The bug report nov 28


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The bug report nov 28

  1. 1. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 Hi Alan, I can understand your frustration and I’m sorry for the inconvenience. You were recently blocked and removed by the management of a specific group. This means that a group's management not only removed you from their group, but they also blocked you from re-joining the group and chose to have all of your previous content in the group removed by Linkedin. This is considered a severe action by a group's management in regards to removing a person from a group and it's not taken lightly. As such, this block and removal triggered a quality control filter from LinkedIn which puts all of your posts up for approval in each group you currently belong to. The group managers in each group can approve your posts individually or change your status back to "Approved to post" for their group. We leave this decision in their hands and we will not be able to lift your posting permissions in all of your groups without their consent. We suggest that each group's management team review pending submissions on a weekly basis, but this is really up to each group's owner and managers. We don't interfere or participate in the group's approval and denial process for pending submissions, and we don't provide groups with any approval requirements. I'd encourage you to take the following steps to see if a group manager is open to be contacted: 1. Click "Groups" at the top of your homepage. 2. Locate the group where your membership is pending approval, and click "Send message". 3. Type your message and click "Send Message". If you speak to a Group manager and they're not sure how to lift your posting permissions, please have them contact us for further assistance. Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Best regards, Zach Groups Support Specialist
  2. 2. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 Okay so I followed the instructions of linkedin: Unfortunately when I tried to follow step 2 I received the following Message:
  3. 3. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 Now on one occasion I was able to contact one group member via his tweeter account, I did this because this was another allegedly Open Group where I also had the issue, so since I couldn't reach him by email I dug up his twitter account. I was promptly evicted from the group as the group moderator was busy partying in Australia and had left the Group as an Open Group for a reason. Oh well back to square one. So I then began all over again and requested the open groups to start releasing my comments once again, now some are still complying while some are just not even responding anymore. In addition to this I am a non-paying client and so do not get much say around here, you see true freedom of speech on linkedin is only available to those who are willing to pay for it and even there it depends on who you are and what you can do for them. I strongly suspect at this point they don't even want me paying simply because I have a dirty little secret to tell. You see on one occasion I floated a petition from regarding boycotting the Soho Olympics because of the new laws in Russion regarding Gays. This resulted in me suddenly being evicted from several groups, now many thought it was because I was gay but no that is not the reason, the reason I did it is because I know first hand the damage such attitude towards others can have, believe it or not we found her through linkedin: The other day I received the following email from my son: “Hey Pops I was doing a little p.i. work and looky who i found after all these years. You were right she is a teacher. I'm going to email her and see what she has to say. I'll keep you informed.”. I simply said to him, now do you understand and he replied “Yes”, you see she used to be both a coworker and a landlord and at the age of 14 was also my sons 32 year old girlfriend, now this is where things start to get a little complicated, how does such a woman become a teacher? The answer to this is simple but also deeply concerning. You see at that time the age of consent was 14 and so it was his right to poke around in the vagina of anything whose legs would part for him as long as it was human. But what is really of concern here is the fact that everything our society had in place to protect him went awry. You see at a very young age he had been diagnosed as suffering from attention deficit disorder and so was prescribed Ritalin. As a matter of fact during his phone call to me shortly after, he asked me, “Dad, can I not go after the Pharmaceutical Company like others), I explained it was much more complicated than that, you see there is also an issue of whether or not the diagnosis was because of a Physical or Psychological disorder. He had been born with his embelical chord wrapped around his neck and at the age of 4 or 5 had been sexually abused by a neighbour. It gets even more complicated as he was also subjected to bullying because of his dysfunctional family. But to better understand this we have to go back to the very begining; The Nuclear Family Years:
  4. 4. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 His mother came from an upper class Victoria family, his great grandmother lived in the Uplands(a very expensive area in Victoria similar to the Bridal Path in Toronto) and his grandmother came from Oak Bay, an upper middle class area of Victoria, his mother had become pregnant at he delicate age of 17 and had left home because of the problems with alchoholic grandparents who drank and wasted everything life had provided. As for me I came from a middle class family living in Don Mills area of Toronto with both parents working. His mother and I met shortly after I had been stationed in Victoria by the Navy for training. When we met she had broken off with the person she was living with and was a few months pregnant. Originally I already had a girlfriend and we thought she would be a great match for my best friend at the time. As is the case with life, things didn't quite work out as planned, her girlfriend had indicated privately that his mother liked me and that for the first time since they knew each other she had rushed to get into the front seat of the car beside me. It wasn't long before I split up with my former girlfriend and we began dating. It wasn't long before all my time and her time were consumed with each other and my Navy career suffered drastically and eventually the Navy and I soon parted company. Eventually we decided to get married and had lenght discussions about the situation. Finally we both decided that the best route to go was to have my name on the birth certificate but when he was old enough we would let him know of the situation and who his biological father was for his own protection. Shortly after we were married the family helped obtain a position for me in the Mill at Youbou, things went well for a while and we were never so happy as the day we brought our newborn son home. Unfortunately it wasn't long after this there was a downturn in the B.C. Lumber industry and the Mill suffered significant layoffs including myself. We loved the community so much that rather than pack up and move immediately we would try and stay, I looked for other local jobs but in a town the size of a small town block there wasn't much but I did find work initially selling insurance. This did not last long however and we soon found ourselves moving back to Victoria. It wasn't long before I ended up on the welfare roles though. Fortunately at the time there was a program to help people such as us and so I got my GED in the newly launched Provincial program, next since my background was in electronics I decided to take an appliance servicing course, but the course was in Vancouver. So for the first time in our marriage we were separated my ex remained in Victoria while I took the year long course in Vancouver. I would come home every weekend and visit with my family an then on Sunday my ex would give me the dinners she would cook up for me to put in the freezer to keep our costs down. This is where things got ugly, at the end of my course I was offered employment in Vancouver at $13/hr. Specializing in the repair of Microwave ovens. When I returned for my usual weekend visit, we discussed the offer. I explained that it was perfect, we could finally move on and provide for our child and each other. Her response was a flat out no, she was concerned about her mother and didn't want to leave in case something really bad happened(they would both get drunk on a bottle of five star each, even kept 2 bottles under the front seat of their car, one for her and one for him). At some point one of the bottles would be finished off and this is when an argument ensued ending in a physical confrontation. Not a problem I thought, I would just decline the job in Vancouver
  5. 5. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 in favour of something in Victoria, after all I now had a trade. So I began looking for a job in my new trade to no avail. Finally we decided to separate, I still looked for a job in Victoria though,as it was to late for Vancouver, but to no avail. One day I came home to visit and noticed that my ex had moved in with her girlfriend, I had enough, my parents offered to help me either get a job or go to College if I returned to Ontario. I decided to take them up on the offer(coincidently, I found out many years later that my mother had suspected a relationship between my ex and her girlfriend when they were visiting, shortly after we were married, but they had a non-interference policy). The Single Mother Years: I do not know much of these years except for what my ex sent me and my son told me, after moving back to Ontario I was able to obtain work and eventually through part time jobs and my parents help I was able to attend College. It was during my College years that I had the first communication from my ex when the police came to my home and arrested me for failure to pay child support. When the case went to court I explained to the judge that he was not my biological son and that I felt this was unfair as she had breached the marital contract, in addition she had chosen to remain on welfare and I chose to move on with my life and get out of the welfare entrapment. The judge agreed but rather than wipe out the child support he cut it to almost nothing. I did not hear from her again for years afterwards. The Single Father Years: As I said at the begining I had gone to College after moving back to Ontario, in addition to this I had started a new life and the past was put behind me and pretty much forgotten, until one day my girlfriend indicated that she had some concerns about the relationship, she knew of my previous life in Victoria and while I tried to reasure her that my ex had moved on and that by now she also had moved on and as I thought was normal in these circumstances had forgotten about me, after all although my name was on the birth cirtificate I wasn't his biological father and our parting was not in the best of circumstances since I had already figured out what my parents already knew, she was cheating on me with her girlfriend and the whole marriage was nothing more than a sham to keep up appearances and keep the family name and reputation in tact. No she was not gay and an unwed mother, after all she had a husband and a son who was born during the marriage. This was to be proven many years latter when my son got his girlfriend pregnant. But anyway in the meanwhile in the meantime no matter how much I tried to reasure her, she insisted that I was down as the childs father and when he got older he would come looking for me to which I insisted she was wrong. So to please her and end the argument I decided to get in touch with my ex, much to my surprise my girlfriend was right on the nose, at the time Cole was looking to get in touch with me around the same time I got in touch with his mother, she informed me that she would like us to write each other and see how things went, depending on how
  6. 6. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 things went would determine what would happen from there. Then one day around the time she and her partner had won the lottery I received a frantic call from her asking if I would be willing to have him come out and live with me(he was now 13 years old), I agreed. She had explained the situation and history on the phone and sent out all relevant documentation as well as an instruction manual. The instructions horrified me as did the conversation, she explained that as a child around 4 or 5 he had been sexually assaulted by a neighbour on 2 occassions but that it was not significant enough to be reported. She went on to tell me that her and her partner had tried everything and eventually he was diagnosed as Hyperactive(ADD then ADHD) and that the doctor had put him on Ritalin, she went on to say that for some reason or another there was a problem with dosage and that if it wasn't working the doctor could increase the dosage. The day I had been looking forward to finally arrived, I picked my son up at the airport and brought him home. Next I went about registering him in school and our new life began. It didn't take long though before I received a call from the school telling me that if I didn't put my son on Ritallin they would not allow him to remain, I was confused as he was already taking massive doses and I made sure every morning before school he took his little majic pill. Since I was now a single father I decided to give up my consulting career in favour of regular employment at an Airline in London Ontario. Unfortunately once my son came to live with us, it didn't take long for my girlfriend to dump me as she didn't want to be apart of raising someone elses child, especially since he was a bit of a behavioural problem and she had always evnisioned that her child woudl be brought up properly and be perfectly behaved(she worked at Probation and Parole). So since I was working in London and the relationship in Cambridge had gone down the tubes, not to mention the daily travel costs, I decided to move to London. Fortunately I had a female friend working beside me, initially I thought she liked me and was getting along with my son great, as a matter of fact she even came to my house to meet my parents and enjoy meals with us. How could I resist, my son was getting along with her so well that they were even doing the dishes together, I still remember my son coming into the living room with her after doing the dishes and stating that her and Cole liked each other, we all laughed. It was here the first signs of trouble came up but no one caught it not even my parents who were usually pretty smart with this kind of stuff. Coincidently her family owned a few homes in the London area and so she offered to rent one to me and my son. We took her up on the offer and moved to London. The London Years: After we moved to London it didn't take long for all hell to break loose, I had connected up with a family doctor who specialized in such cases, first to be able to meet his prescriptions and secondly to have him rediagnosed to see if he trully was Hyperactive from Physical Trauma or Mental Trauma. At
  7. 7. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 the same time, once again the school was not satisfied, I am not sure what was happening and so I decided to get in touch with the school nurse and gave her some of my sons medication to be administered to insure that he was taking it. About a week later I received a call from the nurse informing me that she would no longer be responsible for administering the medication(never did find out why), shortly after that he school washed its hands of him. Meanwhile through his doctor I arranged for him to be rediagnosed, after countless brain scans and testing all they could tell me was that intelligence wise he fit into the top 20% of the population and that they could find nothing physically wrong, however there still existed the possibility I was told that there was undectable physical trauma from birth. His doctor offered to up the dosage but we both agreed that the current dosage was extremely high, unfortunately the drug was also highly addictive but I was informed there was other possibilities in other drugs. Like I said though it didn't take long for all hell to break loose, it was during this time that I found out about the relationship, I discussed the problem with my doctor and it is here I found out that the age of consent was 14 so inspite of her being a co-worker, a landlord and 32 years old with my son just turned 14 there was nothing that could be done, in addition under closer evaluation I had decided that he was a behavioural problem and this was just a part of it and so if instead of focussing on the relationship I decided to just ignore it as I figured she was a nut case, if everyone focused on the behaviour and not the relationship it wouldn't take long for him to get bored with her. Besides from the stories I was told of his time with his mother I was all but certain the problem was psychological regarding the ADD first of all based on what I was told, the incident when he was younger should have been reported and psychological counselling for him set up not just a little pill. I can well understand under the circumstances though, remember it was the early 70's and being gay was not readily accepted, in addition the partner my ex had moved in with was I am told by my son and my knowledge of her was a heavy drinker and physically abusive, to make matters worse she had already been found guilty of child negligence in the death of her daugher up in Port Alberne when one day she was doing laundry and the child wandered out into the parking lot, she was turn over by and off duty RCMP officer who had been attending a party. She maintained the officer was drunk but to no avail. In addition I had a friend in Cambridge who's sister had a Hyperactive child and there was absolutely no resemblence. Anyway back to the story, as I said all hell broke out and I am not joking here. Initially there was many confrontations around the house, police would come and of course treated it as a domestic dispute and over my objections would take him to her house as his reward. This all came to an end one day when I was so fed up that at first I offered to sign over guardianship to her but of course she refused, eventually I finally allowed them to stay in the house just to end the conflict thinking this would take care of ending the problem and it didn't take long. One day the two of them got into a major physicall confrontation, as per my normal procedure I called the police, no sooner had I given them the story when I was told that the house was now a crime scene and that I was going to be arrested. I held out my
  8. 8. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 hands for them to put the cuffs on as the closed off the area with the yellow police tape, as they did this I explained to the officer that there were accomploces and if he would take the time to check he would find there were about half a dozen officers that should also be arrested. After telling me that they were not going to go through with the arrests and instead would pass the problem on to Childrens Aid within seconds they disappeared into the night along with the police tape and the empty handcuffs. The Childrens Aid Years: It didn't take long for childrens Aid to get in touch and start action, first the demanded that I take time off work to meet with the worker at my home along with my child when he finished school, next I was told they had some concerns with my doctor and gave me the name and number of a doctor who they felt was qualified, they then took out a peace bond requiring me to keep him from seeing her while the case was dealt with. Unfortunately things did not work out as there text book told them it should, first instead of meeting with myself and the Social worker my son headed straight over to her place and left us both sitting around twidiling our thumbs, when we met with the doctor he agreed under the circumstances that I was in fact taking the right action. Childrens Aid for the next year or two still insisted on the meetings in spite of my sons absence and I was eventually let go from my place of work. In addition the informed me that they were mistaken in the choice of there doctor and gave me a list of doctors to choose from that would be acceptable. Finally since my son was a behavioural problem the attended his juvinile court case explaining to the judge the circumstances and asking for the unusual action for him to be locked up to keep him and the woman apart. One day I found out from a neighbour that she had climbed up 5 floors of balconies with his help to get them both into my apartment(we had of course since moved out of her house), when the neighbour objected to acting as a witness and went as far as assaulting me and then calling the police with a friend present to act as a witness, he then informed me that if I were to drop the issue as he was already involved with the agency and this could cause the loss of their child, I explained that I would have no problem going through with the case as it would all come out in court anyway. He subsequently dropped the charges, oddly enough 20 or 30 years later without conviction this was still on police computers, but not the whole story. Anyway Childrens Aid was informed but once again did nothing. It was around this time that the worker and I went for a ride and he looked at me, he said Al you and I are both on the same side on this so can't you just work with us, I looked at him and said no because you are wrong in the way you're handling this, I then asked him if he had any or raised any teenagers, he looked at me and said no but he and his wife just had a baby, I looked at him and said, I rest my case. As I said earlier they had given me a list of acceptable doctors, while the original doctor phoned to let me know that he was being transferred up to the boonies but it was not related to the case, I knew just from how he was talkig that he was lying. I looked at the list I was given and rather than go with the
  9. 9. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 doctors they had listed I decided to choose my own. The worker informed me that the chosen doctor would have to be acceptable to them to which I responded, he is not on your list but he does all the child psychiatric evaluations for the court. It was around this time that the original worker went on holiday and a temporary replacement was assigned to the case, it wasn't long before another incident happened and was told by the replacement worker to meet with her at a designated location. When we met she informed me that my son was being seized under the child protection act and to make sure, present was a burly cop hand on gun and a smile on his face, my son was in tears and at first was ready to run until I pointed out that he cop had a gun and it would not be a good idea. So he went with the worker, once in the car and the cop gone though right there in busy traffice and in a moving car he jumped out of the car and into traffic. It was to no avail and he was taken to a foster home. Shortly after arriving at the foster home he called and explained he was having problems as they were banning him from bringing his school books home with him as they were not within there value system, in additon he complained of them ramming there religion down his throat. I called the foster parents and the explained that it was they're right and that he was there voluntarily, when I told them that this was in fact not the case and the circumstances on how he landed there they were needless to say pissed right off because that was not what Childrens Aid had told them. That night he took off, it didn't take long before I received a call from a worker reminding me that I could be charged if I did not let them know of his location if I knew. Coincidently he did call and gave me his location, I explained that I had no option but to report the phone call and his location. After his call I did my duty and made the call, fot the next few hours he called several times and gave me his location, eventually I was told if I didn't stop calling they would charge me with harrasement, I explained that I was just following orders and the law. To this day it still amazes me that he had come up with this all on his own. We were soon reunited and the whole Foster care thing dropped. He did eventually end up in detention however and I still can't believe what happened here. First he was put into open custody, the judge even asked him what he would do if put into open custody to which he responded “Run Away”, he was sentenced to open custody anyway and true to his word within 5 minutes was gone without his shoes(they had removed them thinking it would prevent him from running). I still laugh when I remember the phone call, it wasn't an experience they were familiar with. Finally he ended up in close custody and only myself and his grandparents were allowed to visit, it was here that they told me they couldn't understand it, from there observations there was nothing wrong with the parental relationship or with his grandparents, this would not last long though. One day his girlfriend pretended to be his mother and was able to get into the detention center to visit. I don't know if he told her or not but during his stay the staff ran an experiment by allowing him to sneak into the girl next doors cell(while all the other kids were out, they were left behind with there cell doors left open and no one supervising). It didn't take long to find out that his sexual drive was that of a normal teenagers, I just hope the girl didn't get pregnant.
  10. 10. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 After he got out of detention we continued seeing the doctor and I was even able to convince his girlfriend to attend some sessions with him, so some sessoins I would attend and some she would attend. Finally the day of the court case came, knowing how things worked I had already taken measures, you see it was not uncommon for doctors not to attend these cases, so just to make sure they would win Childrens Aid would modify findings to their advantage. I made damn sure this wasn't going to happen, I first got in touch with the original doctor they had sent me to. I explained that I had some concerns regarding the court case and what those concerns well, I then informed him that I was recording the call with permission of my employer, he then gave me the facts and went on to say he would go one step further and give me his own copy of the documentation. Next I called childrens Aid and asked them on they're take, sure enought the assesement had been doctored, I informed the worker that the call was being recorded and what the original doctor had done and my employer had given me permission to tap the phones. He was infuriated, in addition I called my sons lawyer and told her of my concerns, much to Childrens Aid's disappointment the doctor decided not to have his evaluation released until the day of court. On the court date we waited and waited, I handed the recording to my sons lawyer and a courier delivered a copy to both my sons lawyer and childrens aid. My lawyer then met with the Childrens Aid lawyer and a short time later came and informed us that the doctor had agreed with my assesement and the action I was taking under the circumstances. Finally we went into the courtroom and the judge ordered Childrens Aid to work with me on resolution. After court I met with the worker, first he informed me that they were dropping the case, next I was told that I couldn't sue and had no recourse, finally when we tried to exit the courthouse the grabbed us and made sure neither could talk to the press who were waiting outside by forcibely moving us out a back door where there was no one waiting. I never heard from them again, a couple of days later I lost my job due to all the lost time. Coincidently that evening he dumped her. A short time later she appeared at my parents door(they had moved to London and we had lost just about everything), she wanted to know if I could help as he had dumped her after the court case, I still laugh at the sight of my mother chasing her down the street on her bycicle. Eventually she started dating the young son of one of my sons lawyers. She is now a teacher, I wonder how many more just like her are there teaching and possibly preying on our children, as I said to my son now do you understand, after all he is now the proud father of a darling little 8 year old girl(my granddaughter) and as I explained under the circumstances she could end up with just such a teacher, just because people like her slipped between the cracks at the time the age of consent was 14 it has since been changed but no public record of these people exist because of the way our laws work. Funny thing, the first time my son ever heard the term Step Father was with Childrens Aid, I could tell by the look on his face, with this one statement they had robbed him of any dignity he had left. No one in the family ever referred to him or me in the terms of Step Father or Step son, he knew the circumstances but to him I was his father and to me and yes even his mother and
  11. 11. 1. The BUG REPORT – November 28, 2013 everyone else both friends and family he was my son. Funny the only people we couldn't protect him from was the government agency charged with his protection.