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For you i will!
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For you i will!


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  • 1. “For you I will!” Dedicated to my son Jayden Ryan Bass <3
    Mommy loves you baby!
  • 2. 8/14/2008
    The day I saw my angel for the first time!
  • 3. Five months prego !!!
  • 4. Mommy && Daddy love you soo much!!!
  • 5. Six months prego! The day I found out I was having a boy!
  • 6. You waved at me, I was in tears! Couldn’t wait to hold you in my arms!
  • 7. March 31,2009
    At 9:26 a.m. I saw you for the fist time! The best feeling in the world!
  • 8. When I was a kid, I used to ask myself what my purpose in life was. The moment I saw you, I knew! It was to be your mom !!
  • 9. This is a treasure to me! This is you and your great grandpa! So happy that he was able to be there, when you came into the world! He is an amazing man!!
  • 10. 8 ibs. 12 oz’s
    21 ½ inches long! My amazing little boy Jayden Ryan Bass!
  • 11. My world !!
  • 12. I never knew how much love I could have for sum one. Till I held you in my arms for the first time! I would have given my life for you! And I would at any given moment if it meant you would be safe!
  • 13. You in your ICP outfit daddy got for you! (1 day old)
  • 14. You were so alert for a newborn! Such a happy baby!
  • 15. This is you and Marty the day you were born! Him and Courtney are mommy’s best friends! More like my brother and sister!!
  • 16. Getting ready to go home!!!
  • 17. Getting you ready for your 48 hour check up!
  • 18. Your first real bath! You loved it! You pee’d in the middle of it and watered your Nana’s fake flowers she had sitting on the counter!
  • 19. Six weeks old!
  • 20. 8 weeks old! Such a happy baby!!
  • 21. You didn’t like your binky’s to much! Couldn’t be quiet that long! haha
  • 22. Almost 3 months old! Such a cutie!
  • 23. You weren't even three months old when you stated holding your head up on your own!
  • 24. Six months old!
  • 25. Seven months old! You look just like your daddy!!!
  • 26. Nine Months
  • 27. Eleven Months old
  • 28. Your first Christmas
  • 29. You love for mommy to take pictures of you!
  • 30. Christmas!!!
  • 31. One year old!
  • 32. Priceless
  • 33. My reason to breathe
  • 34. Mommy loves you so much!!
  • 35. Your first pool!!
  • 36. Your first trip to the lake!!
  • 37. You and your Nana at the lake
  • 38. You being silly.. Thanksgiving Day 2010
  • 39. You and your paw paw!!
  • 40. Mommy and Jayden!!!
  • 41. Christmas 2010
  • 42. Again
  • 43. Presents!!!
  • 44. Your new wagon you got for Christmas from Santa!!!
  • 45. Jammin out
  • 46. Throwin a fit!
  • 47. You were not happy :[
  • 48. Whoop whoop! Wearing mama’s hat!
  • 49. You love to take baths!!
  • 50. Your kiss face!
  • 51. You are getting so big!
  • 52. Time flys! Cant believe you will be 2 at the end of this month! Happy Birthday Baby Boy!! Mama loves you more than anything in this world!!! ( For you I will)