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Task 1  page layout (2)!
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Task 1 page layout (2)!



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  • 1. Dateline- This is the line at the top right hand side of a newspaper publishing, its purpose is to let the reader know what copy or edition they have purchased. It is very formal and has started to lose its meaning over the years as many papers have stopped doing it and focusing on online rather than text based. Page Numbers- These are found in both magazines and newspapers, they are used to indicate whether something is on a certain page and found in many at the edges of the page such as the bottom right hand side. It depends on the actual media product to where they are located and positioned. The purpose is so it can help you get around the product easier. Grids are used to separate the parts in an article. Layout is very important when looking at media products as it is how the image is seen which makes the decision on whether someone reads it. Therefore having grids to separate the text is helping the reader and making the work look professional at the same time. Columns- these are very common in newspapers as they can make a large amount of text look less then there is to read. It is made so it can help the reader’s eyes to flow down the page. The orientation of the paper is portrait rather than a double page spread found in the magazine which as landscape. This is seen as a typical page in a newspaper with the title, column text and an image. Cut-out. The image’s background has been cut out so it can fit the style of the newspaper. The Black border used is also used to separate the image from the large amount of text.