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Final images

  1. 1. Insert image of Jack and his Mother Insert image of jack and trigger. Once upon a time there lived a poor widow who had a son named Jack and a dog-named Trigger. The family was very poor and the only income they had was from the dog entering competitions and winning, however one day Trigger fell and hurt his leg and therefore could not run again. After weeks of jack trying to find a job, Jack and his mother agreed to sell Trigger on the market.
  2. 2. Magic! Woaah Hello are you looking to sell that dog? Yes sir I am, are you interested in buying him? I have no money on me at the moment would you consider taking these magic beans in return. Magic? You have deal Sir In the market and an old looking man with a basket comes over to Jack Jack you are back without trigger Jack swapped Trigger the dog for the beans with the old man and ran home to show his mother. Yes mother I got a very good deal for him. Well done Jack! Let me see the money then No mother, I did not get any money, I got something better. Magic Beans What have you done? you stupid boy! But.. Jacks mother is not happy and throws the ‘Magic’ beans outside. She then orders Jack to go to his room.
  3. 3. What is that outside? Insert image of window The next morning Jack woke up and looked out of his window only to be shocked. The Beans that were thrown out by his mother had turned into a gigantic beanstalk. Insert big image of Beanstalk What are you doing up here young man? You will be breakfast for sure if you do not leave soon. I smelt food and could do with some breakfast Excuse me? Jack climbed up the beanstalk all the way to the top to see an old looking house, as he looked over he spotted a woman outside, they made eye contact and started talking. Jack heard a huge noise and was told to leave.
  4. 4. I swear I heard a trespasser That was weird! Leave now or my husband will eat you for breakfast Insert image of Jack going back down Beanstalk Insert image of Giant looking out window Jack was forced back down the beanstalk by the concerned woman. I am so having a look inside that house The next morning Jack Could not help but to find out who the man was. So he climbed and climbed until he got back to the top. This time he went inside the house Through the window, then Suddenly he heard the same noise as last time. The man was in fact a Scottish Giant and did not like Englishmen therefore jack was forced to hide behind some curtains in the house if he was to avoid being eaten as the woman had warned him.
  5. 5. I need to make a run for it Fee Fi Fo Fum I smell he blood of an Englishman The Giant sat down at the table for breakfast and he heard footsteps. He turned around to see Jack running away with his guitar. The giant jumped up and started to sprint towards the beanstalk where jack was climbing down.
  6. 6. What is taking her so long? Mother, Mother! Son is that you? Yes it is. I need the axe, get me the axe. Manners cost nothing Jack! Insert close up image of Axe Jack started to chop the beanstalk down with the axe. It began to fall with the giant still coming down. Please…! Insert image of Jack coming back down Beanstalk Jack started to come down the Beanstalk and took the axe out of his mothers hand. Insert image of Giant getting angry (Last slide on PowerPoint)
  7. 7. Insert image of Giants afro under the beanstalk. The Giant fell down the beanstalk, was trapped and died. Mother this Guitar could change our lives Jack this was crazy even by your standards Jack I do not think so son. You just wait and see mother, wait and see Jack managed to take the guitar and looked towards his mother.