MeCCSA 2013 Pub Quiz


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MeCCSA 2013 Pub Quiz

  2. 2. Television & Radio
  3. 3. Television & RadioQuestion 1:Nicholas Brody is the main character of whichUS drama series?
  4. 4. Television & RadioQuestion 2:Now saved from closure, name one of the twoBBC radio stations facing the axe in 2010?
  5. 5. Television & RadioQuestion 3:In which 1990s sci-fi series would you find SamBeckett travelling in time?
  6. 6. Television & RadioQuestion 4:Which UK political comedy followed the careerof Jim Hacker?
  7. 7. Television & RadioQuestion 5:Irish President Michael D. Higgins came toblows with which U.S. radio host in a clip thatwas recirculated widely in 2012?
  8. 8. Television & RadioQuestion 6:Running between 1951-1960 and often billed ascreated by Spike Milligan, name this comedyradio show?
  9. 9. Television & RadioQuestion 7:In Man Men the character Dick Whitten is betterknown by which name?
  10. 10. Television & RadioQuestion 8:What is the name of the TV drama, running onNBC between 1963-4 created by GeneRoddenberry of Star Trek fame?
  11. 11. Television & RadioQuestion 9:Who replaced Chris Moyles as Radio 1‟sbreakfast anchor in 2012?
  12. 12. Television & RadioQuestion 10:The TV series The Thick of It is associated withwhich writer-director?
  13. 13. The Internet
  14. 14. The InternetQuestion 1:Which viral video which currently has over 116million views, features the line “Is this real life?”
  15. 15. The InternetQuestion 2:What‟s the name of the first You Tube Video?
  16. 16. The InternetQuestion 3:Developed by the whole earth community,known as the first online community andcurrently facing closure, name this hangout spot?
  17. 17. The InternetQuestion 4:When users join the social network „My Space‟they are automatically friended by one person,what is him name?
  18. 18. The InternetQuestion 5:Published online on February 8th, 1996, inresponse to the passing into law of theTelecommunications Act of 1996 in the US, whowrote a declaration of the independence ofcyberspace?
  19. 19. The InternetQuestion 6:Launched in 2003, by Christopher Poole andfamous for the popularization of lolcats,rickrolling and its infamous /b/ board, name thisimage board?
  20. 20. The InternetQuestion 7:Invented as a peer-to-peer digital money for theinternet, and famously heavily traded on the“darknet”, name this currency?
  21. 21. The InternetQuestion 8:Founding members are known for starting a veryfamous BitTorrent tracker in Sweden and withone of its founding principles being “people withaccess to free communication, culture andknowledge grow, feel better and create a morefun and humane society for everyone to live in”what is the name of this political party.
  22. 22. The InternetQuestion 9:Who coined the phrase Web 2.0?
  23. 23. The InternetQuestion 10:Last year a 14 minute trailer for an amateur filmwas released on You Tube, resulting in theservice being banned in Afghanistan and blockedin Egypt and Libya. What is the name of thisfilm?
  24. 24. Music
  25. 25. MusicQuestion 1:Which former member of Pulp and Longpigs hasjust released the album „Standing at the Sky‟sEdge‟?
  26. 26. MusicQuestion 2:Which Divine Comedy album follows a coupleon a day at the seaside?
  27. 27. MusicQuestion 3:What is the name of Radiohead‟s first studioalbum?
  28. 28. MusicQuestion 4:Bob Marley‟s life has recently been the subjectfor which filmmaker?
  29. 29. MusicQuestion 5:The song The Days of Pearly Spencer waswritten by which songwriter from NorthernIreland?
  30. 30. MusicQuestion 6:Which singer is married to the Media Artist andcreator of the Cremaster Cycle Matthew Barney?
  31. 31. MusicQuestion 7:Which film composer is associated with the 1979song „Video Killed the Radio Star?‟
  32. 32. MusicQuestion 8:During the 2009 VMA awards who famouslyinterrupted Taylor Swift accepting the BestFemale Video stating “I‟m really happy for ya,I‟ma let you finish but Beyonce have one of thebest videos of all time”?
  33. 33. MusicQuestion 9:Which musician was brought back from the deadlast year using a 3D hologram to perform onstage with rapper Snoop Lion (Dogg)?
  34. 34. MusicQuestion 10:What joins these musician together: Janis Joplin,Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, BrianJones and Amy Winehouse?
  35. 35. Videogames
  36. 36. Videogames
  37. 37. Videogames
  38. 38. Videogames
  39. 39. Videogames
  40. 40. Videogames
  41. 41. Clips
  42. 42. Clip 1
  43. 43. Clip 2
  44. 44. Clip3
  45. 45. Clip 4
  46. 46. Clips
  47. 47. Journalism
  48. 48. JournalismQuestion 1:Which Northern Ireland newspaper claims to bethe oldest, continuously published Englishlanguage daily in the world?
  49. 49. JournalismQuestion 2:Which news publication first published toplesspictures of the Duchess of Cambridge?
  50. 50. JournalismQuestion 3:Who said „The TV business is uglier than mostthings. It is normally perceived as some kind ofcruel and shallow money trench through theheart of the journalism industry, a long plastichallway where thieves and pimps run free andgood men die like dogs, for no good reason‟.
  51. 51. JournalismQuestion 4:To the nearest million, what was the last reportedsettlement was Rebekah Brooks awarded byNews International?
  52. 52. JournalismQuestion 5:Which journalist was reported to the PressComplaints Commission for comments madeabout the death of singer Stephen Gately?
  53. 53. JournalismQuestion 6:What is the name of Qatar‟s state news network?
  54. 54. JournalismQuestion 7:In 2011, photojournalist Don McCullin wasawarded a honorary doctorate from whichuniversity?
  55. 55. JournalismQuestion 8:Which organization hosts events pairingjournalists with technologists to create newworks in data journalism?
  56. 56. JournalismQuestion 9:Which country claims to have produced the firstnewspaper?
  57. 57. JournalismQuestion 10:Which satirical news platform has the tagline“America‟s finest news source”?
  58. 58. Film
  59. 59. FilmQuestion 1:The screenplay for Requiem for a Dream wasadapted from a novel by which author?
  60. 60. FilmQuestion 2:Who directed the Irish film Silence released in2012?
  61. 61. FilmQuestion 3:Who said „Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot‟?
  62. 62. FilmQuestion 4:Clint Eastwood is currently planning to remakewhich film, first made in 1937 and remade in1954 and 1976?
  63. 63. FilmQuestion 5:Which film director is Nicholas Cage‟s Uncle?
  64. 64. FilmQuestion 6:Festen (1998) was made under which manifesto?
  65. 65. FilmQuestion 7:What is the name of the 2004 film starringMarion Cotillard set in an unusual boardingschool?
  66. 66. FilmQuestion 8:Who directed Solaris (1972)?
  67. 67. FilmQuestion 9:Who was originally set to play the part ofMadeleine/Judy in Hitchcock‟s Vertigo?
  68. 68. FilmQuestion 10:Which Japanese films pits a group of studentsagainst each other in a fight to the death?
  69. 69. Theorists Mug Shots