use mbol02.jpgOpen licenses (e.g.Creative Commons)allow resources to be 19. LICENSE TO USEused without the need Purposefor rights clearance. ConcernsIs the content you need Qualityopenly licensed? Technology Resources
  5. 5. Sharing is good By Toban BlackThe ethos of education isto share learning. 3. SHARING IS GOODCan open content be a Purposesound investment as well Concernsas the right thing to do? Quality Technology Resources
  6. 6. • For the practitioner – Web presence; resources development expertise; professional recognition.• For the student – Preview of, access to and contribution to course content.• For the institution – Brand promotion; best practice showcasing.• For the EAP community – Materials development collaboration; sharing best practice.
  7. 7. My community By MeerIf I belong to acommunity already, 28. MY COMMUNITYthen is this the bestplace to look for great Purposereusable resources? Or Concernswould I miss something? Quality Technology Resources
  8. 8.  The ‘raw’ and the ‘cooked’ Raw: Flickr, JISC Media Hub, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), iTunesU, The Internet Archive, YouTube, TED, OpenYale, Wikimedia... Cooked: uefap, Academic English Online, Prepare for Success, BAWE collections in FLAX, TTV... EAP communities: Forging ESAP materials creation links AcLits and SFL communities BALEAP, EULEAP, College Composition etc...
  9. 9. 7. Learn new stuff By Wayan Vota Does working with other 8/ 7. LEARN NEW STUFF people’s stuff offer effective development? Purpose Or would you miss the Concerns creative thrill of making Quality your own? Technology Resources
  10. 10. • For the practitioner – Development of practical skills in digital materials creation: reuse, repurpose, remix and redistribute.• For the student – Access to up-to-date resources: inside and beyond the classroom.• For the institution – Sustainable resources and continued recognition.• For the EAP community – Exposure to new and relevant tools and resources for EAP (e.g. Xerte and FLAX)
  11. 11. By Renata Alves dos Anjos27. AppearancePresentation can be part 54599 /of the appeal. 27. APPEARANCEThe resource looks betterthan ones we made. PurposeOverall, how important is Concernsappearance? Quality Technology Resources
  12. 12. 73012/in/photostream / 6. Policy By bisgovuk There has been support 6. POLICY for reuse and ‘sustainable e-learning’ in various Purpose policy documents so far. Concerns Does this go far enough? Quality Technology Resources
  13. 13. Open access and research-driven teaching The Finch ReportInstitutional e-learning strategies Moving online: marketing, distance learning & teachingChanging nature of Higher Education MOOCs Government-funded OER initiativesEnvisioning BALEAP web resources Linking to external resources Providing training in OER
  14. 14. Thank you Martin Barge: William Tweddle: Alannah Fitzgerald:; @AlannahFitz Slideshare: Peglar’s Reusable card game: