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  1. 1. At the AGM it was decided that the Laugharne Festival in 2012 will go back to how it was in the beginning and stage a production of Under Mik Wood for three nights.The next meeting of the Festival Committee will be on Ash Wednesday, 9th March at 7.00pm (Fern Hill Orchard) It is sad regret that we mention Miss Gleed who has died. Miss Gleed was one of the founders of Laugharne Festival and for many years a valued trustee. When the committee took over custodianship of theCors Playing Field, it was full of stones, but local children cleared them and Miss Gleed provided the reward in the shape of a large jar of sweets. In recent years, Miss Gleed was unable to take an active part, but was full of encouragement, which included allowing the committee to decorate the window, formerly Gleed the Butchers, to promote thefestival and events. The final request was that any donations to be made to Laugharne Festival for the upkeep of the Cors Playing Field. The next Laugharne Festival will take place in 2012, but each yearthe committee like to offer something interesting, but on a smaller scale for the residents and visitors.Many thanks to all our supporters in 2010 who turned out in force for a wonder performance of Burton by Rhodri Miles, special thanks to allthe committee members who worked so hard to the make the occasion a success, thanks to Elinor and Rob for stepping in to sort out the technical problems with sound and lighting. A special mention for Martha who worked so hard getting raffle prizes and selling tickets. Sponsor of the Festival Committee: Alan Evans 01994 231776 who made a generous donationtowards the cost of the new play equipment for the Cors Playing Field.
  2. 2. Also thank you to Richard at Seaview and Patrick at the Cross House Inn who donated raffle prizes. "It was the best thing I have ever seen"! Visitor Comment Our most recent event was on Friday 29th October Pickled Image presented Wolf Tales “Good fun for both little’uns and their chaperones…a fine comic creation” Venue Magazine Raffle Prizes Thanks to Heathertons who donated a raffle prize of one freeadventure golf for a family of four, and Folly Farm for tickets to admit two persons.Review:Wolf Tales was brilliant, it was set backstage whilst he was waiting forhis cue to go on in the Tale of Little Red Riding Hood, the Wolf pitchedhis story so well that both adults and children were rolling withlaughter, throughout the performance, there was clever use ofpuppetry, the special effects on the T.V. using shadow puppets to tellthe story of the six Billygoats was exceptional, tears were running downcheeks, he ended up with us all joining in and singing My Way, all theparents and children thought it was wonderful, though we weren´tquite convinced that he blew down the pig´s house made of strawbecause he suffered from hayfever and the straw caused him to sneeze.
  3. 3. The Laugharne Festival is a constituted organisation who every threeyears put on a week long event to raise money for the upkeep of TheCors Playing Field in Laugharne.We would like to thank the Portreeve and Mayor of Laugharne foragreeing to be our Patrons.