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A description of the wide range of services offered by KickApps Social Strategy Consulting team, Winter 2011

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KickApps Social Strategy Offering

  1. 1. KickApps Strategy Offerings<br />Winter 2011<br />
  2. 2. Education<br />KickApps can train your staff in all aspects of social media. From beginner to advanced, we can help you become savvier and more strategic. Some of the training sessions we run include:<br />Social Media Boot Camp: An overview for beginners that introduces the various platforms and how to use them, outlines best practices and gives a peek into the future. This is a hands-on session and participants will leave with their own Twitter and Facebook accounts<br />Identifying Influencers: A look at online communities: how they form, what types of people are attracted to them, how unspoken rules get set and sometimes overthrown. We’ll also look at how to identify influencers in your category and how to use them to your advantage. <br />
  3. 3. Education<br />Creating A Social CMS: A look at why an integrated social media program (one that meshes content and conversation on your domain site with content and conversation on social sites) is the ideal social media play for 2011. We’ll show you how to keep everything integrated to create a stronger brand presence and funnel users back to your domain site where you can convert them into customers.<br />Are You Still Just Playing Defense? Too many companies only play defense when it comes to social media. They’re so busy listening and reacting, they forget to be proactive. We’ll show you how to play offense as well: how to create content and push your message out across the social web in a way that consumers find engaging not overbearing.<br />
  4. 4. Education<br />The New Socially Integrated Web Site: Want to make your community site the sum of your brand’s online experience, rather than a separate silo? We can show you how integrating editorial content from your domain and your social networking platforms onto a new (or existing) community site can boost interaction and draw new users. We’ll discuss how you can then make your existing users the biggest proponents of the revamped site. The final section will focus on finding the right metrics to measure success.<br />
  5. 5. Research<br />KickApps will do a deep dive into your brand and your market segment to determine what your competitors are up to.<br />Our customized research reports give you<br />SWOT reports (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)<br />Comparative analysis of your competitor’s digital and social efforts<br />Sentiment analysis around your brand<br />Interviews with brand evangelists and relevant brand analysts<br />
  6. 6. Strategy<br />There are many ways to profit from a successful social media strategy and we can help you figure out which one(s) are right for your brand.<br />We’ll help you define the “why” of your social media plan: what business needs a social media program can help solve.<br />We’ll also look at how to set up your programs in a way that positively impacts your bottom line -- something we call “social selling.”<br />“Social Selling” involves identifying an action you want users to take and creating a social experience that makes it easy for them to do so.<br />As part of our recommendation, we’ll talk to executives throughout your organization in order to get a thorough understanding of your sales cycle, overall marketing strategy and organizational structure. That knowledge allows us to make better, more focused recommendations.<br />
  7. 7. Planning<br />Coordinating all the moving parts of a social media program can be a challenge if the proper processes and procedure have not been put in place. That’s where our expertise comes in.<br />Depending on your needs, we can provide anything from a top-level plan for your editorial calendar to an on-site team that works directly with your staff to bring the program to life.<br />Among the areas we can offer planning help are:<br />Editorial calendars for your domain and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter)<br />Asset collection across multiple departments for use on the social web. (This may also involve assisting in asset creation.)<br />Determining staff roles and responsibilities for your program<br />Working in conjunction with KickApps project management team, we can help set realistic time frames for launch and feature roll outs<br />
  8. 8. Implementation & Promotion<br />KickApps Strategy team will guide the actual build and implementation of your program. That means:<br />Overseeing the UX, design and content teams to ensure successful collaboration with the KickApps product development team. <br />Working with your team to create a look and feel for your program that is true to the brand and helps you to meet your business goals and enable social selling.<br />Conducting in-house sessions to present the new program to various departments in order to build enthusiasm and promote use.<br />Identifying unique ways to promote your social media programs via paid and/or unpaid media.<br />
  9. 9. Support<br />KickApps will support your team during the launch of your program and thereafter.<br />Support starts with training your in-house teams and community managers on best practices and determining “rules of the road” for the platforms you are on and for your own on-domain community<br />We can also train other staff members on how to use your brand’s social media presence in order to support corporate or departmental business goals and as a way to engage customers<br />“Emergency” support in case of a business crisis or PR fiasco. We will also work with your staff before your program launches to identify best practices that can keep potentially sticky situations from boiling over.<br />
  10. 10. ROI<br />KickApps position on ROI is that relevant metrics vary by audience. Our goal is to help you set up realistic goals that speak to your diverse internal audience.<br />ROI For The Community Manager--Engagement Data: How many people are engaging with you? How much time are they spending on your sites? How many of them are moving through your CRM process?<br />ROI For The Brand Manager-- Social Analytics: What is the sentiment around the brand? Has that changed as a result of your programs? Has new messaging and/or learning been uncovered?<br />ROI For The C-Suite-- Business Data: What is the bottom line? How is social media making us money?<br />
  11. 11. Social Audit<br />The Social Web changes weekly, if not daily. Our Social Audits are designed to re-examine programs that have been in place for six months or more and determine:<br />What platforms are working most effectively?<br />Has there been a shift in user behavior?<br />Are there new platforms and technologies that would be appropriate for the brand and its business goals?<br />Are there new areas for potential growth we should be looking at?<br />
  12. 12. Consulting<br />We can provide traditional consulting on all social media matters for a monthly rate. <br />The engagement consists of a predetermined minimum number of hours a month for which we will provide guidance in any area of social media strategy and/or planning<br />Plans are packaged in 10 hour segments (e.g. 10 hours/month, 20 hours/month, etc.)<br />
  13. 13. Pricing<br />We offer hourly, daily and project rates for our Strategy consulting service.<br />We strongly recommend a strategy review at the start of any engagement to make sure you are building the most effective program possible. <br />The strategy engagement can be packaged with your overall KickApps program (licensing, build, etc.) to give you a more beneficial rate.<br />
  14. 14. Contact<br />For more details and to discuss your company’s needs, please email <br />Alan Wolk at<br />or <br />Justin Chase at<br />or call the KickApps New York office at 212.730.4558<br />