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Olympic Torch Street Route


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The street route for the Olymc torch Swansea to Aberystwyth

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Olympic Torch Street Route

  1. 1. Torchbearer Street Route 9 Sunday, 27 May 2012Day Time Community Travelling On9 06:56 Swansea Bracelet Bay car park9 Swansea Bracelet Bay car park - Right Turn9 Swansea Mumbles Road9 Swansea Mumbles Rd - Left Turn9 Swansea Newton Road9 Swansea Newton Road - Right Turn9 Swansea Castle Avenue9 Swansea Castle Avenue9 Swansea Oystermouth Castle9 Swansea Castle Avenue - Left Turn9 Swansea Newton Road9 Swansea Newton Road9 07:30 Swansea ALT: Land Train from Newton Road9 Swansea ALT: Land Train along the Promenade9 Swansea The Promenade9 Swansea The Promenade - right turn9 Swansea Mumbles Road (A4067)9 Swansea Mumbles Road (A4067) - Left Turn9 Swansea Sketty Lane (A4216)9 Swansea Sketty Lane (A4216) - Right Turn9 Swansea Sketty Park Road (A4216) - Right Turn9 Swansea Dilwyn Road (A4216)9 Swansea Vivian Road (A4216)9 Swansea Vivian Road (A4216) - Left Turn9 Swansea Cockett Road (A4216) - Veer Left9 Swansea Cockett Road (A4216)9 Swansea Cockett Road (A4216) - Left Turn9 Swansea Carmarthen Road (A483) to Clos Madlen9 CONVOY: Swansea - Llanelli9 09:07 Llanelli Stepney Place (A4214) - Left Turn9 Llanelli Pottery Street (A4214)9 Llanelli Upper Robinson Street (A4214)9 Llanelli Murray Street (A4214) - Left Turn9 Llanelli Murray Street (A4214)9 Llanelli Murray Street (A4214) - Right Turn9 Llanelli Station Road (A4214)9 Llanelli Church Street (A4214)9 Llanelli Church Street (A4214) - Veer Left9 Llanelli Hall Street (A484)9 Llanelli Hall Street (A484) - Right Turn9 Llanelli Sandy Road (A484)9 Llanelli CREW BREAK9 Llanelli Sandy Road (A484)9 Llanelli Pwll Road (A484)9 10:24 Burry Port Pwll Road (A484)9 Burry Port Colby Road (A484)9 Burry Port Gwscwm Road (A484)9 Burry Port Danlan Road (A484)9 Burry Port Lando Road (A484)9 Burry Port Lando Road (A484) to B4317 Pinged turnoff9 CONVOY: Burry Port - Kidwelly9 11:15 Kidwelly Pembrey Road (B4304) from the 30mph sign9 Kidwelly Bridge St - Right Turn9 Kidwelly Castle Street9 Kidwelly Castle Road - Right Turn9 Kidwelly Water Streeet to Moel Wyn9 CONVOY: Kidwelly - Carmarthen9 11:51 Carmarthen Heol Llangynnwr (A484)9 Carmarthen Heol Llangynnwr (A484) - Left Turn9 Carmarthen Coracle Way (A4242) - right turn9 Carmarthen Blue Street (A4052)9 Carmarthen Blue Street (A4052) - Veer Left9 Carmarthen Darkgate/Lammas Street9 Carmarthen Darkgate/Lammas Street - Left Turn9 Carmarthen Morfa Lane (A4213) - right turn to Coracle Way (A4242)9 CONVOY: Carmarthen - Haverfordwest9 12:39 Haverfordwest Cartlett Road (A487) - Left Turn9 Haverfordwest High Street9 Haverfordwest Dew Street9 Haverfordwest Dew Street - Right Turn9 Haverfordwest Albert Street (A487) - right turn9 Haverfordwest Barn Street (A487)9 Haverfordwest Barn Street (A487) - Left Turn9 Haverfordwest Barn Street A487) - Right Turn9 Haverfordwest Perrots Road (A487)9 Haverfordwest A4879 Haverfordwest A487 - Right Turn9 Haverfordwest Predergast Road (B4329) - right turn
  2. 2. 9 Haverfordwest Back Lane9 Haverfordwest CREW BREAK9 Haverfordwest Back Lane - left turn9 Haverfordwest Prendergast Road (B4329) - Veer Right9 Haverfordwest Predergast Road (B4329) - right turn9 Haverfordwest Sydney Rees Way (A40)9 Haverfordwest Sydney Rees Way (A40) - Left Turn9 Haverfordwest Sydney Rees Way (A40) to Withybush Road9 CONVOY: Haverfordwest - Fishguard9 14:44 Fishguard High Street (A40) from Parc Loktudi9 Fishguard High Street (A40) - Right Turn9 Fishguard Main Street (A487)9 Fishguard Bridge Street (A487) - Left Turn9 Fishguard A487 to Old Newport Road9 CONVOY: Fishguard - Newport9 15:09 Newport A487 from Welcome to Newport sign9 Newport West St (A487)9 Newport Bridge Street (A487)9 Newport Bridge Street (A487) left to National speed limit sign9 CONVOY: Newport - Cardigan9 15:43 Cardigan/Aberteifi Castle Street9 Cardigan/Aberteifi Castle Street - Veer Left9 Cardigan/Aberteifi High Street9 Cardigan/Aberteifi Pendre9 Cardigan/Aberteifi North Road9 Cardigan/Aberteifi Aberystwyth Road (B4548)9 Cardigan/Aberteifi Aberystwyth Road (B4548) to New Mill Road/ Heol Felin Newydd9 CONVOY: Cardigan - Sarnau9 16:18 Sarnau A487 from Sarnau 40mph sign9 Sarnau A487 to Penbryn turnoff9 CONVOY: Sarnau - Brynhoffnant9 16:27 Brynhoffnant A487 from Brynhoffnant 40mph sign9 Brynhoffnant A4879 Brynhoffnant A487 to National speed limit signs9 CONVOY: Brynhoffnant - Llanarth A4879 16:47 Llanarth A487 from Llanina Hotel9 Llanarth A487 to national speed limit sign9 CONVOY: Llanarth - Aberaeron9 17:019 17:20 ALT: Cobb Horse - Aberaeron ALT: Cobb Horse from Ceredigion County Council Offices9 ALT: Cobb Horse ALT: Cobb Horse to Greenland Terrace9 Aberaeron Greenland Terrace (A487)9 Aberaeron Bridge Street (A487)9 Aberaeron Ffordd y Gogledd (A487)9 Aberaeron A487 to national speed limit sign9 CONVOY: Aberaeron - Llanon9 17:41 Llanon A487 from Heol y Mor9 Llanon Bridge Street (A487)9 Llanon Stryd Fawr (A487)9 Llanon A487 to Cylch Peris9 CONVOY: Llanon - Llanrhystud9 17:54 Llanrhystud A487 from Llanrhystud sign9 Llanrhystud A4879 Llanrhystud A487 to 40mph sign9 CONVOY: Llanrhystud - Aberystwyth9 18:14 Aberystwyth A487 from Maes Crugiau9 Aberystwyth A487 - Left Turn9 Aberystwyth Penparcau Road (A487)9 Aberystwyth Bridge St (A487)9 Aberystwyth Bridge St (A487) - Right Turn9 Aberystwyth Great Darkgate Street (A487)9 Aberystwyth Great Darkgate Street (A487) - Right Turn9 Aberystwyth Terrace Road - left turn9 Aberystwyth Alexandra Road (A487) - Right Turn9 Aberystwyth Plascrug Avenue