Antoine Belaieff - Car Sharing at GO Rail Stations

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  • 1. 1
  • 2. 2 Our Sponsors
  • 3. 3 Antoine Belaieff Director, Innovation September 16, 2013 Car Sharing at GO Rail Stations
  • 4. 4 Metrolinx Overview 6 million people today 8.62 million people by 2031 30 municipalities 4 levels of government 8,242 km2 10 transit agencies
  • 5. 5 Metrolinx Operating Divisions
  • 6. 6 Metrolinx – Transforming GTHA transportation An integrated transportation system for our region that enhances prosperity, sustainability and quality of life  Efficient and Effective  Multi Modal Mobility  Integrated Journeys
  • 7. 7 GO Rail Station Parking Opportunity ~65,000 parking spaces at GO Rail Stations ~ 60% of customers single occupancy vehicles OPPORTUNITIES TRENDS Drove Myself 60% Carpool 3% Kiss and Ride 17% Bicycle 1% GO Bus 2% Local Transit 9% Walk 9% Source: 2011/12 GO Rail Passenger Survey CHALLENGES
  • 8. 8 Integrated, multi-modal solutions at GO Rail Stations  GO Transit Parking and Station Access Strategy  Reserved Parking  Carpool to GO  Electric Vehicle Charging  Car share  Bike Parking
  • 9. 9 Carpool to GO: Designated Parking  Dedicated carpool parking successful at 24 GO rail stations  Over 1000 carpool groups registered  Planned expansion to all stations  Leverages Carpool Zone  Outcomes:  Increases efficiency of GO Station parking infrastructure  Customer savings: time and money
  • 10. 10 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations  Select GO Rail Stations prepared for installation of EV Charging  To be launched at 10 Stations:  5 in Fall 2013  5 in Winter 2014  Vendor selected to supply, operate and maintain  Outcomes:  New customer service feature for GO customers  Adds to provincial network to support wider adoption of EVs
  • 11. 11 GO Open Data & Partnership Projects
  • 12. 12 Car Sharing at GO Stations – Customer Survey Direct email to Let GO know panel, ~ 1,300 completed surveys  High awareness of the concept of car sharing (75%)  Car Sharing has positive impact on their perception of the brand and GO service experience  Customers agreed that car sharing would provide greater transportation choices (30%), reduce need for multiple vehicles (23%), and reduce need to drive to /from GO Station (13%)  Customers would consider car sharing membership (15% of those who are not current members)  Most likely purposes for using the vehicle in the event of an emergency (66%), service delay (32%) or missing connection (23%). Others may use for recreational travel and errands “The fact that the GO is talking about this issue makes me feel very though of as a commuter and I’m liking this system more and more each day” “This survey opened my eyes to a number of ways that car sharing could be useful to me. I hadn’t thought much about it before as I own my own car, but now I might consider car sharing in the future”
  • 13. 13 Car Sharing Benefits  Downtown residents: reverse commute and meetings  For local residents: new transportation options  For leisure travellers: weekend transportation options  Leverage complementary customer bases “Car sharing at GO stations would be great for my company because most of our staff are young and don’t own their own vehicles. It would make it easier to go to meetings without having to go thought the hassle of renting cars ahead of time. It would also mean that if I have a meeting in the suburbs I wouldn’t have to drive downtown”
  • 14. 14 Car Sharing Procurement for GO Rail Stations  Built on other experience & best practices (Washington DC and Chicago)  Flexible Request for Proposal(RFP)  opportunity for all interested service providers  encourage multi or single station presence  include GO stations on all seven rail corridors  1 - 6 parking spaces available per station  3-year contract for both parties to understand long-term potential market  Launch Fall 2013
  • 15. 15 A Multi-Modal Future  Future GO Rail Station multi- modal initiatives include:  Shuttles pilot for first and last mile  Regional Traveller Information System  Station Travel Planning  We’re open to partnerships…..
  • 16. 16 Thank you