Task 7) flat plans


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Task 7) flat plans

  1. 1. These will include photographs that have been edited on Photoshop through the comic book method. These will cover the majority of the blue box but for a little text box at the bottom of each for a description of what is happening. The other words that will be found on the boxes will be dialogue from the script between the characters. These will be found in speech balloons and in many if not all of the boxes. There will be at least 4 pages of the boxes as that is the minimum requirement for graphic narratives. From this it is clear 12 Photographs are needed to tell the story of jack and the beanstalk.
  2. 2. Insert image of Jack and his Mother Once upon a time there lived a poor widow who had a son named jack and a dognamed trigger. The family was very poor and the only income they had was from the dog entering competitions and winning, however one day trigger fell and hurt his ankle and therefore could not run again. After weeks of jack trying to find a job, jack and his mother agreed to sell trigger on the market.
  3. 3. Insert image of Jack talking to old man In the market and an old looking man with a basket comes over to Jack Insert image of Jack with beans in hand Jack swaps Trigger the dog for the beans with the old man Insert image of mother throwing beans away Insert image of Jack at home with Mother showing the ‘Magic Beans’ to her Back at home and Jack is smiling as he feels he has done well Jacks mother is not happy and sends him upstairs to his room
  4. 4. Insert image of window The next morning Jack wakes up and looks out of his window only to be shocked. Picture of Jack talking to woman Jack climes up the beanstalk all the way to the top to see an old looking house in the middle and as he looks over he spots a woman outside, they make eye contact. Insert big image of Beanstalk
  5. 5. Insert image of Giant looking out window Woman looks back at Jack in a worried way. Insert image of Jack going back down Beanstalk Jack is forced back down the beanstalk not understanding what was going on, only to know that breakfast was not okay at this house. Insert image of Jack climbing beanstalk The next morning jack cannot help but to find out who that woman’s husband was. So he climbed and climbed until he got back to the top, however this time, the woman was not there. So Jack decided to let himself in the house as the door was open, Suddenly he hears the same noise as last time, the Giant starts to move. Jack panics and starts to hide
  6. 6. Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell he blood of an Englishman Insert image of Jack hiding behind Curtain The giant sits down at the table with his wife for breakfast and he hears footsteps getting louder and louder. He turns behind him to see Jack is seen running away with a guitar. The giant jumps up and starts to sprint towards the beanstalk where jack was climbing down. Insert image of Jack running away with Guitar
  7. 7. Insert close up image of Axe The Mother Grabs the axe and gives it to Jack, only to start chopping Insert image of Jack coming back down Beanstalk Insert image of Giant getting angry (Last slide on PowerPoint) Jack starts to come down the Beanstalk shouting for his mother.
  8. 8. Insert image of Giants afro under the beanstalk. Insert image of Jack with Guitar showing his mother. Jack shows his mother the shiny guitar and they both smile
  9. 9. Insert image of Jack playing Guitar on the street corner. Jack starts playing guitar and eventually becomes very good so he went back to the market every day and sat on the corner of the street with only his guitar and a hat on the floor. Jack made enough money to give to his mother and buy back the family dog trigger when he saw the man who gave him the beans. Jack and his mother lived happily ever
  10. 10. These are examples of photographs taken and edited for the graphic novel, this shows how they can be made to look like something similar to comic books. Pictures this size will fit onto the blue squares and cover the majority of the boxes but for a few lines of text explaining the scene. The next slide is an example of one slide that will be in the narrative, little text and some speech of the character. But more picture over text.
  11. 11. AHHH! Come here! The Giant started chasing Jack down the Beanstalk as he wanted his Breakfast as well as the Guitar he stole. He had a look of Disbelief on is face and started to gain pace, swinging from branch to branch.