MED306 Transmedia Narratives


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This is the module introduction for the Transmedia Narratives strand of the module MED306 for Interactive Media Arts students at The University of Ulster

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MED306 Transmedia Narratives

  1. 1. TransmediaNarratives& Networked CulturesA practice strand of the MED306 Independent Practicemodule. This strand is only for Interactive Media Artsstudents and looks at using networks, social media, realworld events and telematic encounters to tell stories anddevelop pervasive media.
  2. 2. MED306100% CourseworkModule Structure30% Industry Speaker Reports20% Work Placement PreparationLT12 – Thursdays 10:15>12:05 – Lectures30% Independent Practical Project20% Essay and FolderA111 – Fridays 09:15>11:05 – Workshops
  3. 3. MED306100% Coursework30% Industry Speaker Reports20% Work Placement Preparation30% Independent Practical Project20% Essay and FolderStudents will work in small groups to produce a project which delivers a narrativeacross multiple platforms. This transmedia narrative will use a range of media sogroups should look at involving students with a range of existing skills
  4. 4. MED30650% Coursework30% Independent Practical ProjectThis is a group assessed project and students will receive a group mark for thissection of the module. This is an independent project, students are expected tomanage and direct their own group projects and their role and involvement will bereflected in their essay and folder.20% Essay and FolderThis part of your project will we assessed individually. The folder should documentyour role within the group, your section of development and contribution.The essay should be an academic essay and report on your project; situating itwithin existing practice and documenting its development, challenges and assessit’s success.
  5. 5. MED30630% CourseworkIndependent Practical ProjectStudents must develop a narrative which is delivered across multiple platforms.These platforms can be online and offline but the story must have a number offacets.At least 1 constructed characterA video teaser or trailer1 live, offline event/elementA live communityAn achieve of the project
  6. 6. MED30620% CourseworkProduction Folder and EssayStudent production folders should document the development of the project acrossthe course of the module, it is important that students document their owncontributions to the group project and can demonstrate how their contributionshelped to make the project come together.The production essay should explain the approach taken to the project, difficultiesencountered and how they were overcome and evidence of how critical readinginspired or guided the practical project.1 Production Folder1 Essay – 1000 wordsMust reference existing texts
  7. 7. MED306& Exhibition DisplayTransmedia and networked projects are sometimes in their very essenceephemeral. Networked projects with live events, distributed and pervasive mediaexist across multiple platforms, and in many spaces.It is important that projects are properly recorded, documented and achieved.Projects must be display ready at time of submission as students will be asked toproduce an exhibition of their project.Make an achieveExhibit your workDocument everything.
  8. 8. MED306 Editorial Supervision Contact TimeThis project is a group independent project, students are expected to produce workindependently under editorial supervision from a member of staff. You will beshown existing examples of projects, ideas on approaches and shown ways ofusing softwares and services but will be assessed on your ability to direct a projectindependentlyProject ManagersAchieversProducersEditors
  9. 9. MED306 Editorial Supervision Contact TimeWithin sessions you will be shown examples of practice based work to help youthink about your projects:Narrative StructureStory ShapeAudience/Players PathwaysDocumentation and AchievesMedia AggregationDisplay and exhibition of work
  10. 10. MED306& Roles ResponsibilitiesA transmedia project, because of its very nature requires a range of skills, abilitiesand experience. Members of your group will need to take on different rolls withinthe group to develop a coherent transmedia project.Consistent Visual StyleCommunity ManagementPublicityParticipationTarget AudienceMeasuring Outcomes
  11. 11. MED306& Delivery TechnologiesYour group will need to think of the ways in which your audience can access yourstory across multiple platforms and how you can assess their involvement.Connecting with audiencesManaging a distributed narrativeWorking with existing technologiesDelivering an engaging storyMonitoring audience involvementThinking about new narrative form
  12. 12. MED306& Stories RemediationStudents should consider adapting and/or remediating an existing story, folk tale orrecognisable narrative. This will help guide the development and cut down on theamount of character development, story writing and scripting.
  13. 13. MED306& Timelines Delivery 1 2 3 4 5 Weeks 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 You Are Here Story Team Rolls and Planning Mapping the story Shoot/Edit Trailer Asset Creation Live Week Achieving Exhibition Display andA possible timelineThe project, because of it’s size and scale will need to be carefully mapped on atimeline
  14. 14. MED306 Story is KING The sign in the lobby of PIXAR studios
  15. 15. MED306
  16. 16. MED306 Virality is just good design Christopher Sandberg, MIPTV 2011
  17. 17. MED306 THIS IS NOT A GAME Alternative Reality Games
  18. 18. MED306Project Example 1The BeastThe Beast is billed as the first Alternative Reality Game, it was developed by 42Entertainment to promote the film A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001) and was one of thefirst instances of a mixed reality entertainment experience
  19. 19. MED306Project Example 2Conspiracy For GoodConspiracy for good was developed as a “mixed reality drama” by Tim Kring (the writerbehind Heroes). It was marketed as “Social Benefit Storytelling”. It was nominated forthe Digital Program: Fiction EMMY in 2011. Conspiracy For Good was a collaborativeproject between Nokia, TKE Imperative and The Company P.
  20. 20. MED306Project Example 3I Love BeesI Love Bees is one of the most famous Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), developed by42 Entertainment to promote the launch of the game Halo 2. We will be returning to ILove Bees to deconstruct it’s narrative path, play elements and community
  21. 21. MED306Project Example 4World Without OilWorld Without Oil was an Alternative Reality Game which ran for 32 weeks in 2007 andwas billed as a game for social good. It simulated the global oil crisis through the mediaand real world events.
  22. 22. MED306Project Example 5Black HelixBlack Helix was the first large scale Northern Irish Alternative Reality Game and randuring February and March 2011. It was designed and developed by Belfast BasedDesign Zoo.
  23. 23. MED306Project Example 6Why So SeriousWhy So Serious, (again) developed by 42 entertainment was a massively expansiveARG developed to promote The Dark Knight (2008)
  24. 24. MED306Project Example 7[in]visible belfast[in]visible belfast was the longest running Alternative Reality Game in Northern Ireland. Itran for 6 weeks and had a number of live events, performances and websites, anachieve is currently being constructed.
  25. 25. MED306Project Example 8Where’s AliceWhere’s Alice was developed by Interactive Media Arts student Iain McAuley as atransmedia story for his dissertation project during 2011. The story mainly took place oncampus.